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Subject: Re: [LANDIS] Samuel Landes/Landis
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 21:13:50 -0600
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Well, it is time for me to speak up!

I have a Samuel O LANDIS was a son of Abraham LANDIS and Magdalena OVERHOLT of Bedminster, Bucks Co. Abraham died in 1791 and 11 children are mentioned in his will. Abraham emigrated 1749. I do not know anything about the son Samuel LANDES, or who he married, but Abraham died in Bucks Co, and his children would have been born after then. By the time he died, some were already married:

5.256. Abraham Landes of Bedminster Twp.
February 18, 1791. Proved April 4, 1791.
Wife Magdalen.
Sons Jacob and Samuel exrs.
Ch. Abraham, Sarah, Barbara, Mary wife of Ulrich Basler, Jacob,
Henry, Magdalen, Samuel, Daniel, Joseph and Benjamin.
Wits: Jacob Gottscalk, Rudolph Landes. (Translated from German).

I believe that the witness to Abraham's will is his brother Rudolph LANDIS.

Magdalen was a dau of Jacob OVERHOLT(Oberholtzer) and Barbara FRETZ, per this will:

OVERHOLT, JACOB. Plumsted, Co. of Bucks, Penna. Yeoman.
June 28, 1760. November 7, 1760. L.552.
Wife: Barbere.
Children: Jacob, Abraham, Magdalin Landis, Anna Kolp, Elizabeth Kolp,
Mary Bebehiver, Hester Packman, Barbara Rosenberger and Sarah Landis.
Sons-in-Law: David and Tillman Kolp, Daniel Bebehiver,
Henry Rusenberger(sic), Rodolf Landis(sic), George Packman and Abraham Landis.
Exec: Jacob Overholt, Abram Landis.
Wit: Frederick Saul, Dise Tisnman.
(Dau Sarah m Rudolph LANDES, so that leaves Magdalin who m Abraham Landis/Landes.)

Looking for this line with spelling LANDES and LANDIS, you can find some info in the LANDIS reunion report newsletters accessible thru Heritage Quest or if you are a member - I found info on Frederick LANDIS, my gr5, who was age 10 when he emigrated with his brothers in 1749. The 33rd reunion report corrects some info that was in the 24th reunion report. Frederick left Heppenheim bei Alzey with his brothers in 1749 but did not sign the list of arrivals in Philadelphia (as he was under age 16). He was born 3/4/1739 in Germany per his grgrandson.

'33rd reunion of the LANDIS/LANDIS' papers which you can access thru Heritage Quest and your library card:
Report of the thirty-third reunion of the Landis-Landes families : held at Perkasie Park, Perkasie, Bucks County, Pa., August 16, 1952
Allentown, Pa.: H.R. Haas & Co., printers, 1954, 66 pgs.
Also these:
Twenty-fourth reunion of the Landis families : held at Landisville, Pa., August 3, 1939
Lancaster, Pa.: Printed by the Conestoga Pub. Co., 1939, 25 pgs.

Report of the thirty-first reunion of the Landis-Landes families : held at Perkasie Park, Perkasie, Bucks County, Penna., August 19, 1950
Bethlehem, Pa.: Times Pub. Co., 1950, 67 pgs.

Report of the thirty-fifth reunion of the Landis-Landes families : held at Perkasie Park, Perkasie, Bucks County, Pa., August 7, 1954, Allentown, Pa.: Holben-Printing, 1956, 55 pgs.

"Frederick LANDIS, immigrant, age 10 in 1749, died in Easttown, Chester Co bef. 2/1/1803
His estate was probated 2/1/1803, Philip Landis (son) was Admin.

Extracts from a Letter by Dr. A H(Abraham Hoch) Landis, Logansport, Indiana, to his grandson Charles W. Landis, then of Greencastle, Indiana on 6/20/1876, presented at the 24th Landis reunion held at Landisville in 8/3/1939, corrected in the 33rd reunion report.:

"My great(I think he meant grandfather) grandfather, Frederick Landis, was born in Germany, March 4, 1739.
Came to America in 1749 when he was 10 year old. His oldest brother came to
America 10 years previous. My grandfather was the youngest of ten brothers,
all of whom came from the old country in the same vessel, except the oldest.
One of the brothers was taken sick on the ocean and died and was buried in
the deep.[my note - Christian] My grandfather (Frederick) had six sons, their names were Henry, Philip,
Frederick, Jacob, Rudolph and Abraham. Jacob and Rudolph died in infancy.[sic wrong - it was Rudolph and Abraham who died young, as they are not in the settlement papers of their father. Jacob was.]
Philip, my father, was born in Bucks County, PA. He was twice married. His
first wife's name was KURTZ, his second, BEARY. He had eight sons, two of
them died in infancy; those who lived were Jacob, Samuel, Joseph, Philip,
Frederick and myself."

Emigrants, Refugees, & Prisoners Vol. III by Richard Warren Davis:
"Henrich LANDIS: A Mennonite who lived at Heppenheim near Alzey, Germany in 1738 with his wife and 7 children. He was not listed on any Mennonite census after 1738. So he may have died before 1738.
(my NOTE: This was speculation as there is Henrich LANDES buried in Bedminster in East Sec of Deep Run cemetery on 3/21/1773, also an H LANDIS who could be the emigrant.)

Henrich, Rudolph, and Christian Landis/Landes emigrated in 1749 from Germany and arrived in Philadelphia on the ship "Isaac" 27 September 1749 from Heppenheim." (Werner Hacker). Although not listed on the ship's list his sons Abraham and Frederick Landis also arrived in 1749. Christian apparently died on the voyage over."

Wenger: Franconia Mennonite congregation, Franconia Twp, Montgomery Co.
Deep Run Mennonite congregation, Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co.
p. 188 -- Preacher Daniel LANDIS (1769-1841)
-- Preacher Abraham LANDES, ordained 1758
-- First known deacon Rudolph LANDES
Heinrich may also have been the father of Peter Landes who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1753 and Johannes Landes who came in 1764. According to Abraham Hoch LANDIS, his father came from a family which had 10 brothers. The oldest son came over "about ten years" before the other brothers who arrived in 1749. That oldest son would have had to have been born before Daniel (born about 1715) and was possibly the Jacob Landis (born about 1713) who purchased land in Salford Twp., Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1734.

I found these buried in Deep Run Mennonite - East section: (Don't know how any connect, except Maria LANDIS)
Bucks County Tombstone Inscriptions Bedminster & Haycock Townships by the Bucks County Genealogical Society
Deep Run Mennonite East Grave Yard
Landes, Henrich 21 March 1773 (field stone) - who is he and how old? row 4
Landes, Anna (no date) (field stone)
Landis, H. (no date) (filed stone) * could be immigrant Henrich.
Landis, Jacob died 18 September 1837; 77.6.11
Landes, Barbara 22 February 1788-6 October 1854; 66.8.4
Landes, Joseph 20 February 1774-10 January 1858; 83.10.18
Landes, Sarah 22 March 1773-7 August 1815; 42.4.15
Landes, Abraham 8 October 1767-21 December 1831; 64.2.16
Landes, Jacob died 8 February 1822; 23.5.3 (field stone)
Landes, Hannes 1780 (field stone)
Landes, S. (no dates) (field stone)
Landes, Joseph 1801 (field stone)
Landes, Samuel 26 November 1801
Landes, Abraham 8 November 1801
Landes, Samuel 1801 (field stone)
Landis, Magdalena 23 September 1876; 83 yrs. 24 days.
Landis, Maria, 20 M 1760 row 4 (20 Mar or 20May) (She is my gr5grmother m Frederick LANDIS)

Am not sure about so many being in COB, as mine were Mennonite until later in Chester county when they branched out to Episcopal, Baptist, Reformed, (Heinz 57). Some branches of LANDIS are still Mennonite as of now, esp in Lancaster Co.

Diana in AL

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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 10:44:28 -0500
Subject: Re: [LANDIS] Samuel Landis of Shimerville, Lehigh County

I can't answer your question about Samuel Landis, but it is probably safe to
say all the LANDIS' are descendants of Mennonite immigrants from
Switzerland, descendants of several LANDIS families that arrived in the
early 1700's traceable to the Hirzel area of Switzerland. The LANDIS' of
Pennsylvania held family reunions for nearly 40 years and many of their
records are available in libraries' around the country. I have a few links
on my LANDIS Family web page:

There are quite a few LANDIS web pages and gedcom's scattered around the
internet and lots of LANDIS family histories in the Allen County Public
Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana and other libraries around the country. Most
early LANDIS families became Church of the Brethren. If you search the
LANDIS and Brethren mailing list archives you can find lots of LANDIS links
and sources of information. There is a 2005 updated book combining all the 8
LANDIS lines in Pennsylvania descended from the Swiss immigrants "A Combined
Landis/Landes Genealogy Report of the Descendants of Hans Landis and
Katharina Schinz" by Samuel Wenger.

Stan Follis, Family Historian

Genealogy web site:

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Does anyone know the ancestry of Samuel Landis of Shimerville, Lehigh
County? This Samuel married a Miss Frederick born in 1770, and is said to
belong to the Montgomery county branch of the Landis family (Morton
Montgomery Page 1279), see

The following includes information from the Lehigh County History saying
that these Landises are descended from Swiss Mennonites.

Can anyone link Samuel to the Montgomery County and/or Swiss Landis family?
I am aware that the Mennonites do extensive genealogies on their ancestors.

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