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Subject: Deleting all Lawson E-Mail
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 08:59:34 EDT

PLEASE do not respond back to me through the list if you are going to get
upset about what I am about to say. My E-Mail is .

I will be deleting all E-Mail from the Lawson List, until the point has been
reached where everyone on the list has requested a copy of this book. This is
absolutely ridiculous that requests for this book are being sent to the list
and not the person who made the offer. I do appreciate the kind gesture this
list member has made, however, all these "me too" responses are being
archived and some poor soul will have to trudge through all these requests
when they go to search for their Lawsons.

My rationale for the above is as follows

1. Clogs up the archives
2. If you belong to multiple lists these "me too: requests add to the amount
of unnecessary mail
3. Some people have to pay for the time they spend on the net reading their
4. Not everyone uses the Subject Line appropriately and important information
may be missed.

To the person who made this generous offer "bless you," I see people ordering
it and they don't even know what it contains. Perhaps in the future you can
put your information on a web site and then post the URL or ask people to
respond to you privately and fill your mail box with all these "me too's."

I apologize up front if I offended anyone and please be considerate to others
and do not respond to this through the list.

Jim Worthington

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