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From: "Cheryl White" <>
Subject: Re: [LAWLESS] William G. Lawless/Georgia/Alabama then to Texas
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 22:48:58 -0500
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HI cousin Pat,
I saw your query on the Lawless mail list. Gosh can't remember the last
time I emailed you, guess it's been awhile. I can't even remember the last
thing I've found that I had reminded myself to send to you. So here are
some things I want to tell you about if I haven't already, and you may even
have some of this stuff already.
William G. Lawless was born 1822 in Georgia. I don't have anything showing
him there at this time but have other news to confirm after we talk about
Wm.'s other whereabouts. By 1850 William is in Greene Co., AL on page 278
of the census. He is living with an old lady there as a farm hand and
Mahala McGee, his future wife, is not too far away in the household of her
parents Jonathan and Sarah (Wedgeworth) McGee (McGeehee). They get married
on 1 Sep. 1852 in Greene Co., AL.
In 1858 William gets land grant #13837 in Greene Co., AL. And is still
there in at age 37 in the 1860 Greene Co., AL census with wife Mahaley age
29, and children Mary Ann age 6, Estill age 4, Jno. H. age 2 and Silvester
age 7/12.
By 1870 this family has moved to Hale Co., AL and can be found on the census
there page 22. William is now age 47 and Mahala is age 40 with children
Georgia (nickname for Mary Ann?) age 17, Alabama (nickname for Estille?),
John H. age 12, Labesta (Sylvester) age 10, Ada N. age 7, and William Lee
age 2.
By 1880 the family has now moved to Jefferson Co., AL and can be found on
page 312B of the census. Wm. G. is age 57 and Mahala is age 50 and children
are G..? S. age 23 (couldn't really make out this name but seems by the age
it shoud be Allie Estelle (aka Estille, Alabama), Jno H. age 21, Silvester
C. age 20, Ada N. age 19, Wm. L. age 12 and Walter R. age 10 (I have notes
that show Walter being born in Jefferson Co. (Birmingham) in 1870 so they
must have moved here not long after the 1870 census was taken in Hale Co.).
In 1888 William gets land grant #21191 in Jefferson Co., AL.
I'm not sure when exactly William G. Lawless came to TX but his son Walter
was there by at least 1883 because he has a dau. born in TX in 1884 and his
wife at that time (Lillie Shepherd was born in TX). But we both know that
eventually William does make it to TX and dies in Kurten, Brazos Co., TX in
1904 and is buried at the Tryon Cemetery there. I have not had a chance yet
to find him on the 1900 census.
There is a man named Sylvester Lawless buried in the Reliance cemetery (not
Wm.;s son). I came across his name and I asked my Great Aunt Earline if she
knew who he was. She said, oh yes that was William's brother! Aha, now I
know at least one of his siblings names. She also said he had a brother
named James and a sister named Shady! Well, yes, I knew of this family but
I had not found anything concrete to connect them to William. Now I had his
grandaughter naming them as her great uncles and aunt. For further proof
she dug deep for me and sent me pictures of William, James and Shady! You
can definitely see the family resembland amongst the three of them in these
pictures. (By the way, I have picture of your great grandfather Sylvester,
with his sisters Idella and Pearl when they were young children, it's
beautiful). I have found that James and Shady's parents were John Lawless
and Catherine Jeter. I'm not really sure about Catherine being William's
mother because she seems a little young to be that, she may be a second wife
of John. You can decide for yourself with this info below.
John Lawless is on Troup Co., GA censuses 1830 p. 55 LAWLESS, John, 3 Free,
white males in the household, 3 Free, white females in the household, 0
slave, black males in the houshold, 0 slave, females in the household (I
guess this would include John, William and John Jr. as the 3 males and the 3
females would his wife (Catherine or a first wife?) and 2 daughters who I
don't know, or possibly even sisters?
. In the 1840 Troup Co., GA census I find John Lawless age 40-50, wife age
20-30, 2 males 0-5, 2 m. 5-10, 1 m. 15-20, 1 f. 10-15, 1 f. 15-20. In
looking at the children in 1850 it would seem that the 2 males 0-5 would be
Sylvester and Lucious, the 2 males 5-10 would be John and James, and the1
males 15-20 would be William G. By 1850 John has died and Catherine is the
head of household in the 1850 Troup Co., GA census p. 170 age 38 with the
following household: John age 21, James age 16, Sylvester age 14, Lucious
age 12, Henry D. age 10, Joseph age 8, Shada A. age 6, Nancy age 17, John D.
age 2, Betsy A. age 24 and Sarah age 22.
While William is still in Alabama in 1860 the rest of this family moves on
to Texas, could this be the reason why William and the rest of his family
themselves moved to Texas, to be closer to this family of theirs? In the
1860 Grimes Co., TX census p. 71 Catherine is age 49 with James age 26,
Nancy age 24, Henry age 24, Joseph age 16, Luicous L. age 22, Kati A. age
15, and D...? J. age 12 (Could this be John D. age 2 in the 1850 Troup Co.
I haven't found them yet on the 1870 census.
By 1880 James is age 45 with his this household in Brazos Co., TX, Henry D.
age 36 brother, Shady A. age 24 sister, Catherine age 70 mother, William age
18 nephew and Katie age 16 niece. (I'm wondering if William and Katie are
the children of James' brother John who married Sarah Woodruff and he died
during the civil war and Sarah married a Sherrod.)
John Lawless was probably born between 1791 and 1800 in Georgia. I have not
found him on the 1820 census but there is a John Lawless in Hall Co. GA p.
147. I think this may be our John Lawless' father. In Georgia Intestate
Records there is a John Lawless, deceased, and William Lawless issues L/A
(letter of administration?) on 13 Jan. 1846 in Hall Co.
Also I have found this:
The following from ESTATE RECORDS OF TROUP COUNTY, GEORGIA, 1827-1850
compiled by Randall A. Allen and Danny Knight, Troup County Historical
Society-Archives, LaGrange, Ga.
Page 190
Returns G, p. 344
Date 21 May 1850
Administrator: Thomas B. Floyd
Returne, 1849

returns G. p.77
Date: 2 August 1849
Administrator: Thomas B. Floyd

Inventory and appraisement, Appraisers: Reubin Watts, Matthew Caldwell,
Colman Hardy.

Returns G, p. 147
Date: 4 December 1849
Administrator: Thomas B. Floyd
Estate Sale. Purchasers, Mrs. Lawless, A.J. Hall, William B. Hardy,
William S. White, T. J. Pitts, John C. Meadows, John F. Caldwell, John M.
Lawless, John H. Pitts, E. Wood, P.B. Hall, E. Maddox, Josuah Marsh,
William S. Thomas, Sarah C. Lawless, E. A. Lawless, F. Finch, E.M. Carder,
Acimus Middlebrooks, Tho. B. Floyd, Jeremiah Smith, Wm B. McCain, Hilliard
O'Neal, John C. Meadows, D. S. Caldwell.

Returns G, p. 412
Date: 14 November 1850
Administrator: Thomas B. Floyd
Sale of Real Estate. Purchaser: Caroline Lawless
Here also is a letter I received from DJ Melton:
Dear Cheryl,

How nice to (possibly!) make a connection.

My Martha (Patsy?), Betsy Ann, and Nancy Lawless were sisters b around
1797; father was John Lawless, mother was Sarah Nesbit.

Here are my notes on NAncy Lawless:
Daughter of John Lawless and Sarah Nesbit. Married to Jacob Pirkle and
of John Lawless, William Jackson, Isaac Cantrell, Sallie, Lucy Ann,
Jefferson, Benjamin C. T., Nancy Ann, Joseph Taylor Pirkle. All born in
Co., Ga.

Buried in a family cemetery in G.M.D. 392 off Sput Springs Rd., about
miles from Flowery Branch, Ga.

Inf. from "The Pirkles and their Descendants in the U.S.A." by Cagle &

That research was done by John Cagle and Virginia Pirkle. I think both
of them are gone now. My aunt Marilyn has doublechecked a lot of that

I am positive that they were in Anderson or Greenville or Spartanburg
area of SC before going to GA -- just can't remember where I saw that,
and too sleepy to look it up. Most of the Hall and jackson Co GA people
were in Anderson first.

I have always felt certain that the Lawless sisters had brothers -- jsut
didn't know who.

Good luck,

DJ Melton
And this note also:
Dear Cheryl,

I checked my old notes. Rebecca Morris had forwarded a message to me from
Calvin Nesbit, who lists a John Jr. as one of the children of John Lawless b
about 1760 VA, d 1845 Hall Co GA, and Sarah Nesbit b 1769 VA, m 1786.

Children he listed are:

>Mary (Polly) 11/27/1789--1/3/1849 m William Nesbit
>William 10/12/1787 m Rachel Otwell
>Sarah/Sally m Wiley Brogdon
>John Jr.
>Martha (Patsy) 1797-- m Wiliam Pirkle
>Betsy Ann 1802 m John Pirkle
>Nancy 11/28/1808 m Jacob Pirkle

So the John Jr. here listed as a son of John and Sarah (Nesbit) Lawless
could possibly be our John that went to Troup Co., GA.
Well, all for now and am really looking forward to hearing back from you on
what you think of this information. Take care cuz.

Cheryl White

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> Hello:
> I'm searching for parents and siblings of William G. Lawless b. 1822 in
> Georgia or Alabama. He married Mahala McGhee (or McGee) in Green Co.,
> Alabama. (My grandmother said they came from Birmingham.) I know that
> William had a brother named John and also a sister who came with William
> family to Texas. William and his wife Mahala are both buried in the
> Cem. in Kurten, Texas, Brazos Co.
> Known children are:
> Ada Lawless no date
> Allie Estelle Lawless b. 1856 married Dr. Keith and Elbet Ruthlin Lloyd
> Sylvester Charles Lawless b. Green Co., Alabama married Marjorie Lenora
> Gilpin (my gr grandparents).
> William Lee Lawless b. 1868
> Walter Rhodes Lawless married Lillie Sheppard, then Nora Ann Lloyd. He
> born in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama.
> Any relatives out there?
> Thanks,
> Pat Taylor Campbell
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