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From: "John and Glennys Gow" <>
Subject: [LAN] Deaths and Burials - Bury and Tottington
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 22:57:30 +1000
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Greetings all,

People on this list have been so helpful to me that I wonder if I can do
something in return.

In researching my own ancestors, I have recently copied a number of pages
from a film covering St Mary's Parish Church, Bury, St John's Chapel, Bury
and St Anne's, Tottington 1782-1812. As the film included deaths and
burials, I wondered if it would be useful if I were to progressively submit
names to the list. If people are interested, they could then contact me for
the dates. The following listing is from one page - March to early April,

Glennys Gow

James a child of Charles Shaw, Tottington
Alice a child of Betty Fletcher, Tottington, Spinster
Susan, wife of John Mitchell, Elton
William Spencer, Unsworth
James Hall, Booridge
Margaret Rothwell, Widow, Tottington
Frances daughter of John Crompton, Elton (poor)
Alice Rawsthorn, Spinster, Heap
Alice wife of James Leach, Bury
Elizabeth wife of William Haslam, Heap (poor)
Ann a child of George Duckworth, Bury
Peggy a child of Jonathan Greenwood, Tott.
Molly wife of Thomas Thorp, Redvales
Ann a child of James Rawscon, Manchester
Betty a child of Robert Warburton, Pits o'th Moor
James Nuttall, Bury (poor)
Alice a child of Samuel Dearden, Heap
John Kay, Bury
Thomas Woolner, Bury
Margaret wife of Joseph Clegg, Bury
Betty a child of John Nuttall, Bury
Jane Hill, Widow, Bell
Peggy a child of James Wardle, Revales
Edmund a child of the Revd. Richard Ort, Bury
Martha Kay, Widow, Walmersley

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