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From: ralph <>
Subject: [LANE-L] Lane Register Report, part 2
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 08:34:22 -0400

Helen, here is the next installment of Fred's Register Report.

19th Generation
Family of Dutton Lane Rev (18) & Pretitia Tydings

19. Samuel Lane. ®1 Born abt 1700 in Baltimore Co, MD. Samuel died in
Bedford Co, PA aft 1779, he was 79.

He and his wife possibly spent some time in England in the 1730's and
1740's. He owned the following tracts of land in NW Baltimore Co: Level
Bottom, Crosses Lot, Lanes Bottoms and Hills, Millers Gain, and Gills
Prospect. (from Larry James book)

Baltimore Co, MD, Indexed Tax List: 1763 (Corbin Lane, Samuel Lane Sr ,
Lane, Jr (Pipe Creek) in Delaware Hundred) ("St Thomas Parish Registers
1732-1850," by Bill & Martha Reamy.)

In 1779, Samuel Lane of Bedford Co, Pa, deeded to John Lane of Baltimore
Co, Md, 9-1/2 acres, "Millers Gain." (this could have been Samuel Jr?)

Went to Bedford Co, Pa. in 1773. (This could have been his son, Samue l
instead of Samuel Sr?)

Samuel Lane is considered one of the "mystery men" of the Maryland Lane
family. Only nine references of his existence have been found in
records of his birth, marriage, death and most of his children have not
discovered. After his father's death, he apparently lived on the farm
Triangle" near the present day Towson, MD. There are no records between
1736 and 1743, and there is some speculation that the family lived in
England in those years. In 1746, he, Dutton Lane (his brother), and
their wives sold two 25-acre tracts, "Lane's Triangle" and "Lane's
Venture." Accounts of the life of Lambert Lane suggest that this family
lived for some time in the wild country on the Susquehanna River about
15 miles from its mouth. This time period could have been between 1746
and 1755 when he appears landless in the Baltimore region, and it could
include the period after 1757. He briefly owned "Level Bottom," Cross's
Lot" and "Lane's Bottoms and Hills" in 1756-7. Lambert's marriage was
probably around 1760 and it was described as being in this "wild
country." Samuel may have died about 1758, but it is likely that he
lived past 1770. The apparent restlessness of the family was evident,
and this led to the
migration to the various frontiers by his children.

abt 1735 when Samuel was 35, he married Jane Corbin ®1, daughter of
Edward Corbin (abt 1685-1770) & Mary Jane Wilkinson (abt 1690-). Born
abt 1708 in Baltimore Co, MD. Jane died in MD abt 1773, she was 65.

They had the following children:
i.Samuel ®1. Born on 8 Feb 1736 in St Pauls Parish, Baltimore Co, MD.
Samuel died in Bedford Co, Pa on 21 Mar 1812, he was 76.

He lived in Baltimore Co, MD, until 1774 (in what is Carroll Co) when he
went to Brandy Twp of Bedford Co, PA (later Huntingdon Co) where he
died. He made numerous land transactions in Baltimore Co. He was a
Baptist minister in Bedford and Huntingdon Cos, PA. (from Larry James

Baltimore Co, MD, Indexed Tax List: 1763 (Corbin Lane, Samuel Lane Sr ,
Samuel Lane, Jr (Pipe Creek) in Delaware Hundred) ("St Thomas Parish
Registers 1732-1850," by Bill & Martha Reamy.)

Abt 1755/1757 when Samuel was 18, he first married Mary Corbin ®1. Mary
died abt 1770. May have been first cousin of Rev Samuel Lane.

In 1770 (Abt 1770/1785) when Samuel was 33, he second married Kezia
Sias ®1. Born in INT 1750 (Abt 1750/1765).

Paula Lane Smith found a death record in the 1850 Scott Co census for a
Keziah Lane, age 100, female, widowed, b. PA, d. Sept, 1850. There is
reported a deed signed by Dutton Lane and his wife, Kezia abt 1826.

Abt 1800/1810 when Samuel was 63, he third married Mary Wiley ®1.

ii.Lambert ®1. Born in 1737/1738 in Shropshire, England. Lambert died
in Shelby Co, KY in Oct 1804, he was 67.

He married Nancy Anderson while they were living near the Susquehanna.
He and his wife moved to the Holston River settlement in east Tenn
before 1776. He later moved to Shelby Co, KY.

Rev War Veteran.

Birthplace from W.D. Sanford.

He possibly was also the father of Ann Lane, b. abt 1758, who married
Samuel Looney and Elijah Cross in Sullivan Co. She was said to have been
1/ 2 Indian. If she were the dau of Lambert, she may not have been known
by his family's researchers who mostly found children in KY. She did not
go to KY with the family.

Emma Lane has a family group sheet that she made from information
supplied from Bible records by Mrs. Randolph Kennedy.

In 1762 when Lambert was 25, he married Nancy Ann Anderson ®1, in MD.

iii.Charity ®1. Born in 1738/1739 in Baltimore Co, MD.

In 1757 when Charity was 19, she married Greenbury Baxter ®1, in
Baltimore Co, MD. Born on 4 Oct 1735 in Baltimore Co, MD.

Baltimore Co, MD, Indexed Tax List: 1763 (Greenberry Baxter was in Pipe
Creek Hundred) ("St Thomas Parish Registers 1732-1850," by Bill & Martha

iv.Richard ®1. Born in 1740 in Yorkshire, England. Richard died in
Muskingum Co, Ohio in 1813, he was 73.

He was a Revolutionary soldier from Maryland. Moved to Muskingum Co ,
Ohio in 1810.

In 1773 when Richard was 33, he married Catherine Groom ®1, in Baltimore
Co, MD. Born in 1742. Catherine died in 1842, she was 100.

v.Corbin ®1. Born abt 1742 in Baltimore Co, MD. Corbin died in Scott
Co, VA in Dec 1816, he was 74. Buried in Vineyard GC67, or Lane-Wisley
GC28, Scott Co, VA.

Listed in NC Army Accounts, Vol 1, p 17, folio 2,two pay vouchers dat ed
6/26/1782 (No 279 for 5 pounds) and 6/12/1783 (No 1391 for 34 pounds, 8
shillings, 6 pence). Further research by the Daughters of the American
Revolution (DAR) has shown that these pay vouchers were for goods and
services, and not for military service. The DAR has classified Corbin as
a Patriot rather than a Soldier on the basis of their research and
accept his descendants into the DAR on that basis.

He was born before 1742 since he was on a 1763 tax list. Other refereces
list his birth date as abt 1750.

There are references that Corbin Lane was a Revolutionary War Soldier in
Sullivan & Washington Co (now TN) who had moved from North Carolina to
Tennessee. (ref: Tenn Soldiers in Rev War, Allen and Tenn. Cousins by
Ray.) I think that the source of this information were the above
mentioned pay vouchers, and so far no one has found proof that he was a

Baltimore Co, MD, Indexed Tax List: 1763 (Corbin Lane, Samuel Lane Sr ,
Samuel Lane, Jr (Pipe Creek) in Delaware Hundred) ("St Thomas Parish
Registers 1732-1850," by Bill & Martha Reamy.)

Baltimore Co, MD, Indexed Tax List of 1763 included "Debits & Account s
of Jeremiah Johnson, deputy sheriff under A. Hall." It listed Corbin
Lane in 1765. ("St Thomas Parish Registers 1732-1850," by Bill & Martha

Bedford Co, Pa (Dublin Township) Tax List in 1779. In the same district
were Dutton Lane and Samuel Lane. ("Pennsylvania in 1780: A Statewide
Index of Circa 1780 Pennsylvania Taxlists," by John & Diane Stemmons.)

Washington Co, NC/TN Tax List (Microfilm Roll #639): 1781 (land value
L140, 3 horses at L157..10, 5 cattle at L50, Cash L11..12, as Corbin
Lain, located three persons from Dutton Lane), Undated (before 1783
)(Land value L250, Horses L240, Cattle L20, Cash L3..12, as Corbin Lain)

Scott Co Will Book 1-88, 12/8/1816.
Scott Co Tax List: (Land valued at $300, no slaves)
Russell Co Tax List: 1810 (1 Tith, 1 slave, 3 horses)

Scott Co Personal Property Tax List: 1815 (Samuel Ritchie Dist, 1
tithable, 3 horses, 16 cattle), 1816 (George Wilcox Dist, 0 tithable , 0
slaves, 3 cattle), 1817 (George Wilcox Dist, Frances Lane, 1 hors e)

He was living in Bedford Co, PA from 1773 to 1779. Fannie Steele
suggested that he may have lived in Guilford Co, NC for a while.

He was said to have been married twice, and first wife is unknown.

BURIAL: He was living at Red Hill at the time of death as proven by his
will giving the land where he was living to Abraham Lane, and Abraham's
selling that land to George Vineyard in 1841. The very old Vine yard
Cemetery is on that land where Corbin Lane was living at the time of his
death. (Proven with deeds by Dale Carter.) The Lane-Wisley Cemetery,
GC#28, was on Abraham Lane's land which may have adjoined Corbin's. Our
thinking is that he is buried in one of these cemeteries , and after
more research we plan to place an appropriate Revolutionary War Patriot
marker for him. The two cemeteries are about equally distant from his
house site; if proof can be found that Abraham Lane owned the land where
the Lane-Wisley cemetery is located (and where John Wolfe is buried),
that would be some proof favoring that cemetery.

The year of Corbin Lane's death, 1816, was the year of the worldwide
cold weather caused by a very large volcano eruption. It has been said
that there were frosts, snows, and freezing weather in the middle of the
summer. Crops failed and there was much starvation. Thus, circumstances
at the time of his death may not have been conventional . There is
evidence that Abraham Lane and his family were living with Corbin
(Abraham Lane is not on the 1816 tax list), or Corbin and Fanny could
have been living with Abraham.


He owned 150 acres in 1781, proven by being listed in the 1781
Washington Co, NC (TN) Tax List.

Lee Co, Va on 2/18/1782, had land (250 acres) surveyed "lying in the gap
of Copper Creek ridge and on the waters of ?Creek and Big Mockason.."
(from Fannie Steele). This tract of land was sold on 1/30/ 1841 by
Abraham Lane to George Vineyard (Deed Book 6-313.) The tract of land is
located at Red Hill, Scott Co, VA.

Virginia Land Grant of 250 acres was finally granted on 10/3/1800 in Lee
Co, VA. It referenced a survey of 5/6/1798.

Deed Book 2, p 240, 1/14/1783: Sold 150 acres on a branch of Lick Creek
to Joseph Reynolds for 80 lbs. (Greene Co, TN)

NC Land Grant in Greene Co, TN, 150a, adjoining James McCartney, 20 Sep

Bk 1 pg 346 9/20/1787. State of NC to Corbin Lane, 150 acres bordered on
James McCartney. (Greene Co, TN)

Greene Co Court of Common Pleas, deed from John Dixon, 150a, 7 Aug 17
88, Greene Co, TN.

Greene Co Deed Book 4, pg 31, 8/4/1789. Corbin Lane sold 150 acres t o
Samuel Montgomery.

Greene Co Court of Common Pleas, 8/1791, deed dated 5/16/1791 for 239
acres from Robert Wilson.

Greene Co Court of Common Pleas, 5/1793, deed dated 1/14/1793 for 150
acres to Joseph Reynolds.

Bk 5, pg 11, 1/1793. Corbin Lane got a grant adjoining the land sold to
Samuel Montgomery on 8/4/1789. (Greene Co, TN)

Knoxville Gazette, 10/11/1794, list of Greene Co land grants at the
printing office as of 9/29/1794 included Corbin Lane.

Deed Book 8, pg 352, 11/18/1795. Sold 279 acres in Greene Co to Samuel
McNees for $600.

Deed Book 8, pg 355, 12/18/1795. Sold 46 acres in Greene Co to Samuel
McNees for $50.

Deed Book 8, pg 357, 12/18/1795. Sold 20 acres in Greene Co to Samuel
McNees for $51-2/3.

James Davidson surveyed 1352 acres in Russell Co on Copper Creek, 5/1
6/1798, that cited a border with Corbin Lane. (Russell Co, VA, Surveyors
Book 1, p. 265).

Lee Co, Va in 1802, owned 250a (from Fannie Steele)

Deeds of Samuel & Shadrack Estep who had land adjoining "Corbin Lain' s
Open line" in 1802 on "Big Mockeson Creek." (from Fannie Steele)

11/12/18xx, Samuel Lane enters 250 acres in Russell Co on both sides of
Burnt Cabin Branch the waters of Little Mockerson (Moccasin) Creek on
Corban Lane's lines. (land later withdrawn) (Russell Co, VA, Land Entry
Book #2, p. 101)

11/12/18xx, Samuel Lane enters 50 acres in Russell Co on both sides of
Pike Branch the waters of Big Moccasin Creek on the south side of the
land of Corban Lane and Samuel Estep. (Russell Co, VA, Land Entry Book
#2, p. 102).

He owned land in Lee Co at least until 1810. Joseph Brock owned 5000
acres in Lee Co on Wallens Ridge - Fannie Steele speculated about
whether he was related to Corbin's wife.


1781 Washington Co, TN Tax List, 5th Dist, 150a, 3 horses, 5 cattle , 0
slaves (from Fannie Steele)

Aug 1786 Greene Co, Tn court of Common Pleas, View a road, Puncheon Camp
to county line.

1791 Greene Co, TN (NC) Tax List, Capt Steele's Dist, 150a, 1 WP.

1792 Greene Co, TN (NC) Tax List, Capt Steele's Dist, 179a, 1 WP.

Greene Co Court of Common Pleas, 2/1793, appt overseer of road from
Greeneville to Sinking Creek.

Greene Co Court of Common Pleas, 2/1794, named in a group to lay off a
new road.

Greene Co Court of Common Pleas, 11/1794, named in a group to lay off a
road from Babbs Mill to county line.

Greene Co Court of Common Pleas, 1795, Corbin Lane failed to attend
present term as a juror.

Greene Co Court of Common Pleas, 11/1795, Corbin Lane excused for
failing to attend the last term as juror on affidavit. (It appears that
he may have moved from Greene Co.)

Corbin Lane was not in the available information of tax lists in 1787 ,
88 and 1796, 97, 98. (from "Greene Co Pioneer," p. 9-89.

1810 Russell Co, VA, Tax List, Lower Dist (from Fannie Steele.)

In Law Order Book 5, p. 84, 1814, he was excused from paying taxes be
cause of his age and bodily infirmities. He was also excused from paying
county poor rates and public tax for an aged infirm slave called ____.
(Scott Co, VA, from Fannie Steele)

Holdway Lane's family history indicated four children: Abraham, Samuel,
Catherine(!) who married James (Big Jim) Williams and had 4 sons , 1
dau, and another daughter who married an Estep. He wrote this history
from memory on a piece of brown wrapping paper.

Corbin first married Frances "Fanny" Prock ®1. Born Abt 1755/1760.
Frances "Fanny" died in Scott Co, VA aft 1817, she was 62. Buried in
Vineyard GC67, or Lane-Wisley GC28, Scott Co, VA.

There are references to her name as Brock or Frock. The oldest records
give her name as Prock. There were no persons of these names in the
Bedford Co, Pa, tax lists or other records. However, there was a William
Proctor in the 1779 Bedford Co (Bedford Twsp) tax list. Assuming that
Corbin Lane married Frances in Bedford Co prior to moving to Tenn-NC,
then it is likely her name was Proctor, and William Proctor may have
been her father. Research is needed on the Proctors of Bedford Co.

Because of the gap in the ages of Corbin Lane's children, she possibly
was the second wife of Corbin Lane.
She testified on 4/31/1818 in the Wolfe vs Wolfe case that Abraham could
not read or write, but that his wife Caty could read. (Wolfe vs Wolfe,
p. 217)

There was a Paul Prock in Wilkes Co, NC in 1787.

Stella Chandler found information in the LDS Library for Silas Prock
(1808- 1857/58), b. NC, son of William (b. 1782) and Agatha (b. 178 6).
Silas appeared to have lived in TN and moved late to MO. Stella said
that she also saw a record on an LDS Library CD-ROM of a marriage in
Greene Co, TN, of Corbin Lane and Frances Prock, but did not record it.

Corbin second married First Wife ®1.

vi.Wilkinson ®1. Born on 21 Apr 1743 in Baltimore Co, MD. Wilkinson
died in Amanda Twp, Fairfield Co, Ohio abt 7 Feb 1814, he was 70.

Larry James, "The Lane Family," (1997) p. 27.
BIRTH: Registered in St. Johns & St. Georges Parish of Baltimore Co ,
Pvt. Rev War - Bedford Co, PA, militia.

He migrated from Baltimore Co in 1773 to Bedford Co, PA and lived there
until 1800 when he moved to Amanda Twp of Fairfield Co, Ohio, where he
left a will dated 11/17/1813.
His will was written 11/27/1813 and probated 2/7/1814. It named wife
Jane, 1 son John, 2 dau Elizabeth & Rebecca.

Wilkinson married Jane Plowman ®1.

20vii.Dutton (1745-1828)
viii.Sarah ®1. Born on 8 Nov 1746 in Baltimore Co, MD.

BIRTH: Registered in St. Johns & St. Georges Parish, Baltimore Co, MD,

Sarah married Joseph Hays ®1.

He was appointed guardian of John Lane's children in 1801.

ix.John ®1. Born in 1748 in Baltimore Co, MD. John died in Frederick
Co, MD in 1790/1792, he was 42.

>From Larry James book p. 25. Lived in Baltimore Co, MD.
Joseph Hayes (his brother-in-law) was appointed guardian to John (15) ,
Thomas (14) and Margaret (11) in 1801.

In 1779, Samuel Lane of Bedford Co, Pa, deeded to John Lane of Baltimore
Co, Md, 9-1/2 acres, "Millers Gain."

Baltimore Co, MD, Indexed Tax List: 1763 (John Lane in Back Creek Upper
Hundred, ("St Thomas Parish Registers 1732-1850," by Bill & Martha

On 4 Nov 1771 when John was 23, he married Rebecca Loveall ®1, in
Baltimore Co, MD. Born in 1752 in Baltimore Co, MD. Rebecca died in
Frederick Co, MD in 1800/1801, she was 48.

W. D. Sanford had a note that she may have moved to Greene Co, MD. (did
he mean TN?)

x.Ruth ®1. Born in 1750 in Baltimore, Maryland. ®2 Ruth died in
Taylor Township, Fulton County, Pennsylvania bef 1840, she was 90. ®3

All family info from Brian J. Deaver, 213 Doncaster Rd, Joppatowne, MD
21085, phone 410-679-4135. (1998)

"The bible record of Vincent Stevens, Jr., seen by M. Joan Pressler
states that his mother as Ruth Lane and that she was born in 1750. She
died prior to 1840, as her name did not appear in the 1840 census , but
her husband was listed with his son, David Stevens." (1)

"In a postcard to Thomas O. Horton on 4/27/1991, M. Joan Pressler wrote,
"After a careful check / collection of all my old and new notes on the
LANES, I've come to the conclusion that RUTH LANE, wife of Vincent
STEVENS, was a sister to Wilkinson, Lambert, Dutton, Rev. Samuel ,
Corbin Lane (and others), and the daughter of Samuel and Jane (Corbin)
Lane. After her mother died in Maryland, she and Vincent came north into
Bedford County, PA (1773/1774) with her father and brothers. Anyway,
that's where I'll look - in Maryland!!" (1)

"Ruth Lane married Vincent Stephens, who claimed in his Revolutionary
War pension application that his family came to Bedford County from
Baltimore County, Maryland in 1750. This would make the Stephens’s
among the very first settlers to come to that part of Bedford County.
They must certainly have encountered problems with the Indians,
especially during the French and Indian war. Ruth and her new husband
settled in Plank Cabin Valley before the American Revolution. Vincent
Stephens was a private in the Bedford Militia. This is likely the same
company Wilkinson Lane had joined. In Stephens's successful pension
application, he related the information that in1779 the Bedford County
Militia built a blockhouse in Three Springs where the locals could seek
protection. Some settlers also erected cabins near it
during the conflict. Some of the militia's members were killed near
Ullery's Mill in Morrison's Cove. In an expedition to Kittanning Town
connected to this event, the local militia attempted to capture Captain
McGee, whose company had gone over to the Indians and Loyalists . The
Bedford Militia narrowly escaped disaster and failed to capture the
turncoat." (4)

NOTE: I have made the link of Ruth Lane as a Child of Samuel and Mary
Jane (Corbin) Lane based on Mrs. Pressler's research and carefully
concluded assumption based on years of data examination. I will
continue to seek further documentation of this link (BJD 4/18/96)

Sources for this information:========================================

(1) Marion Joan Pressler - 422 Wayne Street, Holidaysburg, PA 16648

(2) Bob Stevens - BOBSTE@@AOL.COM - 504 Bay Avenue, Fenwick Island , DE
19944-His GEDCOM File

(3) Thomas O. Horton (deceased) c/o Mike J. Horton - POBox 505, New
Port Richey, LF 34656 #DJFB74A@@PRODIGY.COM-His Family Group Page and

(4) Fred Schultz, 70 Gorham Street Canadaigua, NY 14424, FVSchultz His manuscript on the siblings of Wilkinson Lane, which I
have in a file called c:\deaver\personal\ftw\docs\clarkln2.txt

abt 1770 when Ruth was 20, she married Vincent Stevens ®1, in
Baltimore, Maryland. ®4 Born in 1745 in Baltimore, Maryland. ®5 Vincent
died in Taylor Township, Fulton County, Pennsylvania on 11 Jun 1843, he
was 98. ®6

Vincent was born in Baltimore, Maryland and was of Scotch and English
decent. His family moved to Huntington County, Pennsylvania in 1 750.
He moved to Plank Cabin Valley, Bedford County, Pennsylvania i n 1773.

In the spring of 1779 he enlisted at Shirlysburg as a private in the
Bedford County Militia and served as a spy and guide. "We erected a
blockhouse at the Three Springs in Springfield Township, now Huntington
County, families fled there and some erected houses there...Indians
killed some men under arms, near Ullery’s Mill in Morrisons Cove and
some other depredations that gave alarm so applicant had to get out a
party...had to get out a party to take Captain McGee into custody (he
had taken his company to join the Indians against his own country
supposed to be Kittanning town) but on being disappointed owing to some
misunderstanding that took place in their first interview , himself and
men escaped narrowly and returned, but our party did not succeed and
returned without finding him." (1)

Vincent received a pension for his Revolutionary War service, and
reportedly may have lived to be nearly 105 years old. In Reverend
William T.S. Deavor's book it is said that Vincent was born in Virginia,
" ...came to Bedford County early in the history of Pennsylvania and
died at the age of 108 years, 4 months and 7 days." This may mean that
his death date is actually 1853, not 1843, which would make his age at
death 98 years. (BJD)

Bob Stevens is currently (1996) working on a hunch that Vincent may be
the son of Thomas and Mary Stephens, who were among the founders of the
First Baptist Church at Chestnut Ridge (Baltimore County) in 1742. (2)

"I am presently (1991) researching any possible links between our
Vincent STEVENS, born "1745 near Baltimore," and Giles STEVENS of
Gunpowder Hundred, Baltimore County, MD, who migrated to Bedford County
about 1771/1772 with other families, including WRIGHT, PICKET T,
LOVEALL, CHILCOTT, and others. The LANE family had land in Gunpowder
Hundred before they migrated to Bedford County, PA about 1772/1773 ."

"Bethel Towhship:
Richard Stevens - 2 horses, 4 cattle, 4 sheep
Abednego Stevens - 100 acres, 3 horese, 6 cattle, 7 sheep
William Stevens - 50 acres, 2 horses, 1 cattle, 2 sheep
Vincent Stevens - 1 horse, 1 cattle
Thomas Stevens - 2 cattle
Giles Stevens - 2 horses, 3 cattle
Zachariah Stevens -
Wilkinson Lane - 2 horses, 3 cattle
Samuel Lane - 100 acres, 3 horses, 3 sheep

Ayr Township:
Thomas Stevins - 100 acres, 2 horses, 6 cattle
Amos Stevins - 1 horse, 2 cattle
Benjamin Stevens - 2 horses, 2 cattle
Richard Stevens - 150 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle" (4)

"The 1800 Ayr Township census record of Vincent "Stephens" seems to
refer to our Vincent STEVENS, as there was no other Vincent old enough
to have children (to my knowledge). " (5)

"Giles STEVENS, late of Antis Township. Will dated 28 Dec 1835; 9 Nov
1836. Names children: son Thomas, daughter Jemima, son Shadrack, son
John, daughter Rebecca, son William, son VINCENT, son Jabes, daughter
Elizabeth, daughter Sarah, son Mashak,; also mentions James HARRISON.
Exr: son Thomas and David G. HUNTER. Witnesses: William McCauley, John
VanScoyac." (6)

"Letters testimentary granted to Thomas STEVENS and David G. HUNTER on
the estate of Giles STEVENS, deceased. 9 Nov 1836." (7)

" Giles STEVENS named a son Vincent. Was Giles a brother of our Vincent
STEVENS, born 1745, near Baltimore? Giles STEVENS came up from
Gunpowder Hundred, Baltimore County, MD about 1771." (5)

"STEVENS, Vincent: b.1745,d.1843,m.x,pvt.PA.*" (8)

Sources for this information:========================================

(1) Marion Joan Pressler - 422 Wayne Street, Holidaysburg, PA 16648
- Provided copy of Biography of John C. Stevens - History of Dauphin
- Provided copy of Soldiers of Blair County for Vincents Revolutionary
War Service
- Provided Stevens Family Tree
- It is known that Vincent was still alive in 1840, as he is shown in
the 1840 census as living with his son David Stevens.

(2) Bob Stevens - BOBSTE@@AOL.COM - 504 Bay Avenue, Fenwick Island , DE
- Provided Information Related to Sater's Church

(3) Reverend William Tecumseh Sherman Deavor - The Deavor Family i n
America, 1896

(4) Bedford County 1779 Tax List - provided by Jeanne Barton (KUJU31

(5) MIKE J HORTON, PO BOX 505 NEW PORT RICHEY FL 34656, mhorton@@gte

(6) Huntingdon County, PA Abstracts of Wills. Volume IV, Page 40.

(7) Huntingdon County, PA Abstracts of Wills. Volume IV, Page 41.

(8) DAR PATRIOT INDEX, vol.II, pg.647. National Society of the Daught
ers of the American Revolution, Mrs. George Upham Baylies, President
General. Washington, DC 1979.

Some e-mail: ========================================================
Date: Abt December, 1995
From: <>
Subject: Re: Vincent Stevens

Phillip was actually Phillip Deaver Stevens...the Deaver after his
Martha Deaver wife of Vincent Jr. I have copies of Vincent Sr's Rev. War
records. If you'd like I could send you a copy. He was an Indian spy
and enlisted 3 times. I'd love anything you have on this line. Also, I
have quite a bit on the Lane line if you'd like it. Right now I' m
working on the possibility that Vincent Sr. may have somehow been
involved with the first Baptist Church in Md. at Chestnut Ridge (Balto .
Co.) Among the founders of that church (1742) are Thomas and Mary
Stephens. The first (at least full time) minister of that church was
Henry Loveall (aka Desolate Baker). He had a grandson (Jonathan) that
married a Viana Stevens and moved to Bedford Co. Pa. and later Kentucky.
Viana was born approx 1744. I'm thinking she and Vincent may have been
siblings...possibly twins...and maybe the children of the aforementioned
Thomas and Mary. Another tie in with this church is that Ruth Lane’s
brother John married Rebecca Loveall..granddaughter of Rev. Henry
Loveall. Also Ruth had another brother, Samuel, who became a Baptist
Minister and moved to Bedford, Huntingdon, Fulton Co.s Pa. Any
information you have would certainly be welcomed, and I will of course
Thanks, Bob Stevens

To: Bob Stevens
From: Jeanne Barton (

Have you read Balto. Co. Families 1659-1759 - Robert Barnes? Giles S
tevens progenitor to MD by 1670 m. Sarah ???; son Giles m. Rebecca ?? ?.
has 64a. at Haines Point by his father in law Thomas James (Sarah's 2nd
husband) of Chester County, PA. Rebecca adminstratix of Giles II's
estate along with John Ensor and William Holland. Giles and Rebecca had
Giles III. Thomas, possibly John, and Samuel. Giles II I m. Alice
Gudgeon 1722 and had William Aug 1721 (that's what it says !) who m.
Sarah Duke 1750; Giles IV; James who m. Eliza Cadie 1752.


To: Bob Stevens
From: Ida Madison (

...Stevens, John, servant of John Boring, was judged to be 14 in March
1683/84; had 9 months to serve when listed in the 1690 inv. of said
Boring (18:128; 51:6). Stevens, John was in Baltimore County by 1692 as
a taxable with William Stevens (138). Stevens, Mary was Ind. f or Bast.
in Nov. 1733 (30:135). {She sounds interesting!}
Stevens , Richard was made levy free in Nov. 1750 (38:135). Stevens,
Thomas , was living at the widow Spencer's on Patapsco when an advert.
in May, 1752 urged him to contact the printer (of the MD Gazette) for
news of a legacy from an uncle (255:56). {Find him and see if there is
any left}. Stevens, William, in Balto. Co. by 1692 as a taxable in s .
side Patapsco; on 10 March 1704 purchased 100 acre Expectation, now
called Morris' Folly, from Thomas and Elizabeth Morris (60:146; 138 ).
The End...

xi.Abraham ®1. Born in 1752. Abraham died in Baltimore Co, MD.

He lived all of his life in Baltimore Co, MD. He was listed in the 1790
census there with 1 male & 6 females. (Larry James)
Family info from Larry James, "The Lane Family," (1997) p. 31.

Abraham married Rachel Mannon ®1, in Baltimore Co, MD.

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