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Is this the Pennsylvania line you are referring to???
If so, this is my wife's line.

Descendants of Jacob LANTZ

Generation No. 1

1. JACOB1 LANTZ was born in Walderhoff, Baden, Germany, and died in Albany
Township, Berks Co., PA. He married ANNA UNKNOWN.

Notes for JACOB LANTZ:
Came To The US On Ship: Snow Betsy

He came to the United States in 1739, landed in Philadelphia and settled in Albany
Township, where he bought 150 acres of land. Later, he bought an adjoining 100
acres. His will probated in 1789 mentions the oldest son, Jacob, and two other sons,
George, (who received the large Family Bible), and Henry, and two daughters,
Susanna, married Burnt Kromer, and Magdalina. Miss Willie Augusta Lantz, of
Catawba College, North Carolina, has an old prayer book on the fly leaf of which is
written in German: Johann Jacob Lantz of the Weyler, Year 1739 This prayer book
was probably a farewell present to Jacob Lantz when he started upon his trip to the
new world. He had children: Jacob; George; Henry; Susanna, married Burnt Kromer;
and Magdalina.

Note: The Johann Jacob Lantz Family
Note: Jacob Lantz, the founder of the Lantz Family of Albany Twp., Berks Co., Pa.
Was born in Walderhof, Baden, Germany. He came to America with his brother
Conrad, who was only a young boy then, aboard the Snow Betsy”. They landed in
Philadelphia, Aug. 27, 1739. Conrad settled in North Whitehall Twp.,in what is now
Lehigh Co., Pa. Another brother, whose name I do not know, settled in Lentzdale,
Montgomery Co., Pa. Conrad spelled his name Lentz and became known as a farmer
and stone mason near Unionville. He was buried in the old church graveyard there.

Note: Jacob Lantz settled in Albany Twp. ,near the Greenwich Twp., line. His first
land was on a warrant issued by the state on 23 Feb. 1744 for 115 acres 93 perches.
The state survey of 15 Aug. 1806 shows this land had neighbors Henry Frey, Peter
Wageman, John Pricker, and Michael Onangst. Later Jacob filed another land
warrant application No. 3299 dated 16 May 1768 for 136 ¾ acres. Part of this land
was in Albany Twp. and part was in Greenwich Twp. Neighbors of this land were
Francis Arnold, George Herring, and George Olt.

Note: According to Jacob’s will, he names five children. I have not found birth
dates for four of them. The will states that Jacob is the name of the oldest son. I
have a birth date for Hans George of 21 Aug. 1751.
Henry is the third son and was executor of the will. There were two daughters,
Susanna and Magdalena. I have a feeling that the order of birth may have been
Susanna, Jacob Jr.,Henry, Hans George, and Magdalena. I have a copy of the will
and it is also in the Courthouse in Reading, Pa. He wrote his will 16 June, 1789. It
was witnessed by Carl Uhl and Michael Ihrig who were both active in the Bethel
Evangelical Church of Greenwich Twp. Jacob and his family were active in this
church during the period 1775- 1795. No mention of a wife is made in the will of
Jacob. Since it was written in 1789, his wife must have been dead. Her name was
Anna because Anna and Jacob were listed as sponsors in the baptisms of
grandchildren in 1776 and 1782.

Note: In the inventory of his estate on 12 Dec. 1789, the sum of 547 pounds was
entered. On this inventory persons mentioned as owing on notes were; Jacob Lantz
Jr., Henry Lantz, George Lantz, (all three of these are sons) Nickolas Meyer, George
Herring, Peter Hayman, and Adam Dietrich.

Note: In the accounting statement filed by Henry Lantz, executor of the estate,on
Oct. 1796, the following
names appear. Henry Vanderslice, Michael Croll, Michael Ihrig, Benedict Niedlinger,
William Leiby,
Magdalena Hall, Charles Uhl, Henry Frey, Rev. Parson Hertzel and, Nickolas Meyer.

Note: Also, from the inventory, the year 1782 was a time when Jacob Sr. loaned
each of his sons money. Maybe this was the time at which he turned the farm over
to Jacob Jr. At the present time I cannot find any references to Jacob and Anna for
the years 1739-1744. I don’t know when they were married or where they went to
church. Jacob appeared to be a deeply religious man. Where he lived during those
years and where he went to church are a mystery. Most references say the children
were born near New
Tripoli which is now in Lehigh County. I feel that the oldest child of Jacob and
Anna was Susanna. The reason for this is that Susanna had an illegitimate son born
in the year 1761. This information is from the record of baptisms of Rev. Daniel
Schumaker. Jacob Lantz Jr. and Maria Catherine Stern were sponsors. I think that
Jacob Jr. was not married at the time and was younger than his sister. Susanna must
have then married Bernard Kramer in 1761 or 1762 because they had a child
baptised June12, 1763. This child was Anna Elizabeth Kramer born June 8, 1763.
Susanna’s brother Jacob Lantz Jr. again sponsored in the baptism. Susanna and
Bernard Kramer went on to have a total of seven children and all were baptised by
Rev. Schumaker. After Susanna, I believe the next child of Jacob and Anna to be
Jacob Jr. His wife’s name was Maria Magdalena. According to a book called Lantz
Family Record by Jacob W. Lantz of Cedar Springs Va., Jacob Jr. and Magdalena
had three sons. John Henry, John, and Samuel. Only one of these has a provable
birth date. John Henry Lantz was born 21 Jan. 1785. He married Anna Maria Smutz ,
lived in Keedysville, Md. Where he died on 11 Oct. 1859. He is buried in Fairview
Cemetery in Keedysville along with his wife Anna Maria. From the index to
baptisms of Friedens White Church at Stony Run I found two daughters
mentioned for Jacob Jr. and Magdalena. Susanna Lantz , born 19 Aug. 1775 ,
baptised 10 Sept. 1775. Anna Maria born 7 Sept. 1777, baptised 12 Oct. 1777. Also, a
third daughter, Margaretha born 18 May 1782 and baptised 30 July 1782 at New
Bethel Zion Church.

Note: 1. History of Lehigh County , Pa. Pgs. 811-812.
Note: 2. Warrant Surveys, State of Pa. Pa. State Archives.
Note: 3. Jacob Lantz Will Will Index page 305, Reading Pa. Courthouse
Note: 4. Inventory of Estate of Jacob Lantz On file in Reading Pa. Courthouse
Note: 5. Ibid.
Change Date: 17 APR 2000

Father: LANTZ

Marriage 1 Anna


1. Jacob LANTZ b: 1750 in Albany Township, Berks Co., PA
2. Susanna LANTZ b: BEF 1750
3. George LANTZ b: 21 AUG 1751 in Albany Township, Berks Co., PA
4. Henry LANTZ b: in Albany Township, Berks Co., PA
5. Magdalina LANTZ


1.Name: Thirty Thousand Immigrants by Rupp
2.Name: Date: 09 January 1999
Name: Type: GedCom file
Name: Submitted by: Nancy Smith

List of Palatines imported in the Snow Betsie Richard Budden qualified August 27
1739 from Rotterdam and Deal.

Columns represent: Captains list, Signers of oath of allegiance, signers of oath of

(These were listed separately, and transcribed by different people, therefore the
names were either changed upon landing or misread by transcriber.)

Nicholas Leinberger Nicholas Leinberger Nicholas Lenberger

Hans Jacob Geiger Hans Jacob Geiger Hans Jacob Geiger
Johan George Scherer Johan Georg Scherr(er) Johan Georg Scherer
Daniel Dalwig Daniel Dalwig Daniel Dalwig
Johannes Kiener Jahns Kiener Jahns Keyner
Bastian Unberhent Bastian Unberhent Bastian Unbehend
Melcher Shersier Melcher Keneir Melcher Kuner
Martin Adam Martin Adam Martin Adam
Hans Peter Hoffman Johann Peter Hoffman Johann Peter Hoffman
Christian Prodenbaer Christian Rodenbach Christian Rodenbach
Casper Herde Casper Herde Casper Herde
Hans Martin Barth Hans Martin Barth Hans martin Barth
Peter Blaser Peter Blaser Peter Blasser
Hans Michael Ernste Hans Michael Ernst Hans Michael Ernst
Hans Jacob Manim Hans Jacob Maron Hans Jacob Maron
Gerhard Heinrice Scrutz Gerhard Heinrich Schutz Gerhard Heinrich Schutz
George Wilhelm Hoker Georg Wilhelm Hocker Georg Wilhelm Hooker
Friedrice Leitz Fredrick Seitz Fredrick Zeitz
Johannes Martin Johannes Martin Johannes Martin
John Daniel Osterlin Johann Daniel Oesterlen Johann Daniel Osterlen
John Daniel Muller Johann Daniel Muller Johann Daniel Muller
George Beiker George Becher George Becker
Johannes Hasselwanger Joanes Haselwanger Johannes Hasselwonger
Hans Jacob Berkel Jacob Pertzell Hans Jacob Bergell
Coenraad Becker Conradt Becker Conradt Becker
Velten Becker Velten Becker Velten Becker
Valentin Ertel Wallendin Ertel Vallendin Ertel
Johan Peter Meyer John Peter Melcher Johan Peter Meyer
Joseph Waltz Andreas Waldi Joseph Walte
George David Soikel George David Scholl George Davit Nacke
Johannes Reichard Johannes Reichardt Johannes Reichardt
Martin Haag Martin Hock Martin Hock
Conraad Graaff Conradt Graaff Conradt Graaff
Johannes Klein Jonas Klein Jonas Klein
Matthais Hertzell Matthias Hartsel Matthias Hartzel
Johannes Koch Johannes Koch Johannes Koch
Frans Wellick Frans Velhell Frans Welchel
Jacob Goode Jacob Good Jacob Good
Johan Michael Roth Johan Michael Roth Johan Michael Roth
Johan Hinrich Miller John Henry Miller John Heinrich Miller
Andreas Engelhard Andreas Engelhard Andreas Engelhard
Friedrich Ehrenfeichter Friedrich Ehrnfeuchter Friedrich Ehrenfeuchter
Jacob Lantz Jacob Luntz Jacob Luntz
Johannes Bach Johannes Bock Johannes Bock
Johan Godfried Straube Johan Godried Straube Johan Godried Straube
Jacob Ruff Jacob Ruff Jacob Ruth
Peter Oberdice Pierre Aubertien Pierre Aubertien
Jacob Hess
Henry Streckies Heinrick Strickert Heinrick Strickert
Conrad Haken Smith Conrad Hakensmith Conrad Hacketshitt
? Johan Nicolas Scherer Johan Nicolas Scherrer
Michael Baker Michael Becker Michael Becker
Fredrek Shafor Fredrick Shaffer George Fredrick Shaffer
Jacob Unbeher Jacob Unbehen Jacob Unbehand
Valentine Unbeher Valentine Unbehen Vallentin Unbehand
Conrad Unbeher Conrad Unbehen Conrad Unbehand
? Hans Martin Baar hans Martin Barr
? Woibol Johannes Weibell Johannes Weibell
Mathais Hooh Mathias Hooch Mathias Hook
Nicolas Syberg Nicolas Lyberg Nicolas Leyberger
Jacob Alten Jacob Oellen Jacob Oellen

Sworn that the above is a complete and true x male list of x Palatines imported in the
Snow Bettsie, of the age of 16 years and upwards to the best of my knowledge
August 27th 1739
Richard Budden

Formatter's Notes:
These lists have two different spellings for the ship, Snow Bettsey and Snow
Betsie. I have attempted to match the passengers on all three of these lists.

Christening: 27 Aug 1739

Children of JACOB LANTZ and ANNA UNKNOWN are:
i.JACOB2 LANTZ, b. 1750, Albany Township, Berks Co., PA; m. MARIA
iii.GEORGE LANTZ, b. 21 Aug 1751, Albany Township, Berks Co., PA; d. 4
Apr 1827, Lincoln County, NC; m. (1) FANNIE ANTHONY; b. 1759; d. 7
Dec 1794, Lincoln County, NC; m. (2) WIDOW DIETZ.

George Lantz, son of Jacob Lantz, was born in Albany Township; near New
Tripoli, PA He moved south and settled in Lincoln County, NC, in
1787. He made frequent trips back to the old home and
visited his brothers in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

He married - first, Fannie Anthon, and after her death, the Widow Dietz.

Burial: Daniel's Churchyard, Lincoln Co., NC

Burial: Daniel's Churchyard, Lincoln Co. NC

iv.HENRY LANTZ, b. Albany Township, Berks Co., PA; d. 14 Sep 1802,
Northumberland Co., PA; m. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN.

On 13 May 01, at 22:07, Lori Thornton wrote:

> >
> > What is the title and author of this different LANTZ book??
> >
> >
> The Descendants and Ancestors of Christian Lantz of Bridgewater, Virginia.
> Author is Lawrence L. Lantz.
> I glanced through it at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
> on microfiche, I believe. Since I'm from the Pennsylvania line, I didn't
> pay that much attention to it. However, I did record author and title so I
> wouldn't look again.
> Lori
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