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From: Charles Lyon <>
Subject: FW: Liverpool Census look up requests
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 12:14:28 +0100

Hi All

Further to this topic might I make a couple of suggestions.

A) If you are requesting information from within the UK, then it is worthwhile trying to set up a reciprocal arrangement with someone who lives in another area of the Country, where you may have interests.

This arrangement works perfectly well for me, where I have interests, in London and the Lady I deal with has interests in Liverpool. Additionally, there are no extra costs involved, just a willingness to help one another.

B) In respect of people from both North America & the Antipodes, I can only say that I have received much assistance from people in these countries, in respect of my interests in Northumberland. I thank these people for their assistance.

Therefore, I am quite happy to pick up the occasional request as a way of repaying this assistance. This I have done on a few occasions.

So keep posting and hopefully your requests will be eventually picked up by some one on this list.

Regards & Good Luck

Charles LYON

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