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Subject: [LAN] Visitors To Blackpool
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 15:03:38 EDT

>From the Fleetwood Chronicle, Friday 24 May 1878:
3 Wilton Parade:
Mr & Mrs THOMPSON, Southport; Mr & Mrs MARLOW, Liverpool; Mr & Mrs DAVIES,
Miss Griffith's, 4 Wilton Parade:
J P LEVY, family & servant, Manchester; Miss WALTON, ARdwick; Rev A THOMSON
DD, Mrs & Miss Thomson, Manchester.
Mrs Chapman, 4 Imperial Terrace:
W EVANS Esq, Mrs Evans & family, Oldham.
Mrs Fish's, 6 Imperial Terrace:
HOLDEN Esq, family & servants, Little Hulton; Miss CHORLTON, Little Hulton.
Mrs McNamara's, 5 Imperial Terrace:
C E WRIGHT Esq, Mrs Wfight, family & servants, Tyldesley.
7 Imperial Terrace:
CHARLSTON Esq, Mrs Charlston, family governess, nurse, Higher Broughton &
Preston; Miss CLAYTON, Preston; J M OPENSHAW Esq, Mrs Openshaw, family &
servants, Bury.
Miss Hall's, 8 Imperial Terrace:
J L TAYLOR Esq & Mrs Taylor & family, Bolton; Mrs BRAZIL, Bolton; E ROYLANCE
Esq, Cheetham Hill; Mrs ROYLANCE, Maid and Miss Roylance, Cheetham Hill.
Mrs Peel's, 9 Imperial Terrace:
Miss SANKEY, Manchester; Mr & Mrs WARD, Manchester; Mr * Mrs WALMSLEY, baby &
nurse, Burnley; Mrs HEY, Burnley.
Mr Pontefract's, 10 Imperial Terrace:
F TAYLOR Esq, Mrs Taylor, family & nurses, Cheetham Hill; Mrs MILLER, Miss
Miller & maid, Bowden; Mr & Mrs ROBERTSON, family & nurse, Bowden.
Mrs Wilson's, 12 Imperial Terrace:
E COLLINS Esq, Mrs Collins, family & nurses, Oldham; Mrs RYE, Oldham.
Address Unknown:
HEAP Esq, Mrs Heap & family, Manchester; Emil REITZ Esq & family, Eccles; The
family of F REITZ Esq, Pendleton; Mrs & Miss BENTLEY, Manchester; Mrs
MacKENZIE, Liverpool; J WOLSTENCROFT Esq, Mrs & Miss Wolstencroft, Fallowfield; Mr T
N WOLSTENCROFT, Fallowfield; LACY TATE Esq & family, Altrincham; Mrs & Master
BUDD, Rusholme; Rev J W TWEDDLE, Higher Broughton; Mr & Mrs MASON, family &
governess, Preston; Mrs OPENSHAW & family, Heymount; J THWAITES Esq & family,
Blackburn; W H FISH Esq, Blackburn; Miss BRIARLEY, Manchester; Miss POINTER,
Manchester; J WHITEHEAD Esq & family, Higher Broughton; Miss ATKINSON & nurses,
Altrincham; Mrs & Miss BROWN, Preston; Miss B L HOBBS, Preston; Mrs & Miss
HINES, Whalley Range; S HOLLAND Esq & Mrs Holland, family & nurse, Manchester; J
CRABTREE Esq & Mrs Crabtree, Burnley; Mr & Mrs ASTBURY, family, governess &
nurse, Prestwich; Mrs & Miss WHITTLE, Longridge; Miss SMITH, Longridge; Mr & Mrs
AINSWORTH & family, Bolton.
A Williams

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