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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 08:42:15 -0000
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Hi Adele

Have you tried the Lancashire Surname List at ?

Most of my family search has been aided and clarified by documents held by
branches of the extended family that had emigrated, some as long ago as 1600's.

Surname Lists usually have a description which will tell you what to expect -
e.g. the HUNTINGTON surname list is related solely to the descendants of Simon
Huntington who left the UK in 1650. Those descendants include signatories to
the "American Constitution" and are no relation to me. However by placing a
message on that list I have found several cousins who trace their ancestors back
to a small area of Lancashire, so far, that is, 22 people in 6 trees, none
connecting to the family the surname list covers, but all with Lancashire Roots,
we do not yet have a common ancestor but we co-ordinate our research, have a
website, and keep in touch via a Newsletter. We are spread across the UK,
Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa but all trace ancestors to an area
bounded by the Rivers Ribble, Lune, Wyre & Hodder.

Other list e.g. The Dewhurst Family, relate to Lancashire and Yorkshire
families, but like most UK families have descendants all over the world.

The secret is to use the lists to ask about your ancestor, be specific, use
names, dates and locations, and ensure you keep your email address up to date,
then wait, I have had responses as long as five years after posting the initial
query, although most came within a few weeks. The other trick is to search the
Archives of the list - search for location as well as names, that way you will
find anyone else who has already posted a relevant query.


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At the risk of alienating our (primarilary American) cousins, may I ask a
question ?

Are there any particular BRITISH sites, where those of us whose forebears
didn't leave these shores, can participate and contribute ?

Most, if not all, of the sites, of which I am aware, have a tendency to
become swamped with requests for links from descendents of people who left.

Please do not misunderstand me, if I can firm up the details of my family
and all the associated trees, branches and twigs, I am in a far better
position to answer questions from a possible overseas connection. And if I
may offer up my credentials, I have helped, and will continue to help,
anyone I am able to help regardless of their location.

Regards to the list,


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