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Subject: [LAN] Visitors To Blackpool
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 15:41:30 EDT

Fleetwood Chronicle, 29 August 1862:
Mrs Mycock's, Adelaide St:
Miss SHELLEY, Manchester.
Ardwick House, Adelaide St:
Mrs BELL, Manchester; Mrs NEIL, Manchester; Miss & Master LOWE, Manchester;
Miss DAY, Manchester; Mr & Mrs MacKENTINE, Manchester.
Greenfield House, Adelaide St:
Mr & Mrs STOTT, Manchester; Mrs HUGHES, Manchester; Mrs CALLIS, Blackburn.
Mrs Leaches', Adelaide St:
Mr & Mrs GOLDSTON, Manchester; Mr & Mrs CLEGG, Todmorden; Mrs HOPWOOD,
Dukinfield; Mrs ASTLEY, Dukinfield; Mr & Mrs MILES, Todmorden.
Eccles Hill Cottage, York St:
Mrs SUTCLIFFE, Manchester; Mr & Mrs HORSFALL & daughter, Elland.
Ingham's, York St:
Mr & Miss HALSTED, Rochdale; Mr WORSICK, Mytholmroyd; Mrs & Miss THORP,
Hamilton House, Bonny St:
Mr & Mrs HENLEY, Manchester; Mr & Mrs DERBYSHIRE, Manchester; Mrs & Miss
McAVOY, Manchester; Mrs HINDLE, Manchester; Mr & Mrs AINTY, Manchester; Miss
TICKLE, Manchester; Mrs STANFIELD, Manchester; Mr COLLINS, Manchester; Mrs PIXTON,
Manchester; Mr KNIGHT, Manchester; Mrs WILKINSON, Manchester.
Mr Wood's, Bonny St:
Mr & Mrs SHEPARD, Manchester; Mr & Mrs ARMSTRONG, Oldham; Mr W WORTHINGTON,
Gorton; Mr T WORTHINGTON, Gorton; Mr J COOKILL, Openshaw.
Simpson's, Chapel St:
Mrs ROWLANDS, Manchester; Mr ADAMS, Manchester; Mr BLORE, Manchester; Mrs
MURREY, Manchester.
Manchester House, Chapel St:
Mr & Mrs ROBERTS and Master Roberts, Over Darwen; Miss FISH, Over Darwen; Mrs
SIDEBOTTOM & Master C Sidebottom, Manchester.
Mercer's, Chapel St:
Mrs BAILEY, Wigan; Mrs HALL, Manchester; Mr LANCASHIRE, Oldham; Mr COHUN,
Manchester; Mrs COHUN, Manchester.
Hygeia Cottage, Oddfellow St:
Mr & Mrs WHITEHEAD, Ashton-U-Lyne.
Cheetham Cottage, Oddfellow St:
Mrs FIELDEN & family, Manchester.
Ulverston Cottage, Oddfellow St:
Mrs BROWN, Manchester; Mrs RONEY, Blackburn; Miss HARLEY, Burnley.
Mrs Hare's, Bank Hey St:
Mr & Mrs RIGBY, Bolton; Miss SHARPLES, Haslingden; Mr & Mrs SEVER & family,
Manchester; Mrs RODGERS, Manchester; Mrs HINDLE & daughter, Bolton; Mrs BUMBY &
family, Manchester.
Mrs Walkden's, Bank Hey St:
Mrs HEIGH, Manchester; Mr LORD, Bacup; Mr SUTTALL, Bacup.
Mrs Jones', Bank Hey St:
Mrs GRIMSHAW & son, Manchester; Mr & Mrs MORLEY, Manchester; Mrs FIELDEN,
Manchester; Mrs SMITH, Manchester.
Mrs Holden's, Bank Hey St:
Mr & Mrs KAY & family, Burnley; Mr & Mrs SHAWCROSS & daughter, Burnley; Mr &
Mrs WADDINGTON, Padiham; Mr Chas WADDINGTON, Padiham; Mrs CROOK, Manchester;
Miss HOLROYD, Colne; Mrs POLANDER, Rochdale; Mrs G HEYS, Church; Mrs J PARSONS,
Wentworth House:
Mr & Mrs TIMPERLEY & family, Bolton; Mr & Mrs PARKINSON, Hulme; The Misses
CHANDLER, Old Trafford; Miss WHITELOCK, Bowdon; Miss Annie WHITELOCK, Bowden.
A Williams

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