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Subject: RE: [LAN] Two causes of death or three?
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 14:32:05 -0000
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Hi Jojo,

I am not medically qualified, but spent a lot of time writing up thesis for
medical students and from those note (not to mention several medical
dictionaries) I gathered the following:-

Morbus = diseased
Cordus = any string like part of the body
Bronchitis = Inflammation of the Bronchial Tube
?nasarca = The only word that I found was Anasarca meaning Generalised,
massive, intractable oedema..

If was Anasarca then it could be a Dependant Oedema which is a build up of
fluid in the tissues causing swelling normally in the lower leg but in
someone bed-ridden the chest and lungs - and can be attributed to severe

So a possible suggested meaning:- "Death caused by an oedema precipitated
by severe asthma as a result of diseased bronchial tubes"

Unless you get a more authoritive answer I hope this makes it a little


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From: Jojo Smith [mailto:]
Sent: 06 December 2004 21:28
Subject: [LAN] Two causes of death or three?

Hi, List: Under "Cause of death" on a barely-readable certificate, there
are two or three possible causes of death listed:

Morbus Cordis 12 months (heart disease?)
(indented) Onasarea?/Onasarca?

Is there such a disease as Bronchitis Onasarea?/Onasarca?, or did she have
both Bronchitis AND Onasarea?/Onasarca? ?

The nearest definition of the dreaded "O" word I could find on a medical
site was Anasarca, which was defined as massive edema or dropsy.

Any elucidation appreciated. Thanks. Jojo

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