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Subject: Re: [LAN] Geneaolgy sites and boards
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 23:30:00 -0000
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Hi all....I'm very happy to be part of the rootsweb list.... and to read the
mails from around the world.... but I am also a regular user of
Rootschat.... and it is excellent. It is UK based, but it is full of lots
of friendly folk from all over the world and there is someone online at any
time of the day or night...just in different timezones (much like rootsweb).

Most of the questions and discussions do seem to be about UK based queries -
but also there are boards for other countries too. And a general chat board
for non-family tree general chat and advice.

I would highly recommend it.


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Subject: [LAN] Geneaolgy sites and boards

At the risk of alienating our (primarilary American) cousins, may I ask a
question ?

Are there any particular BRITISH sites, where those of us whose forebears
didn't leave these shores, can participate and contribute ?

Most, if not all, of the sites, of which I am aware, have a tendency to
become swamped with requests for links from descendents of people who left.

Please do not misunderstand me, if I can firm up the details of my family
and all the associated trees, branches and twigs, I am in a far better
position to answer questions from a possible overseas connection. And if I
may offer up my credentials, I have helped, and will continue to help,
anyone I am able to help regardless of their location.

Regards to the list,


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