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From: Mike LONGWORTH <>
Subject: Re: Microfiche
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 11:11:10 +0000

David HAWKINS <> wrote:
> I have a lot of sympathy with the point that real microfiche
> readers can be obtained quite cheaply and any other method is
> probably not worth the trouble. However, the overall size of
> most microfiche readers is perhaps an embarrassment to many
> people; I was lucky to obtain a real microfiche reader that views
> only about ten lines at a time but is comparatively small, sits on
> top of my desk nicely and is adequate for home use.

With so much information now being available on fiche a 'proper' viewer
is really the way to go. I accept that they can be of 'an embarrassing'
size, but with a bit of 'management' most people should be able to find
a location for one. Although my study isn't all that big I have
arranged mine next to my monitor so that I can look at a fiche and type
up extracts easily onto my computer.

Another source of (cheap?) microfiche viewers are the Government (and
other?) office second-hand equipment stores. That's where I got mine
from - and I've never regretted getting it (though it was a bit heavy
and bulky to carry back to my car!).

I'm afraid that David's suggestion of "cutting fiche into strips" made
me shudder! This would be the LAST thing I would suggest.

Mike LONGWORTH, Yateley, Hampshire, UK

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