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Hi Marlene:
I have been reading and highlighting the report you sent to me. Thank you
for taking the time to compile these items and send them to me.

My first impression is: Warning: There Are Many Errors.

I guess I will have to purchase microfilm from NC Archives for Stokes County
so that I can read the documents in their entirety and carefully.

I am not familiar with Evelyn Rowland but will say that her posting has many

By now you and all the list know that I am a stickler for documentation for
everything stated as fact.

Do you have a DNA project participant from your Stokes County family line?
I am always so busy that I cannot keep up with all the different families in
the project. My goodness, some days I forget the day, date and time. Only
know if it is daylight or night due to the sun's cycle.

Those county line changes create thorny problems when we are seeking data.
Where O Where, is the deed or will filed?

James first appears in NC in Anson County before it was divided to create
Rowan County. I have a couple of items on him before he begins to appear on
Stokes County after its formation. One of the many tasks taking up my time
and attention is trying to sort tons of papers into the states where they
were created.

You refer to a Deatherage bible record. Is the bible still in the family? If
so, have you a copy of the title page with publication date and the pages
with the handwritten entries? If not, is the bible in the NC Archives Bible
Collection? I am going to check the DAR records for Mary Dunlap's
application to see what she reported regarding William Lankford and his
death date. This may be a case of more than one William just as we have too
many Thomases.

Well, I must stop here and get to bed. I did want to get back with you and
thank you for sending me this file.


On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 10:43 PM, Marlene Shake <
> wrote:

> Poldi, Will begin sending info I have collected - this one in reference to
> James Lankford of Rowan, Surry and later Stokes. As you know, these county
> lines changed through the years as the population increased.
> There was another James Lankford in Caroline/Essex County in VA, and after
> comparing that one and James Lankford in Rowan/Surry/Stokes - I believe they
> are two different parties. James of Caroline was thought to be the son of
> Nicholas. I could be wrong on this.
> Marlene
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> During the time James Lankford was in Rowan Co., NC, the father of Daniel
> Boone was also there, per History of Rowan. Squire Boone, the father of the
> great hunter and explorer Daniel Boone, who was reared in Rowan County.
> 1759 tax list for Rowan Co. does not show James - he may have been gone by
> then. He is not on the 1759 Militia list for Rowan.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Lankfords lived among the Deatherages and Binghams in Stokes Co NC
> which borders VA and at one time was Surry Co NC. They were in VA before
> that
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> In a case in Caroline Co, VA James's broad-ax and iron wedge were siezed
> by the court and sold in settlement. In 1753, he was fined 500 pounds of
> tobacco for concealing a tithe. Later in Henry Co., VA he was fined 500
> pounds of tobacco, again for concealing a tithe. James moved to the
> Henry/Patrick Co. VA area prior to the rest of the Lankford family, as
> indicated by a 400 ac. grant he received there in 1748. His land was
> located on the South Mayo River several miles north of the NC border. It
> was within a few miles of where his brother Nicholas, Jr. and Nicholas'
> sons, Eli, Robert and John were living by 1765. Later, James moved a few
> miles south to Surry Co., NC to that part that became Stokes Co in 1789.
> His land was located on Peters Creek of the Dan River, just south of the VA
> border. There he died in 1778 leaving a will in which he named wife Sarah,
> sons James and William and Daughter Susannah Dick.
> (above data from Surry Co., NC record of deeds 1770-1783) and Surry Co., NC
> will abstracts 1771-1827.)
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> James Lankford Will from Will Book 1, page 91:
> In the name of God amen, I, James Lankford of the county of Surry and
> Province of North Carolina, finding myself very sick and weak in body at
> present, but of perfect mind, and memory, thanks be to almighty God for it,
> calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed
> for all men once to die, I do appoint this my last will and testament, and
> of the things that it hath been pleased God to indue me with temporarily, I
> give and bequeath after the following manner:
> First I give my soul to Almighty God who gave it to me, and as for my body,
> I give to the Earth from whence it came, to be buried in a Christian burial
> at the discretion of my Executors.
> An as for my personal estate, I dispose of it after the following manner;
> First, I give and bequeath to my loving son James Lankford, my land that I
> now live on lying on the North side of Dan River in the aforesaid county and
> province which I do entitle him with to a certain branch running into the
> aforesaid river at the upper end of my plantation.
> Second, I give to my loving daughter Susannah Dickes all my land extending
> up the river from the aforesaid branch
> Third, Of my moveable estate, I give and bequeath to my dear and loving
> wife Sarah Lankford to dispose of as she shall think proper.
> Fourth, That my loving son William Lankford shall have free liberty to live
> on the aforesaid land during his lifetime if he shall think proper. In
> witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17th day of
> October in the year of our Lord 1772.
> Witnesses present: Joseph Cloud, Jr, John Henderson, and John Lankford.
> This will was proven in 1778 in Surry Co NC
> ________________________________________________________________
> 1790 census Stokes Co NC:
> William Langford
> 1 free white male 16 and up, 2 free white males under 16, 4 free white
> females
> _________________________________________________________________
> Bible record from Amos/Deatherage/Dougherty Bible records state that
> William Lankford of Stokes Co NC was the grandfather of Nancy Frances
> Lankford, who was the grandmother of Lottie Gray. Lottie was Charlotte
> Deatherage, ( dau. of Coleman Deatherage) who married Stephen Bartlett
> Gray. The bible record states that Wm Lankford was lost in battle at age 24
> in 1775.
> (This Bible record is from my Deatherage family line)
> ______________________________________________________________
> Lankford Cemetery NC Stokes cemetery 362903N 0801641W Hanging
> Rock
> From: "don cranston" <> View Contact Details
> To:
> Subject: LAngfrod Cemetery NC
> Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:12:26 -0400
> I am just sharing data with you concerning what my fellow researcher is
> finding in that part of Stokes County. Close to Langford Cemetery.
> Looks like there is Langford still living in the area.
> Rose C
> "Frieda Lankford owns the property at the end of the road, 41 acres. There
> is a house at the very end.
> Michael Ellis Lankford owns 29 acres there also. I think I can see the
> cemetery on the satellite picture. Will check it out tomorrow. "
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Home: Surnames: Lankford Family Genealogy Forum
> Re: Re William Lankford/IN
> Posted by: David Johnson (ID *****5314) Date: October 29, 2005 at 23:37:46
> In Reply to: Re: Re William Lankford/IN by anthony beasley of 1559
> Anthony,
> I know you say that your information on Susannah (Susan) is unproven and
> second hand information but what year do you figure she was born and how old
> do you feel she was when she married Jonathon Beasley in North Carolina in
> 1818?
> It is proved that William Lankford, born about 1744, died about 1830, is
> the son of James Lankford, Sr according to Mary Annis Beasley Dunlap and
> Patricia Lynn Padgett Davis. Mary Dunlap claims in her DAR application that
> William Lankford was born about 1744 in Bladen County, NC (eventually to
> become Stokes County, NC) and that he died about 1830 in Stokes County, NC.
> It was my understanding that William Lankford had been born in
> Fredericksburg, Independent City, VA so it took me by surprise when she
> stated that it was Stokes County, NC.
> West Lankford, born about 1774 in Surry County, NC is my gggggrandfather
> (West Lankford, James Lankford, Josiah D Lankford, James Henry Lankford,
> Theodosia Alifair Lankford) rather than the gggggrandfather that I had
> previously reported. I'm still leaning toward him being the son of Thomas
> Lankford and though he is not listed in James Lankford Sr., Will of 1772, I
> still feel that Thomas Lankford is a son of James Lankford, Sr. Some have
> told me that during those times all children had to be stated in the Will of
> their parents as it was English Law (which acounts for James Lankford, Jr.,
> Susannah Lankford and William Lankford). But, the records and land
> transactions cannot be denied. There is indeed a definite link, a paper
> trail if you will, between James Lankford, Sr., James, Lankford, Jr., John
> Lankford, William Lankford and Thomas Lankford.
> Dave
> -------------------------------------
> NORTH CAROLINA STATE WIDE - BIBLES - Bible Records held by the North
> Carolina State Archives
> This is an alphabetical list of Bible Records held by the North Carolina
> State
> Archives. Fuller descriptions of the contents of each file are available
> through the State Archives' MARS data access system. The MARS I.D. number
> is
> listed beneath each Bible Record entry.
> This listing maybe be posted on the net; please cite the North Carolina
> State
> Archives as the source for this listing if you do post it. Boyd Cathey.
> Lankford Family (North Carolina Bible Records, Book B), 1797-1920
> 400.1.1.137
> ----------------------------------------------------
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> Subject: Langford
> Thanks for your thorough response. I will take some time to sort through
> it and see if I have any useful suggestions for further research.
> I note references to Bruce Edwards' book, and you are wise to include the
> caution you do with that information. Where I have researched original
> sources in Albemarle and surrounding Virginia counties, I have found his
> facts wrong quite often, and even where the facts are right, his conclusions
> are regularly unsupported by the facts he cites. Worse, he didn't use
> footnotes, so it is difficult to check anything he says without doing the
> research entirely from scratch. An example is his snide commentary on how
> incompetent the Albemarle County authorities must have been between 1744
> when the county was created and about 1760. His conclusion was based on the
> fact that several Langford deeds were recorded in Louisa County, he thought
> because Albemarle didn't have its act together. Had he looked at the deeds
> and located the land, and then checked the history of the state more
> carefully, he would have found that the land in the deeds was part of
> Louisa County until the boundaries of several counties were realigned in
> 1761.
> Based on my research, it is my tentative conclusion that the John Langford
> who married Agnes Sharpe was tha son of Thomas Langford and Martha West.
> John lived in Henrico County, then moved to Louisa County in the area which
> became northwest Albemarle, and then to the center of Albemarle. He either
> died there or removed about 1789. Edwards has John's children as the sons
> of Thomas.
> Generally, I suggest taking every deed in which a Langford is grantor or
> grantee and every estate known, and begin building a ledger based on the
> detailed property descriptions (preferably good enough to plot the land).
> The land is still there, and if the title to each piece of it can be traced
> it will usually smoke out heirs. Combined with land tax records (if
> available) and you get a pretty good picture. I did that for Albemarle
> County, VA.
> The post about all children being required to be listed in the will under
> English law at the time, I find no support for in legal references. Not
> only that, but I know of many instances when only some of the children were
> listed.
> I also note an inconsistency in facts and theories. It is generally
> assumed that James Langford went to NC about 1765, and you have notes of a
> James having property attached (undated in Caroline Co), being fined in
> 1753, and obtaining land in 1748 in a county near NC. Yet there is a James
> already living along the Dan in NC in 1751.
> more later,
> a. sharp
> -------------------------------------
> Hi Rose and Marlene,
> Mom had the same problem.
> The name was Margaret Lankford, born in Stokes County, NC in about 1779.
> She married Charles Newman on 9 March 1799 in Stokes County, NC. If my
> research is accurate, the only Lankford's that show up during that period in
> Stokes County, NC would be William Lankford and Thomas Lankford which I
> believe are in my line or James Lankford who married Sarah Brown. James
> Lankford's known children, according to the Will, are James Lanford, Jr, who
> left for Spartanburg County, SC and shows up in the 1790 Census at that
> location; Susannah Lankford, who married William Dykes; and William
> Lankford.
> Are either of you familiar with her name?
> Dave
> (Marlene's note - Margaret's husband's father was John Newman who was a
> Minister of the Gospel at SoapStone Creek Baptist church (170 members) in
> 1779 in Stokes Co., NC.)
> -----------------------
> Posted by: Evelyn Rowland (ID *****7653) Date: November 12, 2006 at
> 18:42:37
> In Reply to: Re: Henry Lankford-born 1734 by Beverly Waldman-Schoen of
> 1667
> Beverly, Thank you for your posting. I descend from James Lankford, born
> c1710, son of Nicholas Lankford and wife, Katherine (?Moore). James only
> named his last three children in his Will dated in 1772 in Surry(now
> Stokes)Co., NC, and it was proven in The Feb.Term 1778. He named his wife,
> Sarah, sons, James Jr. and William, and daughter, Susannah Dykes,born
> c1748,who married 1768 in Va., William Dykes. They sold her share of her
> father's estate in August 1781 to Benjamin Isbell, and moved to Sullivan
> Co.,N. C.(now Hawkins Co., Tenn). where William Dykes was granted 640 acres
> surveyed in Feb. 1783 and filed in April 1784. James Lankford had ?Thomas
> and John Lankford (believed to be his sons),living near him in Surry Co.(now
> Stokes)N.C., and he had brothers, Benjamin and Joseph Lankford living in
> Pittsylvania Co., Va. before it was formed into a county. James' son
> Nicholas,was the first Sheriff of Henry Co., Va. when it was formed, was
> married, but died
> without children in 1772. James moved to North Carolina soon after he got
> out of service in the French&Indian Wars and was a Constable on Tarr River
> in 1755. His land in present Stokes Co., NC, was on the NS of the Dan River
> near Peter's Creek. Lankford Road is still on the map of the county. It is a
> short road. William and Susannah Dykes had 8 children: Mary, John,
> James,Isham, Sarah, Ann, Priscilla, and William Dykes. He wrote his Will in
> 1825 and died in 1832, Susannah died in 1833, both are buried on their
> homeplace near Beech Creek in Hawkins Co., Tenn. James Lankford's brother,
> Joseph, was the first Sheriff of Pittsylvania Co. when it was formed in
> 1767, and his youngest brother, Benjamin, was the first Burgess of
> Pittsylvania Co., Va. Their mother, Katherine, moved with Benjamin to
> Pittsylvania Co. and died there. Their father, Nicholas, died in Caroline
> Co., Va. It appears, but not proven, that James Lankford's wife, Sarah, was
> a Brown from
> Caroline Co., Va. I don't have all their children, just the 3 who are
> named in his Will in 1772.
> Evelyn Rowland
> I owned a book, "The Lankfords of Virginia" written in the 1980's. I loaned
> the book to a Lankford researcher in Richardson, Texas, and she died and I
> never got my book back so I don't know the author or the publishing company.
> I am sorry. It gives all the children of Nicholas and Katherine Lankford,
> and their activities in Virginia but not in North Carolina so I had to do my
> own research in North Carolina.
> Evelyn Rowland
> ---------------------------
> From: "Judy Langford" <> Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007
> 09:03:04 -0500
> Subject: [LANGFORD] Euclid Langford
> "Euclid Langford was a Virginia native. He fought in the Revolutionary
> War, serving in the 1st Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army from 1777
> to 1780. He and his wife moved to North Carolina and then to
> Georgia,settling on Shoulderbone Creek in western Hancock County around
> 1803."
> Euclid resided in Caroline Co., VA but moved to Sussex Co., VA by 1792
> where two of his children were baptized. He bought land in Sussex Co. In
> 1800 he and his wife Elizabeth sold their 184 acres. I cannot find anything
> showing him in North Carolina. Help?????Euclid appears in Hancock Co., GA in
> 1803 and died there in 1810. Any suggestions about how to find him in NC? I
> have documentation of his military service and land ownership.
> -------------------------------
> Eric Templin line (1997) Lankfords in Orange, Crawford and Green Co., IN
> 1830-50. Benj. m. Nettie Williams. Eric ancestor was Jos. Bowling, Rev. war
> vet from VA b. 1755, d. Orange Co., IN 1836.
> -----------------------------
> Erowla <> wrote:
> Hello, Marlene,
> I am so happy to hear from you.
> I haven't worked on the Lankfords for awhile. I have read that Susannah's
> brother, William, was killed in battle in 1775. Since he was born c1751 he
> would be the right age to be Susannah's brother since she was born about
> 1748 and her first child, Mary, was born in 1769.
> A cousin found that James Lankford Sr. fought in the French-Indian Wars
> then moved to North Carolina. I don't know what happened to James Jr. A
> woman wrote that he was a Loyalist and died in S.C. but that James Lankford
> turned out to be another man.
> A lot of work needs to be done on our Lankford Family.
> I think the Bible Record is all that you can use at this time. The name of
> his Captain needs to be located and where he was fighting in 1775. His death
> may not be listed but it would give you some information on him. I know
> that was a Capt. John Hardin in Surry (Stokes) Co., NC. He is mentioned by
> some of the men in his company who lived to apply for their Pensions.
> Reading those Pensions may be very helpful. They are Online. I will see
> what I can find, too.
> I don't have your e-mail address.
> Best Wishes,
> Elaine Rowland, Descendant of Susannah and William Dykes' son, John Dykes
> (1771-1858) and wife, Susannah Robertson.
> The Dykes name is spelled several ways. We use the spelling on William
> Dykes and Susannah Lankford's 640 acre land grant
> on Beech Creek, Hawkins Co., Tennessee, where they moved in the Fall of
> 1781 from Surry(Stokes) Co., NC.
> ------------------------
> Yes, Marlene, The Lankfords are a challenge.
> I have seen William Lankford and wife, Nancy Dickinson. He would have been
> born no later than about 1764 and was probably not a son of James Sr. There
> is a very early Thomas Lankford who married a West girl in New Kent Co., Va.
> (Quaker Records) and West Lankford probably descends from them. I don't
> know how, or if, Thomas and John Lankford of Surry/Stokes Co. are related to
> James Sr. but I suspect there is a relationship. I don't believe there is
> absolute proof that James Sr. was a son of Nicholas Lankford of Caroline
> Co., Va. but he might be. There was a Thomas Lankford in Caroline Co., Va.
> who was a Quaker and he might be the same person that married the West girl
> in New Kent County.
> James Tucker Jr. and his mother, Sarah, sued John Dykes in Surry/Stokes
> Co., NC because he had not returned their mare. John Dykes had a stud
> horse. At this time we don't know if John Dykes was a brother of our
> William Dykes who married Susannah Lankford. The Dykes families "gathered
> together" like the Lankford families. We have been stuck on these families
> at this point for several years.
> Best Wishes,
> Elaine
> P.S.
> I will contact you again about what you have learned on your Lankford
> line. My printer is acting up and I may have to buy a new one soon but I
> have some other expenses of top priority, first. Thank you for your e-mail
> address
> -------------------------
> Hello, Marlene,
> William Lankford, age 24 when he died in 1775 during the R.W. would have
> been born c1751. He could have been the father of William Lankford, born
> c1774, who is old enough to be the father of your Nancy Frances Lankford,
> born in 1798. This would fit the Bible Records. James Lankford Sr. wrote
> his Will in 1772 while William was still alive. I think that James' wife,
> Sarah, was his 2nd wife and she was the children of, Susannah, James Jr. and
> William.
> I believe that Nicholas Lankford, first Sheriff of Henry Co., Va. was James
> Sr.'s son. Nicholas was murdered in Henry Co., Va. and was married but had
> no children. James Sr. is said to be a brother of Joseph Lankford, first
> Sheriff of Pittsylvania Co., Va. and
> Benjamin Lankford of Pittsylvania Co. who became a Burgess in the county.
> Both younger brothers of James Sr. I loaned that Lankford Family Book to a
> cousin and never got it back before she died, then her husband was not
> interested in genealogy, married 2nd, and moved to Missouri. So I lost that
> book plus several other books. I don't know what Dwayne Lawhon did with
> those books.
> Elaine
> -----------------------------
> Maggard Clan Connection as of April 2007
> Entries: 39508 Updated: 2007-04-03 17:47:14 UTC (Tue) Contact: Roxie
> 1 Nicholas LANGFORD
> 2 Benjamin LANGFORD d: 1810
> 2 Joseph LANGFORD
> 2 Nicholas LANGFORD
> 2 James LANGFORD , Sr. b: 1713 d: ABT 1778
> + Sarah BROWN b: ABT 1710
> 3 James LANGFORD , Jr.
> 4 James III LANGFORD b: 1770
> 3 Susannah LANGFORD b: BET 1740 AND 1750 d: ABT 1833
> + William "Old" DYKES b: BET 1740 AND 1750 d: ABT 1832
> 3 William LANGFORD b: ABT 1750 d: 1775
> 4 William LANGFORD
> 4 Robert LANGFORD
> ------------------------------------------
> Here's an interesting statement by the professional researcher: "On 14 May
> 1782, the Surry County, NC, court acknowledged receiving a deed from Sarah
> Lankford and Thomas Lankford selling land to Joseph Ship. The witness to
> this deed was Thomas Ship. This deed is not recorded in the Surry County,
> NC land records and the Surry County, NC court records provide no
> information about the trials on 16 Aug 1782 (3 different trials involved
> Lankfords. In the first 2 trials, Henry Lankford was sued by Daniel Ship,
> and Sarah Lankford sued John Dyckes. This Sarah Lankford appears to be
> James Lankford, Sr's widow). Note, however, that Sarah Lankford is listed
> first in the Surry County, NC court record. If Sarah Lankford was Thomas
> Lankford's wife, Sarah Lankford would almost certainly have been listed
> after Thomas Lankford. Hence, the fact that Sarah Lankford was listed first
> appears to confirm that she was the Sarah who was the widow of James
> Lankford, Sr. The fact that both she and Thomas Lankford had an ownership
> interest in the property they sold to Joseph Ship appears to confirm that
> Sarah was Thomas Lankford's mother." Any thoughts on this, Marlene?
> In the third Lankford trial held on 16 Aug 1782, Thomas Lankford sued John
> Lankford for assault and battery. As you know, John Lankford was a witness
> to James Lankford, Sr's Will of 17 Oct 1772. A May 1787 Surry County, NC
> deed reveals that John Lankford sold 222 acres of land on Peters Creek and
> apparently moved to a part of Rowan County, NC that in 1836 became Davie
> County, NC.
> Here's another interesting statement: "On 13 Jan 1779, a Richard Lankford
> was sued in separate trials by Jonas Griffith, John Grifith, Godfrey Miller
> and William Cook (that's 4 separate trials!). These 4 Richard Lankford
> listings are the only known listings of Richard Lankford in the records of
> Stokes, Surry or Rowan Counties, NC." Sounds to me like he might be one of
> the Virginia Lankfords visiting his relatives and got in a wee bit of
> trouble.
> Dave
> -------------------------------------------
> Stokes County, North Carolina Early Records
> Thursday, March 6, 1793
> Deed from John Lankford to Joseph Goin was proved by the oath of William
> Cloud and ordered to be Registered. 2/pd only.
> ***********************************************
> --- On Sun, 1/17/10, Poldi Tonin <> wrote:
> From: Poldi Tonin <>
> Subject: Re: [LANGFORD] Thomas Lankford of Stokes County NC
> To:
> Date: Sunday, January 17, 2010, 5:41 PM
> Marlene:
> I would be very, very interested in your information. Been trying to track
> the Stokes Co. family. James roots
> pose a mystery.
> Have really been working very hard the past week on a couple of families.
> Burning the midnight oil and more.
> Thank goodness that the Internet does not "turn off" after midnight or I
> would have to go to bed on time.
> Does anyone know where Roy is hiding these days?
> Wish North Carolina counties and archives had their records on line. Also
> other states too. I would then not have to waste time
> sleeping when I could be researching. ;-)
> Poldi
> On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 5:16 PM, Marlene Shake
> <>wrote:
> > Hi Poldi
> >
> > Roy Chadwick is the one you are thinking of. My Nancy Frances Lankford
> was
> > born in 1798 in Stokes co., NC, and one of those Lankford/Langford men
> have
> > to be her Father - either William, Thomas or West Lankford. There was a
> > Braxton Lankford in Stokes, but he was younger. I have some info on all
> of
> > these Lankford men, but have reached a dead end to date. Let me know if
> you
> > would be interested in Stokes Co. Lankfords information - Also remember
> > James Lankford - I tend to believe he is the ancestor of at lease some of
> > the men I have named earlier.
> >
> > Marlene
> >
> > --- On Sat, 1/16/10, Poldi Tonin <> wrote:
> >
> >
> > From: Poldi Tonin <>
> > Subject: [LANGFORD] Thomas Lankford of Stokes County NC
> > To:
> > Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010, 5:21 PM
> >
> >
> > Who is a descendant of Thomas Lankford of Stokes Co. NC who died in
> > Tennessee?
> > Will you provide me with your lineage to Thomas. Been trying to track him
> > for a couple of days and
> > need to stop re-inventing the wheel.
> >
> > Finding myself in a state of confusion regarding this man.
> >
> > H E L P ! ! !
> >
> > Poldi
> >
> >
> >
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"She is insane, of course. The family history has become a mania for her."
Hercule Poirot
"Truth and reason are eternal. They have prevailed. And they will
eternally prevail; however, in times and places they may be overborne
for a while by violence, military, civil, or ecclesiastical."
--Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, 1810

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