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Subject: [LAN] Visitors to Blackpool
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 02:16:26 EDT

Fleetwood Chronicle 19 October 1888 - obviously not a lively time of year:
Park House, 15 Claremont Park:
Mr J A ALEXANDROFF, Manchester; Mr C N GIRO, Manchester; Mr, Mrs & Miss B
SOTHERN, Manchester; Mr W HEAP, Manchester; Mr J H SUMNER, Manchester; Mr H WOOD,
Todmorden; Mr J H NEWBOLD, Manchester.
Mrs Diggle's, 1 Albert Terracee:
Mr, Mrs, Miss & Miss A MARLOR, Denton; Miss JONES, Cheetham Hill; Mr T
BAMFORD, Wardle.
Mrs Bennion's, 1 Leopold Grove:
Mr H.M & Mrs RACKHAM, baby & nurse, Prestbury.
Mrs Ollier's, 27 Lytham Road:
Mr J HULMES, Highsegh; Mr WILLIAMS & family, Rochdale; Mrs WILLIAMS & family,
Manchester; Mrs BRIDGE, Manchester; Mrs DAVIES, Stretford; Mrs DAVIES &
family, Stretford.
A Williams

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