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There are two kinds of records in the IGI: parish records
extracted under something called the 'controlled extraction
program', and ancestor records submitted by descendants.

The parish record extractions are pretty accurate, at least as
accurate as any other copies of parish records.

The ancestor records are of very variable quality: I would
treat them with extreme scepticism.

If your ancestors were born or married in a church covered
by the parish record extractions, you will probably
find them in the IGI. The coverage is better in some counties
than others. Lancashire has ok-ish coverage, Cheshire
pretty poor. In Scotland, all existing pre-civil registration
records are included, which is pretty nice. If you want to
know whether a particular church is included, you can
look at the Library Catalog (under Custom Search). If
there are 'Computer Printouts' for your church under the
'Church Records-indexes' section, your church is included.
Note that the IGI does not always include all church records
for all periods - sometimes you'll find records for just a
few years of births or marriages.

There are far fewer records post-civil registration. You
should always try to trace back through the civil records
as far as they go. Frankly it's a waste of time to try any
other approach until you have either pushed them back
to before 1837, or you have conclusively proved to
yourself that for some reason the events you want aren't in
the civil records.

Once you have got that far, you will either know what
church to look for your ancestors' events in, or you won't.
If you don't know what church to look in, the IGI is by
far your best bet. It's the first thing to try. If you do
know what church to look in, the IGI will still be helpful
if it covers that church, because it indexes the records
for you.

In either case, you might find the record or you might not.
As the IGI contains substantially less than half the pre-1837
records in the country, more people are going to be unlucky
than lucky. It still remains the single best source to try if
you are looking for a pre-1837 event and you are unsure
of the location.


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> Hi All:
> I have to weigh in on this IGI discussion. I too have found only some of
> relatives listed. And I found one definite error that had been submitted
> another researcher. Some of you have mentioned something to the effect of
> when the IGI is used correctly it works well. What exactly do you mean by
> that? I have put in the names, birthdates, parents names and still come up
> with nothing. Any suggestions on how I could better use the IGI. I had
> been putting it off to the fact that they are always adding new info, so
> some point in time my relatives will show up, but I may find them other
> first.
> Ayn
> looking for SEDDON
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