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From: "Ian Rhodes" <>
Subject: RE: [LAN] No Gratitude!
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 23:24:32 +0100
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Hi Andrew,
Totally agree. For the most part, people are very good, but there are the
odd few who seem to think that we are sitting here, waiting to solve there
problems. I can think of one recent example where I went out of my way to
spend a couple of hours transcribing newspapers without acknowledgement.

It won't stop me contributing, because self-aggrandisement is not the point,
and yet my hands feel less willing!

Wishing you good luck in your own research, and bafflement to the 'easy


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Subject: [LAN] No Gratitude!

Good evening listers
I thought I would air my views and find out what other people
thought.When you help people and give them vital information does'nt it
annoy you when you don't receive a thankyou for the work you have done.Is it
me or am I right in thinking this is lack of gratitude?
Well list what do you think?

Andrew Sainty

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