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Subject: [LAN] Visitors to Blackpool
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 13:32:02 EDT

Fleetwood Chronicle 31 October 1862:
Mrs Lewis', Carlton Terrace:
Mrs & Miss NEVILLE, Beardwood, Blackburn.
Miss Proctor's, Albert Terrace:
Mr & Mrs TWEEDALE & family, Rochdale; The Misses SHARPE, Manchester; A SHARPE
Esq, Manchester; F W SHARPE Esq, Manchester.
8 Albert Terrace:
Mrs TAYLOR, Miss ROBERTSON & Miss MORDACQUE, all of Didsbury.
7 Albert Terrace:
B HEAPS Esq & family, Manchester.
Mrs Chapman's, Albert Terrace:
Mrs HICK & family, Bolton.
5 Albert Terrace:
Mrs & Miss HOPWOOD, Blackburn; Miss CLEGGS, Clitheroe.
8 Albert Terrace:
Miss & Miss G WHALLEY, Whalley.
Arley House, Queen's Square:
H DUNNILL Esq, Mrs Dunnil & family, Manchester.
Clarks', Queen's Sq:
T L BIRLEY Esq & Mrs Birley, Kirkham.
Mrs Wade's, Central Beach:
The Misses SWINDELLS, Manchester; Mis BOOTH, Manchester; Rev J FOX & Mrs Fox,
Manchester; Mrs & Miss KNOWLES, Manchester.
Mrs Gould's, Central Beach:
Messrs & Miss HOLLINS, Manchester.
Sudell's House, Central Beach:
Mr & Mrs SEDGWICK, Stockport.
Bow Cottage, Hygiene Terrace:
John GUDGEON Esq & Mrs Gudgeon, Preston; Mr LOWE, Preston.
Miss Bradshaw's, Hygiene Terrace:
Mr & Mrs RAWSTHORNE & family, Manchester.
Miss White's, Queen's Terrace:
Mr & Mrs W A DUNCAN, Manchester; Mrs CHILD, Manchester; Mr, Master & Mrs
REDDICH, Manchester.
Miss Jolly's, Queen's Terrace:
Mr & Mrs J WHITTAKER, Rossendale.
Mrs Kettlewell's, Queen's Terrace:
Mr & Mrs B LEE, Preston; Mrs JOHNSON, Preston.
Miss Moar's, Queen's Terrace:
Mr & Mrs SCHOFIELD, Oldham; Mrs CHADBURN, Blackburn.
6 South Beach:
Miss HUGHES & Mrs BARLOW, Bolton.
Apollo House, South Beach:
Mr & Mrs CASSON, Manchester.
Salop House, South Beach:
The Misses LIPSCOMBE, Higher Broughton; Mr & Mrs MILLS & family, Cheetham.
Mrs Wrigley's, South Beach:
Rev Thomas RADLEY, Mrs Radley & family, Ashton-U-Lyne; Mrs OLLERENSHAW,
Rawtenstall House, Abingdon St:
Mr IRVING, Manchester; Mr NELSON, Manchester.
Post Office, Church St:
Mr AINSWORTH, Manchester.
Wardleworth House, Adelaide St:
Mr & Mrs ROBERTS, Rochdale; Mr WALKER, Bury.
Bailey's Hotel:
W B WATKINS Esq, Mrs & The Misses Watkins, Manchester.
Clifton Arms Hotel:
Mrs & Miss ILLINGWORTH, Chatburn; J RICHARDSON Esq, Manchester.
Mrs Forster's, Eccleston Bank:
Mr & Mrs HALL & family, Whalley Range.
1 Crystal Terrace:
Mr & Mrs LEAF & family, Pendleton.
9 Crystal Terrace:
T MOORE Esq & family, Eccles.
Mrs Miller's, Crystal Terrace:
Mr & Mrs STANWAY, Eccles.
Llandudno Cottage:
Mr & Mrs WADDINGTON & family, Eccles.
Tower Cottage, South Parade:
Mr E RAMSEY & family, Manchester.
Mrs Watson's, Albert Terrace:
Mrs GRAFTON & family, Manchester.
Doctor's Cottage:
Mr & Mrs BOLLAND & family, Manchester.
A Williams

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