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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
Mrs. Helen De Lane Clapp.
DAR ID Number: 86457
Born in Brookfield, Mass.
Wife of Roswell Nelson Clapp.
Descendant of Darius Boyden, as follows:
1. Nelson H. De Lane (b. 1838) m., 1861, Seraph Stone (b. 1842).
2. Liberty Stone (1812-97) m., 1834, Charlotte Hamilton (1813-93).
3. Amasa Stone (1779-1875) m., 1802, Esther Boyden (1781-1833).
4. Darius Boyden m., 1773, Lavina Brown (b. 1750).
Darius Boyden (1743-83) responded to the Lexington Alarm in Capt. John
Crowle's company of minute men, Colonel Learned's regiment. He was born
in Worcester; died in Auburn, Mass.
Also No. 52685.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
page 240241
Mrs. Elizabeth Keniston Rubert.
DAR ID Number: 86755
Born in Campton, N. H.
Wife of Kennedy F. Rubert.
Descendant of Capt. Roger Gilmore, Sergt. John Demary, Josiah Crosby,
Alpheus Crosby, Capt. Abner Howe, Daniel Wyatt, Capt. Moses Baker, Jabez
Church, Ebenezer Morrison, William Keniston and William Keniston, Jr.,
as follows:
1. Davis Baker Keniston (b. 1850) m., 1876, Ada Elizabeth Howe (b.
2. George W. Keniston (1810-84) m., 1837, Deborah Davis Baker
(1815-1904); Lucius Manline Howe (1809-89) m. 2nd, 1849, Elizabeth
Crosby Cutler (1820-60).
[p.240] 3. William Keniston, Jr., m., 1788, Sarah Morrison (1770-1839);
Abner Howe m., 1806, Sarah Thorndike (d. 1849); John Cutler, Jr.
(1788-1829), m., 1811, Betsey Crosby (1789-1856); Davis Baker
(1791-1842) m., 1814, Hannah Church (1794-1843).
4. William Keniston m. Cilley; Adonijah Howe m., 1779, Sarah Ripley
(1760-1800); John Cutler m. Abigail Demary (1768-1866); Alpheus Crosby
m., 1788, Elizabeth Gilmore (1769-1839); Moses Baker, Jr., m. Molly
Wyatt (1769-1829); Jabez Church m., 1783, Dorothy Bartlett (d. 1802);
Ebenezer Morrison m. Agnes Smith.
5. Abner Howe m., 1757, Sarah Lane (1739-95); Roger Gilmore m. 1st Ann
Hunter (d. 1779); John Demary m., 1750, Rebecca Corneille; Josiah Crosby
m., 1750, Sarah Fitch (1732-1825); Daniel Wyatt m., 1767, Hannah Rogers;
Moses Baker m., 1758, Deborah Davis (1739-1825).
Roger Gilmore commanded a company in Colonel Enoch Hale's regiment
raised 1775. He was born in Londonderry; died, 1807, in Jaffrey, N. H.
John Demary (1728-1807) served as sergeant in Colonel Enoch Hale's
regiment, 1777. He was born in Boston, Mass.; died in Rindge, N. J.
Josiah Crosby (1730-93) raised the first company from Amherst and was at
the battle of Bunker Hill. He was a member of the Committee of Safety
and of the General Court, 1776-82. He was born in Billerica, Mass.; died
in Amherst, N. H.
Alpheus Crosby (1762-1842) received a pension, 1832, for service as
private, Capt. Josiah Crosby's company, Colonels Read and Mooney, New
Hampshire regiments. He was born in Millford; died in Jaffrey, N. H.
Abner Howe (1736-76) was captain in the Worcester County, Mass., militia
and was in service at Dobbs Ferry, 1776. He was born and died in
Brookfield, Mass.
Also No. 84286.
Daniel Wyatt (1745-1822) served as selectman, 1779, of Compton, N. H.,
where he died. He was born in Newburyport, Mass.
Moses Baker (1738-1802) commanded a company at Winter Hill and in 1776
was major in Col. Joshua Wingate's regiment at Saratoga. He was born in
Salisbury, Mass.; died in Compton, N. H.
Also No. 56880.
Jabez Church (1747-1826) served several enlistments under different
commands, 1777-81, New Hampshire troops. He was born in East Haddam,
Conn.; died in Thornton, N. H.
Ebenezer Morrison (1730-1803) signed the Association Test in Sanbornton,
N. H., where he died. He was born in Haverhill, Mass.
[p.241] William Keniston (1726-1803), William Keniston, Jr. (1769-1853),
served in the Train Band of Canterbury, N. H., under Capt. Edward
Blanchard. William, Sr., died in Northfield, N. H., William, Jr., in
Sanbornton, N. H.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
page 251
[p.251] Mrs. Eleanor S. Boice Brower.
DAR ID Number: 86788
Born in New Brunswick, N. J.
Wife of George Griswold Brower.
Descendant of Col. John Smock, Capt. Hendrick Smock, Garret Schanck,
Capt. John Schanck and Lieut. Aaron Lane, as follows:
1. Peter Runyon Boice (1832-1905) m., 1862, Sarah Elizabeth Schanck (b.
2. Sidney Schanck (1810-50) m., 1834, Sarah Ann Smock (1807-1901).
3. De Lafayette Schanck (1781-1862) m., 1805, Eleanor Conover
(1787-1873); Aaron Smock (War, 1812) m., 1804, Sarah Conover Schanck
4. Garret Schanck m., 1762, Sarah Covenhoven (Conover) (parents of
Sarah); John Schanck m., 1767, Mary Denise (1750-1829); Hendrick Smock
m., 1780, Sarah Lane (1758-1828).
5. John Smock m., 1747, Elizabeth Conover (1725-1812); Aaron Lane m.,
1743, Sarah Conover.
John Smock (1727-1808) rose from captain to colonel of Monmouth County,
New Jersey militia; in 1778 was taken prisoner and confined in the old
sugar house. He was born and died in Middletown, N. J.
Hendrick Smock (1749-1814) commanded a company in the Monmouth, New
Jersey regiment of minute men, 1777; engaged in the battle of
Germantown. He was born in Holmdel; died in Marlboro, N. J.
Garret Schanck (1743-97) served as a private, 1779, in defense of the
frontiers of New Jersey, 1st regiment, Light Dragoons, Monmouth County
militia. He was born and died in Pleasant Valley, N. J.
John Schanck (1745-1834) commanded a company, 1777, in the 1st regiment,
Monmouth County, New Jersey militia. He was born in Pleasant Valley;
died in Holmdel, N. J.
Aaron Lane (1720-1805) was lieutenant of New Jersey militia, 1777; was
wounded in service which compelled him to resign in 1779. He died in
Hunterdon County, N. J.
Also No. 85644.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
page 311
Mrs. Cordelia Watt Andrews.
DAR ID Number: 86978
Born in Lockhart, Tex.
Wife of John Franklin Andrews.
[p.311] Descendant of Aquilla Lane, as follows:
1. Joseph Henderson Watt (1850-1901) m., 1882, Maude Martin Lane (b.
2. Pleasant Washington Lane (b. 1800) m. 2nd, 1849, Mary Aiken.
3. Aquilla Lane m., 1780, Agnes Fitzgerald (b. 1763).
Aquilla Lane (1753-1819) enlisted, 1779, as a private in Captain
Russell's company, Colonel Christian's Virginia regiment, and, 1781, in
Capt. Anthony Belcher's company, Col. Israel Shelby's regiment. He was
born in Virginia; died in Washington County, Tenn.
Also No. 63318.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
Mrs. Helen Zimmerman Brown.
DAR ID Number: 87103
Born in Sumner, Ill.
Wife of G. L. Brown.
Descendant of Richard Lane, as follows:
1. John H. Zimmerman (1842-1904) m., 1862, Sarah Lane (b. 1843).
2. Richard Lane (1813-95) m., 1835, Grace Sunderland (d. 1847).
4. Dutton Lane m., 1810, Martha Prichard (1790-1877).
5. Richard Lane m. Catherine Groom.
Richard Lane (1740-1811) enlisted, 1776, in Lieut. Nathaniel Kinnard's
company, Col. William Henry's Maryland regiment. He was born in England;
died in Ohio.
Also No. 78537.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
Mrs. Olive Mays Coffey.
DAR ID Number: 87324
Born in Lane County, Ore.
Wife of John Coffey.
Descendant of Benjamin Mays, as follows:
1. William Mays (1851-91) m, 1870, Flora Nail (b. 1855).
2. Elijah Mays m. Mary B. Mays.
3. Robert Mays m. Sarah Dison.
4. Benjamin Mays m. Leutitia Mays.
Benjamin Mays was placed on the pension roll of Iredell County, N. C.,
1833, for service as private, Virginia militia. He was born, 1757, in
Stafford County, Va., and, 1799, removed from Amherst County, Va., to
Iredell County, N. C.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
Mrs. Julia Estelle Dockery Stryker.
DAR ID Number: 87828
Born in Kirksville, Mo.
Wife of Powell J. Stryker.
Descendant of Thomas Dockery, James Baker, Capt. Joseph Gear, and Maj.
Joseph Lane, as follows:
1. Thomas J. Dockery (b. 1844) m. 1st, 1867, Julia E. Linder (b. 1846).
2. John Dockery (1805-83) m., 1825, Mary Bradburn (1810-88); James H.
Linder (1813-75) m. 2nd, 1842, Salome Foreman Baker (1816-84).
See No. 87827.
3. Thomas Dockery m. 2nd, 1804, Rebecca Crosnoe (1770-1805); Rezin Baker
(1791-1842) m. 1st, 1813, Mary Lane (1793-1878).
4. Joseph Lane m. 2nd, 1769, Mary Gilpin (b. 1750).
Thomas Dockery (1745-1805) was a member of Committee of Correspondence,
1774, of Anson County, N. C. He was born in Maryland; died in North
Joseph Lane (1740-1801) was commissioned major, 1778, in the Georgia
Line. He was born in Virginia; died in Washington County, Va.
Also No. 81339.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
Mrs. Ellen Lane Snow.
DAR ID Number: 88248
Born in Bonny Eagle, Me.
Wife of Charles W. Snow.
Descendant of Capt. Jabez Lane and Abijah Usher, as follows:
1. John Lane (1784-1841) m. 1811 Mary Usher (d. 1841).
2. Jabez Lane m. 1772 Sarah Woodman; Abijah Usher m. 1784 Mary Weld (d.
Jabez Lane (1743-1830) was captain under Col. Thomas Nixon and served at
Ticonderoga, Boston, Long Island, and Stillwater, and received a land
grant. He was born in Wiscasset; died in Buxton, Me.
Also Nos. 48607, 76658.
Abijah Usher (1757-1836) enlisted, 1776, in Capt. William Barron's
company, Col. Isaac Wyman's regiment, raised for the expedition to
Canada. He was born in Medford, Mass.; died in Hollis, Me.
Also No. 84172.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
page 98
[p.98] Mrs. Iva Bryant Goldthwaite.
DAR ID Number: 88302
Born in Marathon, N. Y.
Wife of S. G. Goldthwaite.
Descendant of Robert Lane, Ensign Jesse Lane, Nathaniel Aldrich, Maturin
Ballou, Israel Williams and Andrew Craig, as follows:
1. Horace French Bryant (1839-1906) m. 1865 Miranda Lane Williams (b.
2. Elias M. Bryant (1819-99) m. 1838, Lydia Maria Wheaton (1819-99);
Nathan Sanford Williams (b. 1803) m. 1830 Sarah H. Lane (1811-94).
3. Moses Ballou Wheaton (1790-1860) m. 1812 Mary Aldrich (b. 1794);
Israel Williams m. 2nd 1799 Priscilla Howard (1775-1830); Martin Lane
(1777-1825) m. 1801 Sarah Craig (1780-42).
4. Moses Whcaton (1760-1819) m. 1781 Sarah Ballou (b. 1763); Nathaniel
Aldrich m. 1778 Cleopatra Ramsdell (b. 1759); Jesse Lane m. 1770 Hester
Wright (1750-1832); Andrew Craig m. 1773 Mary (1741-1835).
5. Maturin Ballou m. 1st 1744 Lydia Harris (1725-73); Robert Lane m.
1744 Mary Thatcher (1717-97).
Robert Lane (1713-94) was a signer of the Association Test in
Connecticut, 1776. He was born in Killingworth, Conn.; died in Newport,
N. H.
Jesse Lane (1746-1819) was ensign in Lieut. Samuel Nichols' company,
Col. Benjamin Bellows' regiment, which marched from Lempster and Newport
on the alarm, 1777, to reinforce the garrison at Ticonderoga. He was
born in Lebanon, Conn.; died in Newport, N. H.
Nathaniel Aldrich served as private in Captain Read's company, Col.
Nathan Tyler's Worcester County, Massachusetts regiment. He was born,
1755, in Mendon, Mass.
Maturin Ballou (1722-1804) was a patriot who signed the Association Test
in Richmond, N. H., 1776. He was born in Smithfield, R. I.; died in
Richmond, N. H.
Israel Williams served as private in Captain Kellogg's company, Colonel
Moseley's Massachusetts regiment. He was born, 1763, in Westfield,
Mass.; died after 1802.
Andrew Craig (1729-1833) served as private, 1777-81, in Capt. John
Hodge's 3rd regiment, 6th battalion, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
militia. He resided in Pennsylvania during the Revolution; removed to
Tompkins, N. Y., where he died.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume
Mrs. Edna Childs Beckington.
DAR ID Number: 88356
Born in Augusta, Mich.
Wife of Garth M. Beckington.
Descendant of Samuel Hitchcock, as follows:
1. Carlos Webster Childs m. Ella Hazelton.
2. Brooks B. Hazelton m. Sarah Lane.
3. Roswell Lane m. Jerusha Rhoades.
4. David Rhoades m. 2nd Jerusha Hitchcock.
5. Samuel Hitchcock m. Betsy .
Samuel Hitchcock (1731-1839) served as private in Capt. Peter Ingersol's
company, Col. John Brown's Berkshire County, Massachusetts regiment. He
was born in New Milford, Conn.; died in Sheffield, Mass.
Also No. 51981.
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