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From: "Jan B. Strickland" <>
Subject: Cuba-Louisiana connection
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 06:41:43 -0400

I belong to a Cuba list and got these two e-mail that I thought were very
informative and am sharing them

First message:

The names listed like Suarez (Soares)/ Portuguese,
La Pazza/Italian, Robin/French and Rodriguez/Spanish are obvious ones.
These peoples passed through the Canary Islands at various times for
several reasons. The Portuguese and Spanish were in competition during
early conquests (1440's to 1480's) AND the kingdoms were united for a brief
time in the latter part of the 16th century. A substantial part of present
day Italy was Spanish. A Frenchman (A Normand), Jean de Bethancourt,
claimed the Canary Islands for Enrique III (King of Castille), who made him
Lord of the islands (only Fuerteventura, El Hierro and La Gomera at the
time). Since becoming the overlord he encouraged Nornan farmers to settle
there. The Spanish, along with some of the other groups were there for new
opportunities or to flee persecution such as the conversos. The converso's
names were typically the names of the towns that they came from.
Your names that end in es/ez/iz are typically patronomical (son of),
as in Hernandez son of Hernan, Ruiz son of
Ruy. The 'es' is an older Spanish form, currently ez. Which indicates that
those arrived early on. So your Canary/Spanish cousins currently use ez.
Portuguese use 'es' as well. So without a clear trail or another name
attached to those names it'll be tough if not impossible to trace. Some
names are from trades, for example a berger is a shepard (French), molero
a miller (Spanish). Serigne a village in Vendee, Pays de la Loire (the
Loire Valley). Robin is from northern France from Breton, Lorraine to the
Loire (Saint Bonnet des Quarts). Good luck!

Second Message

Wow! That was a very helpful reply. I had known that the change from
Nunes to Nunez was due to religious persecution, trying to make the name
sound more Spanish, but, as to most of the rest of the info, I was in
ignorance. My husbands family didn't keep much in the way of records, and
so many records were destroyed by fire & hurricanes. I do have rough dates
for some though. Quite a number arrived in late 1778 and early 1779.
Henri Christophe Cerenius (Serigne) arrived from France before 1819 because
his son Louis Christophe Cerenius (Serigne) was born in 1819 in Assumption
Pierre Joachim Rene De St Germain, b. 7/20/1741 in Rinnies, Bretagne,
France, arrived before 1776 because his son Martial St. Germain was born in
Louisiana in 1776 and Martial's mother, Marie Blanche Bergeron, was born
about 1746 in St. Ann, Acadia.

Santiago Rodriguez was born in 1781 in English Turn, St Bernard, Louisiana
so his father, Antonio Valentin Rodriguez, born before 1764 Isle of Gomera,
CI, had to be in St Bernard by 1781.

Antonio Gonzales, born about 1753 Grand Canaria, CI, married about 1770
Grand Canaria, CI, had to be in Lousiana by about 1780 because son Felix
Gonzales was born about 1778 English Turn, St Bernard, LA, and married
6/1/1803 St Louis Cath., New Orleans, LA.

My Molero's started with Andre Luis Ravelo father of Andres Luis Ravelo
Jeromine born & died in CI, father of Felipe Luis Molero, Born bef. 1682
Ycod de los Vines, Tenerife, CI, died same, father of Jose Luis Molero, CI,
father of Christoval Luis Molero, CI, father of Bartheleme Molero, CI,
father of Antonio Molero married 1818 St Louis Cath, New Orleans, LA.

Simon Antoine Ruiz is a real puzzle, he just all of a sudden shows up on
the census but no info before him. He was born bef. 1796, prob. 1793
(where?) and died 1815 in St. Bernard, LA, father of Joseph Leudadius Ruiz
born 12/09/1813 St Bernard, LA,married 9/22/1837 St Bernard Church, St
Bernard, LA, died between 1860-70. He may be the son of Joseph Gonzales
Ruiz & Josefa Marit(Josepha Gonzales) son Bernardo,born abt. 1768 (most
likely), or Domingo born abt. 1775. They arrived with their their parents
and sister Barbara Ruiz in 1779 aboard the "La Santa Fas" from the Canary
Islands. I am not sure where they settled at first, may not have been St
Bernard, but one of the other settlements along the Mississippi.

My La Pazza (La Parra) was born bef. 1745 La Yquero de Arazera,
Extremadura, Spain and married Diego Gonzales same, same. Their son
Sebastien (Sebastian) Gonzales was born Extremadura, Spain about 1760,
married 4/10/1782 At Louis Cath, New Orleans, LA to Rita Antonia Gonzales
Carbo, born abt. 1753 San Juan de la Rambla, (or Santa Cruz) Tenerife, CI.
This is probably more info than you wanted but maybe something will ring a
bell and we can connect.


Hope it will help with some connection back to Cuba. I keep hoping to find
mysterious Seraphina Hepp, dob 1825 Havana Cuba in one of these messages

Jan S - Orlando, FL

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