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From: Barbara Roach< >
Subject: Early Landons and Langdons
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 22:09:55 -0500

Everyone on Landon roots pages:
Robert asked about the reliability of James O. Landon. Well, that's the
thing. James' book is weedy. What I mean by that is that he was a
gatherer of information. He gathered and printed and allowed others to see
what everyone was saying. That's much the same as the World Family Tree
and LDS. That is the most important task, and no one should take it
lightly. Then the sorting begins. I have found that most of the time the
errors creep in with like names. Most of the time somewhere there in his
book the correct information lies waiting, the problem is that you have to
find out which information is the real family tree and which is weed. It's
like a weedy garden. Since I am a gardener this seemed the best allegory.
Robert, in the beginning everyone was certain that we Landons were
descended from George Langdon and his son John. It was said that John had a
lot of children. This is why I began to search the Langdons. Everyone had
been searching Landons for years with no luck. I was looking for another
John, or another Daniel, David, Nathanial or Joseph. This is why your
information was so valid and important. I wanted to prove we were not
descended from George or that we were. Since Joseph who married Joanna
Shute was supposedly the brother of Daniel, David and Nathanial, you can
see how that one piece of information may have altered forever how easily
someone can say we are descended from George! Your proof that Susanna Root
md. Joseph (John2, George 1) shows there were 2 Josephs. Savage has been
proven wrong, but it's not an easy task! When there is doubt, he always
said, those are the places people find to prove him wrong..

A list of the earliest in each line

George Langdon, Wethersford, CT 1640 and his son John, grandson Joseph who
married Susannah/Savanna Root
George and family (please see numerous articles in LFR, also January 1995
and letter of Robert Forrest which corrects error on p. 8, January 1995.
<#3. John Jr.: correction should read #3. Joseph md. Savanna Root of
Please note, George's son John died in Farmington in 1689 at a different
date than a John below!

Tobias Langdon of NH (please see LFR, January 1995, p. 7)
John Landen, signed deed for a glebe in NH on March 25, 1640, this John's
death date unknown
Tobias may be this John Landen's son or no relation at all.

Phillip Langdon of Boston (please see LFR, Jan 1997), had brothers Edward
and John
John was a sail maker in Boston in 1646
Phillip's estate settled by his brother John 1704
Phillip had children: Philip, Susanna, John, James, Samuel, Mary, Paul
Just a note for James Landon's family, this James was born Aug 15, 1685.

Roger (see Savage and letter by Robert Forrest)
All I found on Roger was that he was of Ipswich and Haverhill, MA. page 15,
Jan 1997 LFR

John Langdon. This John left Great Britain for America in 1676. He died
somewhere in the Colonies according to British records before the date his
estate was settled on 30 November 1677. So he wasn't in America long.
I feel this is our John and he is a Landon. I feel this because of the
fact that his sons seemed to have to fend for themselves after that date of
this man's death and enlisted as soldiers.
Because he wasn't here in 1640 he can't be John Landen of NH.
Because he wasn't alive still, he couldn't be the John who died in
Farmington in 1689.

Thomas Langdon (various spellings) of Milford, CT and arrived Boston, 26
July 1637. He had Children:
Hannah, Daniel b. Aug 1641 Milford CT, Samuel b. 9 Sept 1642, Mary and
Thomas. The Daniel who married Anna (probably) Lobdell could convincingly
be his son. (See LFR Apr 1993, p. 29 and p. 12)
This man is listed in Founder's and Patriots where I found him. Margaret
Pearson then found the article F & P listed and Betty Brassington wrote up
the article.

Henry Landon/Langdon of MD. Immigrant. July 6, 1728. (See LFR January
1995, p 11, Jan 93, p. 18, Apr 93, p. 39, etc.)

Conclusion: People were sure that a John Landon who arrived in America abt
1675 from Wales or Herefordshire (border moves back and forth constantly
between the two) supposedly had sons and among that list are: David,
Daniel, James, Joseph, John and Nathaniel. Savage thinks that Roger
fathered Joseph and he is a Langdon. However, Joseph's marriage to Joanna
read Landon. Rev. Mather who spelled well wrote LANDON. (I've read
Mather's diary.) In the absence of any proof that he is Roger's or a
Langdon, I'm going to maintain that he is a Landon because Mather could
spell until something further shows up. Joseph was supposedly one of 4 or
6 brothers. Cornelia said there were 4 and she had to write them down. She
said they were James, Daniel, David and John. Others said there were 6
brothers. This has been a bone of contention for a long, long, long, long
We now know that this John was the son of George and almost undoubtedly
not our John. That John did not even arrive in America when our John Landon
supposedly did, around 1675. George was here in 1640 with his son John.
That makes the John who came in 1676 the closest suspect for being our man
who fathered the brothers. Also this George could not have fought for
The list of children by John are thrown wildly off from our list by two
separate Josephs. Please see Savage in Robert Forrest's letter. The
Langdon line should be separate from the Landon line!
A discussion of the earliest Landon brothers (excluding David whose line
is well known) in included in July 1997, p. 1.
A wonderful discussion on Daniel and Anna appears in LFR Jan 93, p. 12 and
was done by Betty Brassington. One of the most powerful reasons to believe
that Daniel was the son of Thomas of Milford is the line of Thomases all
through his descendants. Thomas does not appear in any of the other men's
lines. I am descended from a Thomas who was a Revolutionary War Soldier.
I do not find it difficult to believe that we are Thomas of Milford's,
especially as there is the only birth record of a Daniel in America that
early from whom we are descended by solid record. We don't know if there
were two Daniels. Right now I can find only one.
The original brother John is the son John of George. However, George was
only known to have had that one son and no others. They also are all known
as Langdons not LANDON.
Since George only had one son John and he didn't have our Landon brothers,
plus Daniel Landon looks to be the son of Thomas by birth record, we are
left with the following possible Landon brothers: Joseph Landon md. Joanna
Shute, James Landon md. Elizabeth------, Nathanial Landon md. Hannah
Bishop, David Landon md. Martha------. David's line is included in James
O. Landon and is undisputed.
That's the best sorting I can do with the records. I've really weeded
James O. Landon's book this time!

Comments, please! If I have confused or stated anything oddly please
inform. I'm not top notch at the moment, but this sort of fell into place
after Robert Forrest's letter which I placed on the rootsweb site also. It
just sort of came to me in a sleepless moment!

O Master Gardener Dave, I have planted an orchard in my back yard. I
watched the chill factors on all the fruit trees I got, and I wanted to
know about the chill factors on the Reliance and Hale Haven Peach. I got
these for $7.50 for both and they are lovely trees and quite large. I
decided to risk it regardless. I have an half acre. Do you know their
chill factors? Should I add a FL peach with a chill factor of 350 or so
that tastes like trash for the lean years? Just forget it and wing it with
these generally zone 4-8 peaches although we are Zone 8b? I have a list
of trees from Co. Extension. I planted Anna, Ein Shemer, and Dorsett
Golden apples, Arapaho and Navaho blackberries, FL blueberries, Mandarin
Samsutta, Baldwin pear, Brown Turkey Fig. I have landscaped the entire
front of my home. Wow, I look great. I love to garden as I told you.
Thanks, Barbara

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