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Subject: Re: [LAN] Geneaolgy sites and boards
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 16:38:34 -0500
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I think you are overlooking a couple of things. It may seem to you, in fact
it may be true, that more Americans are looking for help on their Lancashire
ancestors than there are searchers from the UK. But, there are more of us!
A very large segment of the US population claims British ancestry.

Also, we HAVE to ask for help. You can hop a train and check things out for
yourself. Maybe I have to take that back. When I was in London, my planned
trip to do research in Lancashire was canceled due to a rail strike.
Similarly, you have a knowledge of geography and history that are very
important and very hard for Americans to come by. The information we can
get by interacting with the list is vital to successful research.

Oh, and more than once, I have returned the favor!

Near Lancaster County Pennsylvania

On Dec 13, 2007 3:27 PM, Adele Earnshaw <> wrote:

> At the risk of alienating our (primarilary American) cousins, may I ask a
> question ?
> Are there any particular BRITISH sites, where those of us whose forebears
> didn't leave these shores, can participate and contribute ?
> Most, if not all, of the sites, of which I am aware, have a tendency to
> become swamped with requests for links from descendents of people who
> left.
> Please do not misunderstand me, if I can firm up the details of my family
> and all the associated trees, branches and twigs, I am in a far better
> position to answer questions from a possible overseas connection. And if I
> may offer up my credentials, I have helped, and will continue to help,
> anyone I am able to help regardless of their location.
> Regards to the list,
> Adele
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