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Subject: Re: [LARAPIDE-L] History of a house
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 08:17:58 EDT

It is likely that the house was built shortly before the family moved into it
in 1908.
For you see, beginning in 1897 this was "West Alexandria", from the Railroad
to one block on the other side of Bolton Avenue (now 18th and Florence
Streets, but at that time it was Slaughter House Bayou) and from Rapides
Avenue to Elliott Street.
The Fifth Avenue in West Alexandria is now 15th Street in Alexandria, which
would have placed the address of 1406 on the other end of the block on the
14th Street side. It slightly possible that this house may appear on Sanborn
Fire Insurance maps. The only set for Louisiana I have seen are the New
Orleans Public Library. But there was also a set on microfilm. I just do
not have the info, as to what company made them or outlet sold them. Sorry !
West Alexandria had it's own Mayor, Board of Aldermen, Tax Collector, etc.
during it's existence.
I am preparing an article for Louisiana Roots on West Alexandria, but needs
more research.

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