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Subject: Needing updated information
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 20:30:20 +0000


Some of the Lasater, Lasseter, Lasiter, etc., names in my file are without root
or branch. I have sketchy information on the following people and I am in
hopes that someone out there can help fill in a few blanks so I can update my
computer files.

1. Henry Lasseter, m. Penny Curry 4 May 1825 Wilkinson Co., Ga.
2. Hiram Lassiter m. Betsey Young 3 Apr. 1847 Wake Co., North Carolina
3. Ida E. Lassitter m. John W. Hall 2 Sept. 1884 Santa Rosa, FL
4. H.S. Lasiter m. G.M. Gammill 4 Aug. 1881 Lonoke, Ark.
5. Henry Z. Lassetter m. Margaret Stephens 26 June 1848 Carroll Co., GA
6. Henry Lasseter m. Hannah Snale 26 Aug. 1871 Cuyahoga Co. Ohio

Okay, so who are the parents and children to these people and does anyone have
a name for #4? The above is the ONLY info. I have so if anyone can add
anything to these people, it would be very helpful.

Appreciate your help.
Lucinda Olsen

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