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Subject: [LANDON] ] Silas Landon family
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 15:53:54 -0400

Thanks for clearing that up, then this is the family Cheryl Hall wants in her inquiry to the Landon page.

The following is the answer to that question about the Silas Landon family who migrated to Michigan. Silas Landondied at age 39 in Delaware co.
I have included the members of the family and also the biography of 1888 that tells their story. this biography is in the historical museum in Michigan.

Sex: M Birth: 1 APR 1791 1 born Erie county N.Y. Died Sept 5, 1830, Delaware County

Occupation: Lumber trade

Father: John LANDON b: 7 JUL 1763 in Salisbury CT
Mother: Lois (Louisa) BINGHAM b: 18 FEB 1763 in Salisbury CT

Marriage: Nancy Beadle d. 1873 Rollin Township, Michigan


John LANDON B. 29 NOV, 1811 : Who Follows

Bingham LANDON B. 1819

William LANDON D. 1848

George LANDON B. 1824

Electa LANDON B. 1828

Mary Jane LANDON B.1829


Portrait and Biography of Lenawee County, Michigan. Chicago by Chapman Brothers, 1888.

John Landon set out for the West in the spring of 1843, to seek his fortune, and coming into this county located in the woods upon group which was afterward included in Rowland Township, where he lived for a period of forty years. He reclaimed 200 acres from the wilderness, brought the soil to a high state of cultivation, and in the course of time provided himself with all the modern conveniences for farming.
Mr. Landon possessed in a more than ordinary degree the resolution and industry required to make pioneer life a success, and has become the owner of a fine property, which enables him to spend his declining years in the midst of ease and plenty. He was located near the banks of Round Lake, and after the county was settled up, provided boats to ply thereon for the convenience of picnic parties and other excursionists. He was then married and with his estimable wife had his full share of the trials and hardships of life in a new settlement. The women of those days possessed the brave and intrepid spirits of their husbands, and labored equally with them in building up the homestead and providing themselves with the necessaries of life. Mrs. Landon, in the absence of her husband, would often by the aid of her dog chase a deer into the lake and keep it there until Mr. Landon came home to complete the capture and prepare it for the future consumption of the family.

The subject of this biography was born in Delaware County, N.Y, Nov. 29, 1811 and is the son of Silas Landon, a native of Connecticut, whose father, John Landon, removed from that State to Erie County, N.Y., where he engaged in farming and died at the age of seventy years. He had been accompanied by his wife and family, and Grandmother Landon at the time of her death was about the same age as her husband. Their son Silas was reared to manhood in Erie County, N.Y., were he engaged in the lumber trade and later in life removed to Tompkins County, where he spent his last years, dying Sept. 5, 1830

Young Landon continued with his parents until twenty years of age, and was then married to Miss Lucretia, daughter of Michael Handy, of Vermont, where he spent his entire life engaged in farming pursuits. Mrs. Lucretia Landon was born in Vermont, March 11, 1810, and died at her home in this county, Jan. 27, 1874. She had become the mother of five children, three of whom are now living. Silas was born Aug. 3, 1833, is married and the father of five children, living, and lives in Clayton: Wealthy was born April 13, 1835, and died September 23, following: Wealthy (2nd) was born April 20, 1837, and is the wife of Gilbert Griffin, of Ohio, and the mother of six children: Cornelia was born March 2, 1842, became the wife of H. Crandall, of Round Lake, and died April 29, 1876: Lewis was born July 30, 1847, is married and a resident of Addison. Mr. Landon was a second time married in 1874, to Mrs. Jane (Grandy) Crane, daughter of Edmund Grandy, and widow of Amos R. Crane, born in New!
Hampshire and removed to New York State.

The maiden name of the mother of our subject was Nancy Beadle. She was born in Delaware County, N.Y., and died in Rollin Township, this county, in 1873, aged about seventy years. Her father, Abraham Beadle, was a New Yorker by birth, and conducted a hotel at Middleton, where he died when ninety-two years of age. His wife also died at an advanced age. Mrs. Landon's mother was in her girlhood Miss Dorcas Dean, of New York, who died in Raisin Township, aged about seventy-four years. Mr. Landon is an old-school Jackson Democrat in politics.

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