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From: Horace Ory <>
Subject: [LASTJOHN-L] Re: French CANTRELLE Story?
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 16:45:08 -0800

I'm not aware of a Jacques CANTRELLE in Louisiana as early
as 1712. There was a Jacques CANTRELLE listed Jun 10, 1720
among the workers for the Law Concession on the ship Profond
commanded by M. Du Gerneur bound for Louisiana from La Rochelle
[Glenn R. Conrad, "The First Families of Louisiana," Vol. I, p. 83].
Among the boys listed there was a Jean CANTRELLE [p. 84], who
may have been a son or brother to Jacques. There was no
CANTRELLE listing among the wives and children. It isn't clear
whether this Jacques CANTRELLE is the same as the Jacques
CANTRELLE from St. Leger les Authies in Picardy.

There was a Jacques CANTREL and wife listed on Orleans
Street July 1, 1727 Census of New Orleans {Conrad, "First
Families," Vol. II, p. 44].

A 'Wife of CANTERELLE', identified as 'the mid-wife', was
listed as killed in the Natchez massacre of Nov 28, 1729
[Conrad, "First Families," Vol. II, p. 142]. A LE CHOUX
was listed as killed in the massacre lasting from Nov 1, 1729
to Aug 1, 1730, with the comment that his wife was living and
married to a man called CANTREL [Conrad, "First Families,"
Vol II, p. 133]. It is possible that Marguerite LARMUSSIAU
was the person killed in the Natchez massacre in 1729 and then
Jacques CANTRELLE married the widow of LE CHOUX and
settled on a farm in Cannes Brulees. However, this does not
appear to be the case, because of later history discussed below.

There was a CANTEREL listed as the owner of a farm in
Cannes Brulees in the 1731 Census of Farms and Concessions
along the Mississippi River [Conrad, "First Families," Vol. II, p. 59].

It appears that Jacques CANTRELLE arrived in Louisiana aboard
the Profond in 1720, and married Marguerite LARMUSSIAU in
New Orleans in 1722. They had at least the three children
discussed below.

A daughter, Marianne CANTRELLE, identified as that of Jacques
CANTRELLE and Marguerite LARMUSSIAU was born in New
Orleans in 1734. Marianne CANTRELLE married in 1754 in
New Orleans, Pierre Martin SONGY, son of Francois SONGY
and Anne Marie PATINE. They had eight children, including
Marie Anne, Pierre Charles, Jean Francois Augustin, Marie
Manette, Joseph Valentin, Antoine, Marie, and Claire. Of these,
Antoine and Marie were twins.

A son, Michael CANTRELLE was Commandant and Judge in
the Parish of the Acadians. He married first in 1777, Magdelaine
CROISET of Pointe Coupee [St. James Church Records, Book 1,
p. 46]. They had a daughter, Marie Magdelaine baptized 13 Jan
1779 [St. James Church Records, Book 1, p. 59]. Magdelaine
died shortly thereafter, and Michael married second 20 Nov 1779
Magdelaine Celeste ANDRY [St. Louis Cathedral Marriage Records,
Book M4, p. 60]. They had at least seven children, including Louis
Terence, Michael, Rose Carmelita, Celeste, Jean Baptiste, Joseph
Xavier, and Michael Bernard.

Another son, Jacques CANTRELLE, Jr., married Louise PICOU,
daughter of Nicolas PICOU and Maria Anna LAVIGNE. They
had at least thirteen children, including Celesie Artemise, Casimiro,
Eugenia Basilice, Hermogenes, Jacques, two Louises (one born
3 Dec 1782 who evidently died before the second was born
3 May 1799), Magdelena Delphina, Melita, Valerien, Casimir
Larmusieau, Celeste, and Jean Baptiste.

Jacques CANTRELLE was buried 21 Oct 1777 [St. James Church
Records, Book 1, p. 56a].

There are obvious questions implicit in some of the above notes,
especially concerning the relevance of the individuals in Natchez.
Perhaps someone can clarify them.

If you wish more details concerning the grandchildren, which I
omitted to avoid making this reply too long, please let me know.

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