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From: Mary Atwood <>
Subject: Re: [LAORLEAN-L] Marriage certificates
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 11:03:03 -0800
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I am glad I am hearing others state what I have experienced....I have never
had a problem or hesitation getting vital records from any state. I usually
write a note with the information I know, and explain that I am doing
genealogical research. I've never had to give or prove relationship. Since
most of my requests are for documents on people I hope are related I could
never swear or prove that I know they are related before seeing the

I do think it gets a little confusing about where to request those
documents, or if they exist at all. Sometimes it is the parish, sometimes
the State Archives, except in the case where it is outside Orleans parish
and then it might be in the parish if they exist at all, and so on :-}

In my home county they are providing less expensive (and not certified)
copies for purposes such as genealogy. You can pay more for the certified
if you choose.

Sometimes we want to make the process a lot more complicated or harder than
it needs to be, donĀ¹t we.

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