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From: Lynne <>
Subject: ADMIN: Monthly theme?
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 17:50:28 -0500

Dear Listers,

By now you've recovered from Christmas festivities (I hope!) and haven't
yet started your New Year's celebrations (again, I hope!), so this may
be a good time to consider a small enhancement to the list: monthly

Other lists have themes to stimulate conversation on the list.
Obviously, we don't need that, as we natter away without any
provocation -- the Lanky genes? <vbg> -- but it might be nice to
get away a little bit from what sometimes seems an endless series of
lookup requests and have an interesting, thought-provoking theme to
discuss each month.

Examples of possible themes: significant historical events; notable
people; major industries; surprising occupations; non-conformist
churches; what ancestor you'd invite to dinner and why; brick walls,
etc. I hope you get the idea.

If we decide to have themes, they would have to be focused on Lancashire
and participation would be purely voluntary. "Regular" messages --
lookup requests, queries, answers, etc. -- would continue on the list
as usual.

Please write to me *privately* at ) and let
me know whether or not you'd like to have monthly themes. If you're
voting "yes," please include in your message any themes you'd like to
suggest using.

Please get your vote to me by Friday, 31 December.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

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