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From: Gerry Rigby <>
Subject: Re: Indiscriminate use of Inserted Text of previous message
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 09:49:14 +0000

At 09:48 AM 27-03-99 +0100, Peter Horn wrote:
>Could I please make a request for everyone to be a bit more discriminating
when inserting the text of the message they are
>replying to and only include the bit that is relevant to the reply. I have
just received a whole digest of 19 messages (with
>all their previous messages) just for the correspondent to say:
>> Hi Gerry
>> Would love to access Family Tree Maker you mentioned but where is the
>> Newsgroup found? Sorry to be so utterly ignorant.
>> Lesley from Australia

Well I have never received it !!!!! but Lesley I have been deluged with
requests and I have already posted answers so read back a few and if you
are still unsure send an e-mail direct to me.

Kindest regards


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