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From: Phil Stringer <>
Subject: Re: [LAN] Advise please
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 14:02:35 +0000
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Pam wrote:
> Thanks Ian
> I was on the site about 6 mths ago and it was fine, but as I said in my mail
> this time it wasn't, I mailed the site owner to ask what was what, and so
> far no reply, it really is an informative site with lots on it I hope the
> owner of the site gets it's sorted but until then I'm waiting!!
> Pam

I think the guy who runs it is in his 80s and doesn't feel a pressing need to change it.

>>> I've just tried to go to the site and it says
>>> that
>>> it's a "Reported Attack Site" has anyone been on it recently and if so
>>> is
>>> it safe
>>> Pam

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