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Correct Charles

The late 50's and early 60's would have seen the 'CHICANOA', CHANGUINOLA'
and the 'CHUSCAL' paying regular visits to either Garston, Avonmouth,
Greenock and Southampton. They were owned by Elders & Fyffes and were
specially designed to carry fruit, mainly bananas. They also carried Royal
Mail and 12 passengers. Outward journeys were normally used to clean down
the holds, but a small amount of dry cargo was often carried, some of which
would be for their plantations in the Carribean and Central America.

Regular ports of call were, Tiko W. Africa, Fernando Poo W.Africa,
Bridgetown Barbados, Port O' Spain Trinidad, Kingston Jamaica, Port Antonio
Jamaica, Cortez Honduras, and Pt Barios Guatemala.

The ships were named after S. American rivers, and in addition to the above

CAMITO flag ship, GOLFITO sister ship, both carrying 100 passengers, and
normally berthed in Southampton, (next berth to Transatlantic Terminal)
commonly known as the 'knub '.

SULACA and SAMALA both 30 yr old turbo electric capable of very high speeds.
SAMALA blew up in the Atlantic with loss of life and was assisted by QE 1.

TETELA, TURIALBA and TUCURINCA were more modern ships which normally served
the American coast. Unfortunately I did not study the earlier history of the
company, but I believe that Fyffes had quite a large fleet prior to WW2 most
of which were lost during the war. There was some connection with The
American Fruit Co. but I do not have details.

Nowadays I think that most of their ships are under charter, but they still
sell bananas under Fyffes name albeit the company has changed hands. The
ships normally discharge in Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, and

Rgds Frank from Marsden still in the (WRY).
DUNSMORE (Harby,Leicstershire)
WARREN(N.Ferriby ERY, & Eton/Windsor,Bucks).
REED(Alkboro, Lincs)
SINGLETON(Golbourne, Lancs, Wortley,Leeds).
KIRBY(Middleton on the Wolds,Manchester,Saddleworth).
COX,GRANT,KELLAWAY,RUNYARD(Wool,Dorset.Saddleworth, Yorks).
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> Hi All
> To whoever was querying these ships. I can add a little bit more to what
> already been posted.
> These ships did dock at Garston Docks and the Banana's where unloaded,
> Refrigerated Holds, along with Fur Coated Spiders, and loaded directly
> Railway carriages.
> However, probably more importantly. Fyffes Banana's were actually sold in
> the retailers under this brand name. This suggests that there is or was an
> Importer of the same name and most likely this firm were Chartering ships
> import the Banana's.
> Whichever way it was, this is another angle for you to pursue.
> Cheers
> Charles LYON
> Maghull
> Merseyside
> UK.
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