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From: "the Davies clan" <>
Subject: Re: [LAN] Lancashire Christmas paupers - from an Ex pauper!!!
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 16:10:18 -0000
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Hi Sylvia

PLEASE do not Tar all people on benefits with the same brush. As an ex
pauper! and an ex single parent I know that not everyone chooses to be on
benefits. I unfortunatly at some stage in my life found myself on benefits
due to a divorce. Finding myself as a then single parent with a pre school
child and no family in the area and sky high child care costs I was on
benefits for around 2 yrs and spent them at night school trying to learn new
skills. I am now happily no longer "scrounging" off the state having a part
time job, a new hubby and 2 wonderful children. remember that
sick,disabled and many pensioners also claim benefits.

If the people u see have so much money then I can only imagine having been
there without a bean for christmas that they are on the fiddle and suggest
if u feel so strongly about this that u shop them to the local benefits


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