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Ontario marriages are online up to about 1926 on

I had looked for a marriage earlier without success, possibly due to
transcription errors or an odd spelling. Do you know the name of the girl
he married? I might have more luck searching for her.

I had found Maxwell Smith on the 1911, but didn't see John Henry there.
However, I will take another look.


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Hi Vern
Thank you so much for this info. It makes sense as he was born in 1888
and would have been 19 in 1907. It explains why he was not on the
Lanark census for 1901. A researcher in Canada sent this to me
I did find the man John Henry Keefe went to work for
J. Maxwell Smith is listed in the 1901 census for Pakenham. He was
37 in 1901, his occupation was farmer and he is listed as being a son
the head of the household. His mother, Mary Smith, widower age 69 is
listed as being the head of the household. John Maxwell Smith's wife
listed as Maggie Smith, age 36. Their daughter Pearl (age 12) and son
Ira Jameson (age 11) are still living with them as well as a daughter
Edith S. (age 9) and a son, Horace M. (age 5).

When this was sent to me the 1911 census had not been made available.
A letter to the family announced he was marrying a girl from
Sandypoint which I understand is about 20 miles from Packenham. My
correspondent lived in Vancouver and I did not ask her to look for the
marriage as I understood that at that time one had to contact the
local record office. Can you tell me whether there is a marriage index
on line?

Regards, Nora

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John H Keefe sailed to Canada on the Dominion from Liverpool on 12
September, 1907. Destination port was Montreal. Another Keefe family
sailed on the ship, but are listed separately. They are James and
Keefe, with children Ruby, May, Pearl, Gladys, Harold, and Esther.

Vern in Ontario

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