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From: "Ros Batchelor" <>
Subject: Re: [LAN] 1911 Census - Find My Past subscription
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 10:17:29 +0100
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What I have got is an Explorer subscription for Find My Past, some unused
credits there, which are stranded and not available for use on 1911 Census,
and having to Pay as I Go on 1911 Census, at considerable expense!

The original publicity in the autumn from Find My Past definitely implied
that the Explorer subscription would "later in the year" include access to
1911 Census. This has now been backtracked on, and "additional packages"
are being mentioned.

I will be continuing to debate this with Find MY Past.
Further contributions and support welcome, but am happy to receive e-mails
direct, as it is possibly a bit off-topic for Lancsgen, except under topic
of general information sources.


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If I'm reading this correctly then it implies one can currently only used
credits across both sites, not a subscription. Also, that the census will
be available on Find My Past "later".


I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong!


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