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Subject: [LAN] Visitors To Blackpool
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 08:29:14 EDT

The Fleetwood Chronicle Friday 3rd May 1878:
Note: Some of these also feature in the lists sent for late May, so they
obviously had a long holiday, it isn't a 'duplication' as such!
4 Stanley Villas (Let Furnished):
Miss CRAWFORD, Manchester (with Dr & Mrs MacFadin of Dublin).
Miss Griffith's, 4 Wilton Parade:
W W WALKER Esq, family & nurse, Manchester; Mr W SWAIN, Blackburn; Mr & Mrs
J RODGERS & the Misses Rodgers, Heywood.
Mrs Gorbutt, 5 Wilton Parade:
Mr & Mrs MARSDEN & family, Heaton Mersey; Mr & Mrs ROBERTS & family, Heaton
Moor; Mr & Mrs BAINES, Manchester; Miss ORMROD, Longsight.
Mrs Agard's, 3 Imperial Terrace:
W H HEATON Esq & Mrs Heaton, Preston.
Mrs Chapman's, 4 Imperial Terrace:
T ASHTON Esq, Mrs Ashton, The Misses Ashton and Mr A Ashton, Rusholme; Mr
PARKES, Liverpool; P MURRAY Esq & Mrs Murray, Cheetham Hill; G WELCH Esq, Mrs
Welch & Miss Welch, Whalley Range.
Mrs McNamara's, 5 Imperial Terrace:
C Wright Esq, family & nurse, Tyldesley; J MOSCROP Esq & the Misses Moscrop,
Bolton; John MOSCROP Esq, Bolton.
Mrs Fish's, 6 Imperial Terrace:
Rev Mr CROMPTON & Mrs Crompton, Unsworth Vicarage; G J JARRETT Esq, Unsworth;
J HOLDEN Esq, Mrs Holden, family & servants, Little Hulton; Miss CHORLTON,
Little Hulton.
The Misses Bagot, 7 Imperial Terrace:
CHARLETON Esq, Mrs Charleton, family, governess & nurse, Higher Broughton.
Miss Hall's 8 Imperial Terrace:
J L TAYLOR Esq, Mrs Taylor & family, Bolton; Mrs BRAZIL, Bolton; E ROYLANCE
Esq, Mrs Roylance, Miss Roylance & Maid, Cheetham Hill.
Mrs Thompson's, 11 Imperial Terrace:
Mr & Mrs BOLTON & family, Newchurch.
Mrs Greenhalgh's, 4 Albert Terrace:
Mr, Mrs & Miss BIRKENHEAD, Sale; W EMMERSON Esq & Miss Emmerson, Didsbury;
Miss RIDING, Darwen; Miss KAY, Darwen; J RAILTON Esq, Mrs Railton & baby,
6 Albert Terrace:
J W HALL Esq, Singleton Brook; Miss HALL, Albert House; Mrs HURST,
Ashton-U-Lyne; Miss ADAMS, Ashton-U-Lyne; Dr & Mrs DIGGLE, Hindley Green; Miss STOTT &
maid, Haslingden; Miss E PEMBERTON, Haslingden.
7 Albert Terrace:
H WILCOCK Esq, Mrs Wilcock & family, Fairfield.
Miss Foulds' 8a Albert Terrace:
EDWARDS Esq & Miss Edwards, Manchester; Mr NOEL & the Misses Noel, Stockport.
Mr D Ripus', 9 Albert Terrace:
Mr & Mrs CLEGG & family, Alderley Edge; Mr WALL, Higher Broughton; Mr T L
WALL, Leyland.
Mrs Fleming's, 10 Albert Terrace:
BIRD Esq, Mrs Bird & family, Sale; J MERRELL Esq, Manchester; Miss ASHWORTH,
Manchester; J SLATER Esq, Mrs Slater & family, Old Trafford.
Mrs Fielding's, 12 Edward St:
Mr & Mrs SCHOFIELD, Heywood.
30 Edward St:
Mr & Mrs SNELL, Manchester.
Miss Battersby's, 31 Church St:
Mr & Miss GERRARD, Bury.
65 Church St:
Mrs & Miss CROWTHER, Manchester.
Mrs Hinchliffe's, 69 Church St:
Mr & Mrs CUMMINGS, Oldham.
Holly Bank, Church St:
Mrs SYKES, Stretford; Mr & Mrs WILLETT, Salford.
Mrs Downham's, 32 Abingdon St:
Mr AUSTIN, Mrs Austin & family, Bury.
8 Clifton St:
Mr J PENNINGTON & Miss Pennington, Hyde (also obviously relatives were the
Penningtons from Glossop, staying with them); Mr FLETCHER, Manchester.
5 Topping St:
Mr ETHELS, Manchester.
Mrs Ball's, 41 Cookson St:
Mrs & Master MELLADEW, Oldham.
11 South Beach:
Mr SUTCLIFFE, Galgate; Mr, Mrs, Miss, Miss P & Master SPENCER, Ratcliffe.
15 South Beach:
Miss HOLDEN, Accrington; Miss ENTWISTLE, Accrington.
Mrs Baron's, 16 South Beach:
Mrs NEWSHAM, Manchester; Mrs & Miss ENTWISTLE, Over Darwen; Mr, Mrs & Miss
THOMPSON, Blackburn; Mrs THOMPSON & family, Blackburn; Mrs & Miss CUNLIFFE,
Todmorden; Mrs LAWE, Bacup.
Mrs Whiteside's, 24 South Beach:
Mr & Miss GREENWOOD, Farnworth.
Mrs Jimpson's, 25 South Beach:
Mr & Mrs LOCKET, Manchester.
26 South Beach:
Mrs W ALMOND, family & servants, Blackburn; Mr J MILNER & family, Manchester;
Mr HEWITT & family, Manchester; Mr & Mrs SIMPSON, Manchester; Misses
Parkinson, Bolton.
Mrs Duncan's, 27 South Beach:
Mr WHATMOUGH, Oldham (with a Mrs Memory from Loughborough - what a lovely
name. Perhaps she was appearing on the pier?).
Mrs Barry's, 31 South Beach:
Mr & Mrs GRIMSHAW, Blackley; Mrs WOODFORD, Manchester; Miss LEON, Manchester.
A Williams

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