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Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:09:17 +0100
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Hi Susan - - - I have a Sarah BARLOW, b. Whitefield around 1804/06,
father Thomas, who married my James HARRISSON on 30 December, 1824 in
Prestwich. She was under 21 years of age and married with the written
permission of her father - I have a copy of this. Nothing else known
except that she was given as age 56 in the 1861 Census.

There is also a Thomas HARRISSON who married a Martha BARLOW ON 21st
December 1846 at St. Mary's Bury, but I'm not sure if this Thomas is my
Thomas (son of James and Sarah).

There is also an E.BARLOW who is given as a witness at the marriage of a
London cousin, Jane Mary Ann HARRISSON, who married Edward DOWNEND on 15th
October 1874, for some reason at St. Mary's Bury. I feel that this E.
BARLOW has to be related to Sarah in some way.

Other than that I have a decent amount of BARLOW links and data relevant to
this time and area.

Best Regards

Richard Burfitt

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Hi Laurie

My maiden name was BARLOW - up-to now I have traced them back to Radcliffe,
Bury and Pendleton, Salford. Wonder if we have any of the same in our
trees. If you are researching the same areas let me know and I will give
more info.



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