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Subject: [LAN] Visitors To Blackpool 1847
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 11:37:02 EDT

Not sure if these arrived at 1st sending (AOL seems to be playing up!).
Fleetwood Chronicle, 24th September 1847:
Mrs Parkinson's, Oak Cottage, South Beach:
Mrs HARRISON, Barton near Manchester; Miss RENSHAW, Barton near Manchester;
Mrs SAGER & servant, Colne; Miss PHILLIPS, Colne; Mrs James BUTTERWORTH &
family, Rochdale.
John Parr's, Ivy Cottage, South Beach:
Mrs LOMAX, Bradshawgate, Bolton; Mrs HAYES, Burnden Bleachworks; Miss C S
LAWSON, Manchester; Miss EVELYN, Manchester.
Miss Croft's, South Beach:
Mrs Richard TREES, Strangeways; The Misses MARKENDALE, Ordsall Hall; Mrs
BROWN, Ordsall Cottage; The Misses DICKINSON, Bolton; Miss PRICE, Manchester; Mrs &
Master RODDY, Red Bank, Manchester.
Mrs Bagot, Ribblesdale Cottage, South Beach:
Miss BESWICK, Manchester; Mrs LORD, Manchester; Miss CLERKSON, Rochdale; Mrs
WILSON, Blackburn; Mrs COWILL, Blackburn.
John Bamber's, South Beach:
The Misses HAWORTH, Todmorden; Miss SAGER, Todmorden.
M Pattison's, Fleetwood Cottage, South Beach:
Mrs BOOTHMAN & family, Manchester; Miss HARTLEY, Todmorden.
West View Cottage, South Beach:
Miss WIKE & sister, Bury; Thomas NORRIS Esq & son, Howick House, Preston;
Master SCHOFIELD & nurse, Littleborough.
Victoria Hotel:
Mr FRITH, Manchester; Mr FISHER, Blackburn; Mr F FRANCE, Bolton; Mr Samuel
MILNE, Manchester; Mr Abraham MILNE Jnr, Oldham; Mr Josiah GLEGSON & Mr Edward
GLEGSON, Darwen; Mr & Mrs NELSON & family, Manchester; Miss TUNECLIFFE,
J Gaskell's, Windsor House, South Beach:
Mr & Mrs BATTERSBY & family, Bury; Miss FULTON, Bury.
Mrs Pearson's, Brunswick House, South Beach:
T TEMPLE Esq & family, Burnley; The Misses PICKUP, Burnley; C PATERSON Esq &
Lady, Bay Villa, Bowness; The Rev John HOPWOOD & Mrs Hopwood, Accrington; Mr
William HOWITT, Lancaster.
Miss Cave BROWNE (no address, but I know this is a name with Preston
Wylie's Cottages, South Beach:
Mr PROCTOR, Hollows, Rochdale; Miss ELLES, Rochdale; Miss LANENSTER, Rochda
le; Mr SLATER, Colne.
R Mercer's, Chapel St:
Mrs KYNISTON, Bolton; D GRAY Esq, Lady & family, Bolton; William LAURIE Esq,
Bolton; Mr Richard HOWARTH, Bolton; Mr J BOSTOCK, Bolton; Mr James SWIFT,
Bolton; Mr James ROBINSON, Bolton; Rev J MOULDING, Bolton; Miss JACKSON,
Blackburn; Mrs A JACKSON, Blackburn.
Vauxhall Inn:
Mr WORSLEY, Accrington; The Misses WORSLEY, Accrington; Mrs FISHWICK, Newton
Heath; Miss HARRISON, Newton Heath; Miss FISHWICK, Newton Heath.
Mrs Salthouse's Vauxhall Cottage:
Mrs CAVE & Mr J Cave, Lower Broughton, Manchester; Mr CHAWNES,
Chorlton-Upon-Medlock; Mr & Mrs F LEIGH & family, Higher Ardwick; Robert ROGERS Esq, Oxford
Road, Chorlton-Upon-Medlock; William LEIGH Esq, Northen, near Manchester; Mr
SEXTON & family, Openshaw; Mrs OPENSHAW & family, Darwen; Mr HURST, Darwen.
Brewer's Hotel:
John BUCKLEY Esq, ROchdale; Miss R MARSDEN & Miss A Marsden, Bolton; Charles
OLDHAM Esq & son, Manchester; Mr & Mrs S BENNISON, Stockport; Mr & Mrs
BLAKEHSOUGH, Bacup; John BLEACKLEY Esq, Manchester; Mr Edward SHEPHARD jnr, Rochdale;
Mr ARCHER & son, Preston; Miss E BIRCHALL & Mr J Birchall jnr, Preston; Jas
WARBURTON Esq, Farnworth.
H Cragg's:
Miss LAMBERT, Rochdale (also staying was Mrs Lambert, North Yorkshire).
Mr Albany Featherstonhaugh's:
Mrs BLACKBURN, Bolton; Mrs HASLEM & son, Bolton; Mr J HASLAM, Bolton.
Mrs Nuttall's, Brunswick St:
Mr STANSFIELD & son, Bacup; Mr & Mrs AICKIN & family, Newchurch; Mrs
WOODHEAD, Newchurch; Miss KERSHAW, Newchurch.
Mrs Barker's, Brunswick St:
Mrs OGDEN & son, Manchester; Miss NEWTON, Gorton; Miss E NEWTON, Gorton.
Haslingden House, Brunswick St:
Mrs BAXTER, Haslingden; Miss RISHTON, Haslingden; Miss ASHWORTH, Haslingden;
Miss CUNLIFE, Greenhowverth; Mrs HOWARTH, Mellor.
1 Gornall's Cottage, South Shore:
Mrs BRIGGS & family, Blackburn.
Victoria Cottage, South Shore:
Mrs & Miss SUTTON, Hale; Mrs NICKSON, Liverpool; Miss HALL, Hale.
4 Dr Cocker's Cottages:
T ECCLES Esq, Lower Darwen.
6 Dr Cocker's Cottages:
Mrs ATHERTON, Swinton House, Manchester.
7 Dr Cocker's Cottages:
Mr MILLINGTON & family, Altrincham; Mr & Mrs NADIN, Higher Broughton.
Royal Hotel:
Mr DEWSBURY, Manchester; Mr PICKLES, Manchester; Mrs & Miss MORRIS,
Manchester; Mr DELAWNAY & family, Blackley; Mr PILLING, Rochdale; Mr MIDGELY, Burnley;
Mr HOLT, Manchester; T B WOOD Esq, Mrs & Miss Wood, Rochdale; Miss BOSTOCK,
Manchester; Mr LOMAS, Manchester; Mr RICHARDSON, Rochdale; Mr BRIERLEY,
Manchester; Mr JACKMAN, Manchester; Mr SEWARD, Manchester; Mr & Miss BARLOW,
Albion Hotel:
Mr John James WHITEHEAD, Rochdale; Mr & Mrs BANISTER, Manchester; Miss
AINSWORTH, Bolton; Mr & Mrs HESKETH, Bolton; Mr & Mrs TUNSTILL, Burnley; Mr BARKER,
Todmorden; Mr MARSDEN, Oldham; Mr WHITAKER P.O. (?Post Office?) Padiham; Mr
WADDINGTON, Padiham; Mr HELM, Padiham; Mr & Mrs BAMBER, Bolton; Miss Harriet
BAMBER, Bolton; Mr & Mrs CROWLEY, Liverpool; Mr Henry HELM, Padiham; Mr Richard
DUGDALE, Preston; Mr John BRAGENDALE, Kendal; Mr E B BRADSHAW, Bolton; Mr Jas
SILVESTON, Westhaughton; Mr J CROMPTON, Manchester; Mr Edward WATSON,
Broughton; Mr John HARRISON, Horwich.
2 Bow Cottage:
Mrs & Miss WESTON, Prestwich.
H Bennett's:
Mrs CAIRNS, Fishergate Hill, Preston; Mrs HORROCKS, Lark Hill, Preston.
T Forshaw's:
Mr & Mrs HARTLEY, Liverpool; Mr G HARTLEY, Liverpool.
Suddell's Cottage (James Maguire):
Mr & Mrs C JOHNSON & family, Bolton; Mrs E FRANCES, Bolton.
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