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From: EricRawcliffe <>
Subject: Re: [LAN] 1841 Census WOOD Winewall plus WADDINGTON
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 21:58:29 +0100

<<Might there have been WOOD families in the Laneshawbridge / Emmott area?>>
Not only WOOD but the Ricahrd WADDINGTON you asked about in an earlier e-mail!
HTH, Eric

HO107/507/7 folio 43a at Emmott H
Joseph WOOD, 45, Agri Labourer, do (being Yes)
Ellen do, 35, (no occupation), indecipherable
Elizabeth do, 13, (no occupation), indecipherable
Grace(?? very dark, almost obscured), ??, ??, ??
Â…continued on folio 43b
James WOOD, 5, (no occupation), Yes
Mary do, 2, (no occupation), do
Hugh do, 2 months, (no occupation), do

HO107/507/7 folio 61b at Emmott Lane
John WOOD, 35, Carter, Y
Martha do, 40, Cotton Weaver, N
William do, 10, (no occupation), N
Elizabeth do, 6, (no occupation), Y
John do, 4, (no occupation), Y
James do, 3, (no occupation), Y

WADDINGTON at Emmott Lane, Laneshawbridge
Richard WADDINGTON, 65, Farmer, Y
Mary do, 60, (no occupation), Y
William do, 25, Joiner, Y
Richard do, 25, do, Y
Robert do, 20, do Y
Barnard do, 15, do, Y

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