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Hi, Cecilia,

Thanks for the note and glad to be of help.

You asked -

> Is the marriage of Robert and Alice in this volume as well (says
hopefully :-) ?

Sadly, no. At this time, i.e. between Hardwicke's Act 1754 and the start of
civil registration in July 1837, to be married legally a couple had to be
married in a licensed Anglican church (usually the Parish Church) before an
authorised Anglican minister, usually the Rector. This applied to all except
Quakers and Jews. All non-Anglicans had to be married in the Anglican
church. Whilst the Catholic clergy kept records of baptisms and burials that
they performed before 1837, they usually did not keep a record of the
marriages the solemnised, presumably because they would have been recorded
in the Anglican registers.

The Chipping registers only include post-1837 marriages and there are none
recorded at Lee House. According to the 1998 edition of Finding Folk, the
marriage registers of St. Bartholomew, Chipping Parish Church for this
period have not been included in the IGI, but that register is probably
where you will find their marriage.

Hope this helps,

Jim Lancaster (Bury, Lancs.)

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