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Nancy Larue married 19 Aug 1832 to Thomas S Norman in Madison county AL. Thomas S Norman bought 40 acres of land, 2 May 1841 near Huntsville AL.
Abram Larue died before 1830 (1829?). Huntsville 12 Jan 1830, Letters of Administration- 4 heirs (wife and 3 children?). Widow Mary? children Rebecca, Nancy, Stephen? Jacob and John Larue signed bond.
Abram,s brother William was on the 1815 Madison county AL tax list. Abram's son, Jacob was b. SC, married Margaret P. Abram also had a son William (information from Diane Zimmerman).
14 Nov 1850, Talladega, Talladega county AL, #1029-1031, Mathias Lee 62 birthplace North Carolina, Nancy 34 South Carolina, Joseph Norman 17 AL, Elizabeth Norman 14 AL, Louisianna Norman 11 AL.
3 July 1860, Northern division, Talladega county AL
M. Lee 72 NC farmer, N Lee 44 SC, male S Lee 10 AL, male S Lee 8 AL, female L A Norman 20 AL, male G Gorden 16 AL laborer.
26 June 1860 Northern Division, Talladega county AL, #520
J. C. Norman 26 AL farmer, M Norman 23 AL, female E Norman 4 AL, female H Norman 2 AL, female L Norman 1 AL.
8 July 1870 Township 18, Talladega county AL, #40-40
Joseph M C Norman 36 Al farmer, Mary E 31 Georgia, Cuntha Ann 14 AL, William 11 AL, Leathy L 11 AL, Josephin 9 AL, Thomas F 7 AL, Susan A 5 Al, John 1 AL, Samuel Lee 18 Al, Lafayett Lee 17 Al.
According to these earlier census records, when Nancy would be the one giving information to census takers, she was born in South Carolina. So, born about 1816 in south Carolina.Back to the census'.
1820 Pendleton district South Carolina-
John Laroo: 1male 2 females b.1811thru 1820, 1 male 2 females born 1805 thru 1810, 1 male born 1802 thru 1804,1 male 1 female born 1776 thru 1794.
1810 Pendleton district SC John Larue
2 female b.1801-10, 1male 1 female b.1775-94, 2 females b.1765-74, 1 male b.before 1765.
Abram Larue
1 male b.1801-10, 2 males b.1775-94, 1 male 1female b.before 1765.
This is probably the Abram Larue that died in Madison county Al before 1830.
1800 Darlington county SC John Larow:
2 males b.1791 thru 1800, 1 male b.1784 thru 1790, 1 male b. 1755 thru 1774, 1male b.before 1755, no females listed.
1790 census Newbury county SC, Abraham Larew:
4 males age 16 and over, 3 females.
may I ask what the dna test results were? My brother spit in the cup for me for dna results. Our Rasmussen line is I1, mtdna was J1c3. My mother's maiden name was LaRue, but of course the dna trail goes through her mother on back to Norway. The Family Finder has place about 70 people as my 3rd or further back cousins, but Richard Soash is the only one I have possitively connected to on family Tree dna. His mother also had LaRue for a maiden name. His Uncle tested for the LaRue line, I think the result he got was in the R1b1*** line.

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