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From: Meriel Lewis <>
Subject: [LANCSGEN-L] microfiche
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 19:03:59 +0000

>> One of the Scottish lists was talking about trying to scan microfiche
>> without any success. A very interesting topic and many took part trying to
>> find ways of reading microfiche at home without having to buy a reader. Very
>> genealogy related.
>Does anyone have access to an HP negative printer? Maybe a fiche would
>work in that. It's supposed to be able to scan negative and produce
>prints. I saw one in an office supply store for about $500 US ~ a bit
>much for me.
>LC Whittle

Just a thought - can a fiche be used like a negative and put on an
enlarger and a print made like a photo? Then the result could be
scanned, sorted out and then searched.
Meriel Lewis looking for

PLANT and COCKBAIN from Wheelock / Sandbach around 1820
PILKINGTON and RYLANDS from Warrington around 1760
HARRISON and BELL from South Shields around 1840
LEWIS and DRAPER Garndiffaith / Tredegar around 1855
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