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From: "Megan Myhre" <>
Subject: [LAWHORN] Fwd: Fw: Fw: (no subject)
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 14:28:05 -0500

discontinue "Touched by an&gt; Angel" for using the word God in every
program.&gt; Madeline Murray O'Hare, an atheist, successfully&gt; managed to
eliminate the use of Bible reading from&gt; public schools a few years ago.
Now her&gt; organization has been granted a Federal Hearing on&gt; the same
subject by the Federal Communications&gt; Commission (FCC) in Washington,
DC. Their petition,&gt; Number &gt; 2493, would ultimately pave the way to
stop the&gt; reading of the gospel our Lord and Savior, on the&gt; airwaves
of America. They got 287,000 signatures to&gt; back their stand! If this
attempt is successful,&gt; all Sunday worship services being broadcast on
the&gt; radio or by television will be stopped. This group&gt; is also
campaigning to remove all Christmas programs&gt; and Christmas carols from
public schools!!&gt; &gt; You as a Christian can help! We are praying
for&gt; at least 1 million signatures.&gt; This would defeat their effort
and show that there&gt; are many Christians alive, well and concerned
about&gt; our country.&gt; &gt; As Christians, we must unite on this.
Please&gt; don't take this lightly. We ignored this woman once&gt; and lost
prayer in our schools and in offices across&gt; the nation. Please stand up
for your religious&gt; freedom and let your voice be heard. Together we&gt;
can make a difference in our country while creating&gt; an opportunity for
the lost to know the Lord.&gt; &gt; Please press "forward" and only delete
out what is&gt; not needed, and forward this to everyone on your&gt; list.
Now, please sign your name at the bottom (you&gt; can only add your name
after you have pressed the&gt; "Forward."&gt; &gt; Don't delete anything,
just go to the next number&gt; and type your name. Please do not sign
jointly,&gt; such as Mr. &amp; Mrs. Each person should sign his/her&gt; own
name. Please e-mail this to everyone you know,&gt; and help us defeat this
organization and keep the&gt; right of our freedom of religion.&gt; &gt;
When the list reaches 1000, please e-mail back to&gt; Lisa Norman. From:&gt;
&gt; 200. Sandra Cash, Hot Springs, AR
&gt; 201. Doyle Whitesel, Hot Springs, AR &gt; 202. Marilyn Buss, Hot
Springs, AR.&gt; 203. Bill Buss, Hot Springs, AR.&gt; 204. William G.Black,
Hot Springs, AR.&gt; 205. Connie Black, Hot Springs, AR.&gt; 206. Juanita
Black, Hot Springs, AR.&gt; 207. William W. Black, Hot Springs, AR.&gt; 208.
Eloise Maddix, AR.&gt; 209. Victor Nelson,AR &gt; 210. Tony George, AR &gt;
211. Annette Berry, Benton,AR &gt; 212. Judi Saxby, AR &gt; 213. Mike Saxby,
AR &gt; 214. Eneida Cosme, AR &gt; 215. William Cosme, AR &gt; 216. Roberto
Marrero, AR &gt; 217. Patricia Garcia, AR &gt; 218. Louann Griswood, AR &gt;
219. Jim Griswood, AR &gt; 220. Dee Scritchfield, AR &gt; 221. Gary
Scritchfield, AR &gt; 222. David Bush, AR &gt; 223. Joanie Bush, AR &gt;
224. Natalie Bush, AR &gt; 225. Jonathan Bush, AR &gt; 226. Stacey Sewell,
Paris, TX &gt; 227. Kenneth Sewell, Texarkana, AR &gt; 228. Anne Webster,
Mt. Pleasant, TX &gt; 229. John A. Webster, Mt. Pleasant, TX &gt; 230. Katy
M. Webster, Mt. Pleasant, Tx &gt; 231. Drew M. Webster, Mt. Pleasant, TX
&gt; 232. Bonnie Lowry, Mt. Pleasant, TX &gt; 233. Brad Lowry, Mt. Pleasant,
TX &gt; 234. Don Lowry, Mt. Pleasant, TX &gt; 235. Scott Walters, Mt.
Pleasant, TX &gt; 236. Brenda Walters, Mt. Pleasant, TX &gt; 237. Susan
Prewitt, Mt. Pleasant, TX &gt; 238. Randy Prewitt, Mt. Pleasant, TX &gt;
239. Marci Prewitt, Austin, TX &gt; 240. Patrick John Noland, Abilene, TX
&gt; 241. Christy Schiller, Austin, TX &gt; 242. Jill Hitzfelder, Fort
Worth, TX &gt; 243. Becca Parsons, Hondo, TX &gt; 244. Dallas Taylor,
Hondo,TX &gt; 245. Denise Parsons, Hondo, TX &gt; 246. Natalie Saathoff,
Hondo, Tx &gt; 247. Kelly Young, Hondo, TX &gt; 248. David Bain, Hondo Tx
&gt; 249. Chris Davis, Bandera TX &gt; 250. Bob L. Davis, Weslaco, TX &gt;
251, Joveta J. Davis, Weslaco, TX &gt; 252. Fred W. Warnke, Brownsville, Tx
&gt; 253. Mary S. Wagner, Brownsville, TX &gt; 254. Charles R. Wagner Sr.,
Brownsville, TX &gt; 255. Helen Pearl Wagner, Brownsville, TX &gt; 256.
Hilda Flores, Brownsville, TX &gt; 257. David Flores, Brownsville, TX &gt;
258. Miriam Miranda, Brownsville, TX &gt; 259. Antonio Bustamante,
Brownsville, TX &gt; 260. Christina Lopez, Brownsville, TX &gt; 261. Rosie
Cantu, Brownsville, TX &gt; 262. Linda Lopez, Brownsville, TX &gt; 263. Gin
a Lopez, Brownsville, TX &gt; 264. Rachel Garza, Brownsville, TX &gt; 265.
Stacy Garza, Brownsville, TX &gt; 266. Marjie Arredondo, Humble, Texas &gt;
267. Yvonne Mercado Highlands,Texas &gt; 267. Juan Jackson Jr., Amarillo,
Texas &gt; 268. Jesus Castellanos, Amarillo,Texas &gt; 269. Laurie
Castellanos, Amarillo, Texas &gt; 270. Stephanie Phillip s, Amarillo, Texas
&gt; 271. Steven Phillips, Amarillo, Texas &gt; 272. Quinton Phillips,
Amarillo, Texas &gt; 273. Trey Phillips, Amarillo, Texas &gt; 274. Trina
Wright, Clarendon, Texas &gt; 275. Glen Wright, Clarendon, Texas &gt; 276.
Dylan Wright, Clarendon, Texas &gt; 277. Cameron Wright, Clarendon, Texas
&gt; 278. Lois Judd, Milan , MO &gt; 279. Joseph Judd, Milan, MO &gt; 280.
Roberta Jean Dooley, Elizabeth, IN &gt; 281. William "Bill" Dooley,
Elizabeth, IN &gt; 282. N. Schrickel, Toledo, Ohio &gt; 283. Al Rieck,
Waterville. Ohio &gt; 284. Norm Prey, Bonita Springs, Fl &gt; 285. C. E.
Christian, Jacksonville, FL &gt; 286. G. Butler Adkins, Huntington, WV &gt;
287. Heather Moore, Charleston, WV &gt; 288. Evelyn Moore, Charleston,WV
&gt; 289. Linda McVey, Cross Lanes, WV &gt; 290. Diana Ihle, Racine, OH &gt;
291. Kimberly Six, Albany, OH &gt; 292. Julie Brooks, Albany, OH &gt; 293.
Peggy Six, Athens, OH &gt; 294. Jo Ann Stack, Albany, OH &gt; 295. Jim
Stack, Albany, OH &gt; 296. Jynelle Stack, Albany, OH &gt; 297. Ruby
Fletcher, Albany, OH &gt; 298 Joey Fletcher, Athens, OH &gt; 299. Cel
Hopkins, Baltimore, MD &gt; 300. Janet Porter, Athens, OH &gt; 301. June M.
Bruker, Stewart, Oh &gt; 302. Mary James, Athens, Oh &gt; 303. Blaine James,
Athens, Oh &gt; 304. Roy Hamilton Ohio &gt; 305. Louise Hamilton Ohio &gt;
306. Belva Wagner &gt; 307. Dennis L. Wolfe, Columbus, OH &gt; 308. Jody
Cullison , Nelsonville, Ohio &gt; 309. Thomas Cullison, Nelsonville, Ohio
&gt; 310. Melinda Ramey, Portsmouth, Ohio &gt; 311. Judy Purdy, Griffin, GA
&gt; 312. Nathan Purdy, Griffin, GA &gt; 313. John Purdy, Griffin, GA &gt;
314. William Arthur, OH &gt; 315. Penny Arthur, OH &gt; 316. Barb Timberlake
Portsmouth, Ohio &gt; 317. David Timberlake Portsmouth, Ohio &gt; 318.
Dennis O'Bryan &gt; 319. Beverly O'Bryan &gt; 320. Malisa Thatcher &gt; 321.
Wanda O'Bryan &gt; 322. Brian Payne &gt; 323. Anita Payne &gt; 324. Sam
Payne &gt; 325. Sheliah Pickens &gt; 326. Rosalie Pickens &gt; 327. Randy
Pickens &gt; 328. Rita Harper &gt; 329. Michael Harper &gt; 330. Jeremy
Harper &gt; 331. Julie Ball &gt; 332. Chad Ball &gt; 333. Harold Edgington
&gt; 334. Linda Edgington &gt; 335. John Greenlee &gt; 336. Jeremy Harper
&gt; 337. Laurel Hamilton &gt; 338. Melanie Fannin &gt; 339. Eric Davenport
&gt; 340. Debbie Calvert &gt; 341. Margaret Wallingford &gt; 342. Patty
Moore Aberdeen, Oh &gt; 343. Randy Moore, Aberdeen, OH &gt; 344. Pam Banta,
Aberdeen, OH &gt; 345. Tony Banta, Aberdeen, OH &gt; 346. Barbara Purdon
&gt; 347. Kris Skeens &gt; 348. Del Skeens Sometimes the LORD calms the&gt;
storm; sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms&gt; His child.&gt; 349.
chris dunlevy &gt; 350. tim dunlevy &gt; 351. Vince Bessler, Cincinnati, OH
&gt; 352. Kathy Bessler, Cincinnati, OH &gt; 353. Lisa Bockweg, Edgewood, KY
&gt; 354. Roger Bockweg, Edgewood, KY &gt; 355. Pam Freihofer, Ft. Mitchell,
KY &gt; 356. Fred freihofer, Ft. Mitchell, KY &gt; 357. Brad McCoy, Kansas
&gt; 358. Jolene McCoy, Kansas &gt; 359. Julia Miller, Oklahoma &gt; 360.
Dave Herring, Wichita, Kansas &gt; 361. Barbara Herring, Wichita, Kansas
&gt; 362. Jerry Pelz, Kansas &gt; 363. Shirley Pelz, Kansas &gt; 364.
Charlotte A. Sink, Hemet, CA &gt; 365. Clarence E. Sink, Hemet, CA &gt; 366.
Wayne A Riggins, Murrieta, CA &gt; 367. Beverly J Riggins, Murrieta, CA &gt;
368. Diana R. Taylor, San Clemente, CA &gt; 369. Joseph W. Taylor, San
Clemente, CA &gt; 370. Thomas Taylor, Dana Point, CA &gt; 371. David Taylor,
Fullerton, CA &gt; 372. Nancy Taylor, Fullerton, CA &gt; 373. Deanna
Largent, Brea, CA &gt; 374. Kimberly Hoefle, Phelan, CA &gt; 375. Dick
Hoefle, Phelan, CA &gt; 376. Scott Myers, Billings,MT &gt; 377. Monica
Myers, Billings, MT The Egg &gt; 378. Tom Horn, Cohagen, MT &gt; 379. Nancy
Horn, Cohagen, MT &gt; 380. Charles Edson, Old Bennington, VT &gt; 381.
Charlotte B. Edson, Old Bennington, VT &gt; 382. Mary Lu Saavedra, Mexico
&gt; 383. Jacque Jones, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico, &gt; 384. Erika Bradshaw
Loughlin,&gt; Ajijic,Jalisco,Mexico &gt; 385. John M. Loughlin, Ajijic,
Jalisco, Mexico &gt; 386. Robert E. Bradshaw, Hull, MA &gt; 387. Wendy
E.Lemire, Lowell, MA &gt; 388. Mari Rutledge, Chapala Mexico &gt; 389. James
Rutledge, Chapala Mexico &gt; 390. Dryden Jones, San Antonio Tlay., Mexico
&gt; 391. Gudrun Z. Jones " " " "&gt; 392. Donna Carnall, Chula Vista,
Ajijic, Mexico &gt; 393. Wen Carnall, Chula Vista, Ajijic, Mexico &gt; 394.
Barry McHenry, Fort Worth, Texas &gt; 395. Thomas E. Smith, Fort Worth,
Texas &gt; 396. Jane C. Smith, Fort Worth, Texas &gt; 397. Donald T. Smith,
Fort Worth, Texas &gt; 398. Diane S. Garrett, Streetman, Texas &gt; 399.
Thomas F. Tapman &gt; 400. Harry Matthews &gt; 401. Elsie J Kimminau, AZ
&gt; 402. Leo F Kimminau, AZ &gt; 403. Orville L. Jolly, TX &gt; 404. Bobbie
S. Jolly, TX &gt; 405. Dennis Bennett, TX &gt; 406. Sally Giunta, Medford,
Nj &gt; 407. Bill giunta, Medford, nj &gt; 408. Darlene Bennett, Maple
Shade, NJ &gt; 409. Kathy Nelson, Madison, WI &gt; 410. LaVonne Mackin,
Madison, WI &gt; 411. Jim Osborn, Cottage Grove, WI &gt; 412. Peggy Vickery,
Midwest City, OK &gt; 413. Dan Midkiff, Kaysville, UT &gt; 414. Carol
Midkiff, Kaysville, UT &gt; 415. Rusty Reed &gt; 416. Billy Reed &gt; 417.
Michael Gutjahr Huntsville, Al &gt; 418. Patricia Reilly, Fayetteville, TN
&gt; 419. Tim McKee, Midlothian, VA &gt; 420. Dan Workenaour, Greendale, WI
&gt; 421. Mary Steinbrenner, Greendale, WI &gt; 422. Mark Steinbrenner,
Greendale, WI &gt; 423. Kathy Tominsek, Milwaukee, WI &gt; 424. Lucille
Walker, Greendale,WI &gt; 425. Julinda Prekop, Menomonee Falls, WI &gt; 426.
Robert Prekop, Menomonee Falls, WI &gt; 427. Brian Dziwulski, Waukesha, WI
&gt; 428. Pat Dziwulski, Waukesha, WI &gt; 429. Robyn Dziwulski, Waukesha,
WI &gt; 430. Todd Dziwulski, Waukesha, WI &gt; 431. Michaeleen Hinca,
Pewaukee, WI &gt; 432. Thomas Hinca, Pewaukee, WI &gt; 433. Melanie Eden,
Wauwatosa, Wi &gt; 434. Brian Eden, Wauwatosa, Wi &gt; 435. Ruth
Graczkowski, Menomonee Falls, WI &gt; 436. Dan Graczkowski, Menomonee Falls,
WI &gt; 437. Paul437 Paul Kraemer, Franklin WI &gt; 438. James Peters,
HalesCorners, WI &gt; 439. Carol Peters, Hales Corners, WI &gt; 440. Joanne
Gaborcik Delaware. oh.&gt; 441. Andrew Gaborcik Delaware, Oh &gt; 442.
Catherine Sabelka Delaware, Ohio &gt; 443. John Sabelka Delaware, Oh &gt;
444. Michael Gaborcik Lewis Center Oh &gt; 445. Thomas Gaborcik Rittman Oh
&gt; 446. Beth Gaborcik Rittman oh &gt; 447. Christina Haines Hebron, OH
&gt; 448. Gayla Vincent, Newark, OH &gt; 449. Kathie L. Hayden, Newark, Ohio
&gt; 450. Lois P Singleton, Heath, Ohio &gt; 451. Christy McPherson, Hebron,
Ohio &gt; 452. Larry McPherson, Hebron, Ohio &gt; 453. Darla Burrier,
Whitehall, Ohio &gt; 454. Dara Burrier, Whitehall, Ohio &gt; 455. David
Burrier, Columbus, Ohio &gt; 456. Dawn Burrier, Westerville, Ohio &gt; 457.
Darryl Burrier, Whitehall, Ohio &gt; 458. Richard Huntley, Whitehall, Ohio
&gt; 459. Iona Huntley, Whitehall, Ohio &gt; 460. Anthony Laura, Columbus,
Ohio &gt; 461. Jeremy Walker, Westerville, Ohio &gt; 462. Arthur Kelley,
Bucyrus, Ohio &gt; 463. Betty Kelley, Bucyrus, Ohio &gt; 464. Elizabeth
Hendricks, Bucyrus, Ohio &gt; 465. Ronald Ricker, Bucyrus, Ohio &gt; 466.
Joyce Ricker, Bucyrus, Ohio &gt; 467. Evelyn Marks Bucyrus,Ohio &gt; 468.
Marsha Marks, Euless TX &gt; 469. Michael Parker, Odessa, TX &gt; 470.
Michelle Sompson, Winters, TX &gt; 471. Dorothy Holcomb, Wichita Falls, TX
&gt; 472. Helen Emerson, Wichita Falls, TX &gt; 473. Barbara Light, Wichita
Falls, TX &gt; 474. Sandra LaFrance, Gibraltar, Michigan &gt; 475. Nicoly
Tone, Gibraltar, MI &gt; 476. Teri Tone, Walled Lake, MI &gt; 477. Jacque
Pearson, Dexter, MN &gt; 478. Penny Shaul, Johnston Island &gt; 479 Guy
Shaul, Johnston Island &gt; 480. Joe Gillett, NE &gt; 481: Sue Blomendahl NE
&gt; 482. Jeffrey A. Block, KS &gt; 483. Katie Bock, KS &gt; 484. Diana
Schmidt, AR &gt; 485. Judy Friddle, Paris, AR.&gt; 486. Janie Wann,
Booneville, AR.&gt; 487. Jean Gadbury, AR &gt; 488. Dana Gadbury,
Booneville, Ar &gt; 489. Stephanie Walker, AR &gt; 490. Joann Keith &gt;
491. Robert Keith &gt; 492. Joyce White &gt; 493. Hooper White &gt; 500.
Nancy Ferguson &gt; 501 George Ferguson &gt; 502 Shelley Miller, KS &gt; 503
Dan Miller, KS &gt; 504 Sharon Mitchell, KS &gt; 505 Nathan Spearman, KS
&gt; 506 Travis Sears, KS &gt; 507 Katie Sears, KS &gt; 508 Coleta Steers,
KS &gt; 509 John Steers, KS &gt; 510 C Geraldine Collett, KS &gt; 511 John
Rector &gt; 512 Helen Rector &gt; 513 Sam Boyd &gt; 514 Brenda Ortiz &gt;
515 Fulgencio Ortiz &gt; 516 Evelyn Goldsmith &gt; 517 Breland Fox &gt; 518
Diane Actkinson &gt; 519 Johnny Actkinson &gt; 520 Robyn Snowberger &gt; 521
John Snowberger &gt; 522 Helene Moody &gt; 523 Marlenea Steffens &gt; 524
Larry M Lord &gt; 525 Pattie Lee Howell &gt; 526 Elaine Pergersom &gt; 527
Lisa Hammond &gt; 528 Devon W Etherton &gt; 529 John A. Green &gt; 530 Terri
L Fry, Cambridge, Id &gt; 531 Ric Bobier, Oxbow, Or &gt; 532 Paul Peterson,
Oxbow, Or &gt; 533 Connie Peterson, Oxbow, Or &gt; 534 Stan Erickson Salome,
AZ &gt; 535 Judy Erickson Salome, AZ &gt; 536 DorieLou Strobel Puyallup, Wa
&gt; 537 Gene Loxtercamp Sauk Centre, MN &gt; 538 Patricia Loxtercamp Sauk
Centre, MN &gt; 539 Gina Loxtercamp Cold Spring, MN &gt; 540 Joe Moog Cold
Spring, MN &gt; 541 Chad Loxtercamp Minneapolis, MN &gt; 542 Chris
Loxtercamp Melrose, MN &gt; 543 Cindy Loxtercamp Melrose, MN &gt; 544 Lette
Larson Nelson, MN &gt; 545 Bob Larson Nelson, MN &gt; 546 Arla Wright, Park
Rapids, MN &gt; 547 Char Rosenow, Nelson, MN &gt; 548 Steve Rosenow, Nelson,
MN &gt; 549 Deb Hausmann, Staples, MN &gt; 550 Dale Hausmann, Staples, MN
&gt; 551 Nicole Hausmann, Staples, MN &gt; 552 Lynda Converse, Browerville
MN &gt; 553 Gerri Elletson, Cushing, MN &gt; 554 LaVonne Lack, Cushing, MN
&gt; 555 Lois Bentler, Pillager, MN &gt; 556 Wayne Bentler, Pillager, MN
&gt; 557 Lois Hoskins, Baxter, MN &gt; 558 Jerry Hoskins, Baxter, MN &gt;
559 Alice Coons, Bingham Lake, Mn.&gt; 560 Cliff Coons, Bingham Lake,
Mn.&gt; 561 Susan Lindstrom, Blaine, MN &gt; 562 Keith Lindstrom, Blaine, MN
&gt; 563. Cindy Willis, New Hope, MN &gt; 564. Heather Willis, New Hope, MN
&gt; 566. Angie Ness, Blaine, MN &gt; 567. Diane Barrett, Baltimore, MD &gt;
568. Paul Barrett, Baltimore, MD &gt; 569. Kacey Barrett, Balitmore, MD &gt;
570. Lance Barrett, Baltimore, MD &gt; 571. Shirley Rozanski, Baltimore, MD
&gt; 572. Norbert Rozanski, Baltimore, MD &gt; 573. Sue Esserwein.
Catonsville, Maryland &gt; 574. Mark Husey. Atlanta, Georgia &gt; 575.
Elizabeth 0liver &gt; 576, William E. 0liver &gt; 577. Lon Perry New
Braunfels, Texas &gt; 578. Maxine Perry New Braunfels, texas &gt; 579 Melvin
Lohse-New Braunfels, Texas &gt; 580 Betty Lohse-New Braunfels, Texas &gt;
581 Jim Bramlett, Benton, AR &gt; 582 Ola Bramlett, Benton, AR &gt; 583 Gary
McCluskey, Rockford,Il.&gt; 584 Kaye McCluskey, Rockford,Il.&gt; 585 Robert
Campbell, Chicago IL, &gt; 586 Jeffrey Bush , Chicago IL, &gt; 587 Cheryl
Andersen, Charlottesville VA &gt; 588 Heather Eastman, Cedar Springs, MI
&gt; 589 sandy speek mi &gt; 590. harry speek mi &gt; 591. Dan &amp; Bonnie
Vaughn: Sheridan, Mich USA &gt; 592. Cindy Howe: Belding, MI &gt; 593. Matt
Howe: Belding, MI &gt; 594. Brad Hutchinson,Belding, MI &gt; 595. Diane
Dennis Sears Mi.&gt; 596. Robert E. Dennis Sears Mi.&gt; 597. Betty Balcer
Sears Mi. &gt; 598. Robert Balcer Sears Mi.&gt; 599. Kelly S. Fuller Sears
Mi.&gt; 600. Jeffry Kettel Barryton, Mi&gt; 601. Diana M. Lathrop, Chelsea,
ME&gt; 602. William A. Lathrop, Chelsea, ME&gt; 603. Barbara K. Macy,
Anchorage, AK&gt; 604 Marjorie R Patrawke605. Raymond R Patrawke606. David
K. Patrawke607 RosemaryHooper, Donalsonville,GA608 Vaughn
Hooper,Donalssonville,GA&gt; 609 Bonnie Whitehurst, Donalsonville, GA &gt;
610 Steven Tillery, Columbia, AL&gt; 611. Melanie Sellers, Ashford, AL&gt;
612. Mitchell W. Sellers, Ashford, AL &gt; 613. Devon Sellers, Ashford, AL
&gt; 614. Chris Jerkins, cowarts, AL &gt; 615. Shanda Jerkins, Cowarts,
AL&gt; 616 JACK HUGHES POINT BLANK TEXAS&gt; 617. Judy Kilsby Pointblank,
TX&gt; 618. Ray Kilsby, Pointblank, TX&gt; 619. Ruth King, Pointblank,
TX&gt; 620. Ricki Boyd, Huntsville, TX&gt; 621. J. S. Boyd, Huntsville,
TX&gt; 622. Reeci Boyd, Huntsville, TX&gt; 623. Barbara Cashman,
Somersworth, NH&gt; 624. William Cashman,Somersworth, NH&gt; 625. Kristin
Wiersma, Cloquet,MN&gt; 626. Heath Wiersma, Cloquet, MN 627. Michelle
Doble, Cloquet, MN 628. Megan Myhre, Windom, MN

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