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Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 00:29:05 -0500
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Someone was looking for the Messina family.

There was a very small shoe repair shop on Almanester Ave. Franklin Ave.ran
into Almanster Ave. Right before St. Claude Ave. A man named Mr. Messina
had this shop. He was very thin man ,with a thin shaped face. He would
repair shoes and make shoes for people who needed special shoes. My uncle
would need a shoe for one foot that was 3 sizes wider and a sole about 3
inches thicker then a regular shoe. I think this shop was their in the late
1940 's thru the late 1950's early 1960. How long before the 1940;s I do not
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> Phil in St. Louis, MO and I think a couple of others
> Two of these names just stand way out, so know I have seen them
> I hope that everyone understands that this will be an ongoing project and
> all
> I am looking for is last names. Then all I can give you is the general
> Place, vol, page, years to send for info, ie: Archdiocese of NO (St.
> Louis
> Cathedral)
> Various cemeteries, folks who have asked to be contacted for their info.
> I will be sorting these names A-Z (think I already said that), and if I
> notice
> Any duplicate names I will let you know.
> Remembering that we can not copy any info directly from the list, I am
> requesting that
> You send me your names directly, letting me know if it is OK to list your
> name and
> E-mail address. I know that this is a duplicate of what you have just
> done,
> but don't know
> How else to get your OK to collect your info.
> I sure hope I am doing all of this correctly. Anyone who see anything
> Wrong about this, PLEASE, PLEASE letme know.
> My e-mail is:
> Jan S - Orlando, FL
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