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I will give you a quick overview of the rest of the children of Rufus Wiley Langford and Nancy Hardy.
Then if one of those lines interest you email me and let me know.
I do have a bunch of material on this whole family. Cemetery records, Some marriage lic. some court records and etc. Some from other people, some from my personnel travels and research.

Why would I trace a family that we are not even related to?
Because someone, once upon a time wrote a book and it aid it was my James Langford (born 1797 S.C. (Settled in Jackson Co TN, ca 1814) died ca 1872 TN. and Rufus Wiley Langford born 1800 S.C.( settled in Overton County,TN. sometime between 1806 and 1821-15) were brothers.

The book was well meaning and considering the era (1978) when the book was written, all in all, it was well done.
I tend to think this person hired a professional or maybe not so profession genealogist to do the research in S.C. & that is where the problem came from.. Here that old saying applies : "if you want it done right, do it your self."
As some parts of the book have been proven to very true.
I tend to think that the part that the author was able to research themselves physically is really very about 90% plus right
It is really just the part pre 1820, that it starts to go "south" and does a crash landing in S.C.

#1 died as a baby 1820 In Texas
# 2, child was John Thomas Langford who I sent out in my last email
John Thomas Langford took his family after the Civil War and went to Texas.

# 3 was Elizabeth born 1823 and died in Texas 1862

#4, was George H. Langford Born April 10 1826 In TN. Died: Feb 12 in TN.
Burial is at: Shiloh at Windle Tn
he married: Elizabeth Hall born Oct. 31 1833 died August 16 1881 wife of George H. Burial at Shiloh at WIndle, TN
they & sons Samuel. john, Hiram, and Rufus

#5. Rufus Wiley Langford (Jr) Born April 23 1828 in TN Died Dec 17 1877 Overton Co TN.
Married: Sarah Gibbons on April 12 1849 Overton CoTn
Sarah was born April 12 1829 in TN to Edmund Gibbons and Margaret Massa
Sarah died June 12 1919 Overton Co TN
Both are at Shiloh Cemetery in Windle Overton Co TN.
There children were:
a. John Calvin Langford, born Feb 17 1850 in Overton Co TN. d- Feb 12 1937
b. Obidah Mountville "MONTY" Langford born Jul 09, 1852
d. Jan 17 1872 -- Age 20 years..-. Shilo Cemetery Windle Overton Co TN,
. c. Rebecca's Miranda Langford born: June 11, 1855 Tn d- Feb 20 1872 (age 20) Shillo Cem. Overton Co. TN
d. Sarah Lilly Langford born: October 03 1857 TN d- April 03 1917 Shilo Cem. Windle Overotn CO TN
a. Loronzy Tramel Langford born: Feb 06 1862 Tn Died August 22 1922 Shilo Cem. Overton TN.
f. Rufus Hillary Langford born: July 09 1864 Overton Co TN d. Nov. 09 1954 Shilo Cm. TN Married Oct 11 1894 in Overton Co TN
g. Farabe Katherine Langford born May 14 1867 Tn d.- October 06, 1921

#6. # 7, are bady Langfrod twins one died at birth the other lived 3 days March of 1830. John Master cem. Overton Co TN
#8. William Matthew Langford Born April 25 1831
died April 1912 Overton Co. Tn Roaring River Cem. Overton Co TN.
He was married several times & was a peace officer in Putman county TN.
In his obit it says ";
"Uncle Matthew, the oldest peace officer Tn and in all probability in the United states, died at hi home in this city Sunday afternoon....."
he was known by all who knew him as Uncle Matthew. In them days a Constable lived at the jail,
I wonder how much that to do with he fact he was divorced a couple of times?

#9. BARNET LANGFORD Born Nov. 17 1833 in Ten died June 18 1907 in Overton co Tn clay Springs cem. Overton Co TN.
He was married twice and there are many descendants of this family still in middle TN.

#10. Nancy Langford born Dec 18 1835 died Dec 12 1866 age 31 years i did not locate where her final resting place is.

#11.Enoch Langford born Fe.09 1838 Died Jan 02 1863 Tn cem unknown

#12. Polly Jane (Mary) Langford born Dec 08 1840 Tn died March 14 1826 Tn Okolona Cemetery Tn. (This church Okolona was once a part of the Roaring River congregation, one stayed or went United Baptist the other went or stayed regular Baptist & family actually bounced back and forth between the two churches-- Source: history of the Roaring River Baptist Church))

That all folks!!!
You can see that early church Roaring river Baptist church continued be a part of several members of this family.

Unless I her from someone wanting more data , this file/notebook will be closed.

I will keep the Rufus Wiley Langford material out for a few days, just in case someone wants to know something. then it goes back in the tote & up in the attic.

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