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From: "Carl L. Lawson" <>
Subject: Lawsons in South Carolina
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 21:12:24 -0600
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Some more information on Wiliam Lawson of South Carolina

John, William and James Lawson are living next door to each other in the
1790 Ninety-six District, Abbeville County, South Carolina Census. In
William¹s household are 2 males 16 years and older, 1 male under 16 years, 4
females. He has no slaves. Jane Lawson and Jones Lawson are also living
in Abbeville County, South Carolina and not very far away.

David, William and James Lawson are enumerated in the 1800 Abbeville
District, South Carolina Census close to each other. David and William are
living next door to each other and James is a short distance away. In
William¹s household are: 1 male 16-26 years, 1 male over 45 years, 1 female
16-26 years and 1 female over 45 years.

Martha Lawson is enumerated in the 1810 Abbeville County, South Carolina
Census. She is living next door to David and James Lawson. I believe she
is the wife of William. In her household are: 1 female under 10 years, 1
female 26-45 and 1 female over 45 years.

I have seen in the Lawson Newletters where there is speculation that Jonas
Lawson of Abbeville District, South Carolina was the Jonas Lawson in
Goochland County, Virginia that married Mary Nash and had a son named James
Lawson born 3 August 1767.

He may be the Jonas Lawson that lived in Pittsylvania County, Virginia?
Virginia Land Patents: -
Jonas Lawson, 20 June 1772, Pittsylvania County, Virginia 175 acres. See
Talisferro, John Lawson, Patent 10, page 107.

Jonas Lawson, 12 June 1780, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 324 acres, on the
waters of White Oak Creek, adjoining Paynes¹ land, Book A, page 434.

Jonas Lawson, 12 June 1780, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 252 acres, on the
head branches of Sandy Creek, Book B, page 320.

The following 1782 Pittsylvania County, Virginia lists as Heads of Familes:
Jonas Lawson, 10 white souls, 1 black.
John Lawson, 5 white souls

Jones (Jonas?) and James Lawson were listed in the Abbeville District, South
Carolina Tax List - 1784 - 1787.

Jones (Jonas?) Lawson is 44 households away from John, William and James
Lawson in the 1790 Ninety-six District, Abbeville County, South Carolina
Census. In Jones¹ household are 4 males 16 years and older, 4 males under
16 years and 4 females.

Abbeville District, South Carolina Wills and Bonds Records, Equity Pack
3203; Estate of Jonas Lawson. Clerk of Court Office, Abbeville, South
Carolina. To the Honorable Hugh Rutledge, William James, Waddy Thompson,
Henry W. Desaussure and Theodore Gaillard Esqs. Judges of the Court of
Equity. Your orator Benix Howland and your Oratrix Peggy Howland, that your
oratrix father Jonas Lawson lately deceased made his will on the 11 April
1806. Ordered that the whole of his estate after paying his debts be
divided equally between his children, viz; Margaret or Peggy Nash, James,
Jesse, Robert, Jonas, Arthur and Elizabeth Lawson and appointed James, Jesse
and Robert as executors. That the sale of the estate amounts to $2487.65.
That the executors are not collecting and paying over to the heirs as they
ought. And that your oratrix father was the administrator of the estate of
Henry Lawson of the State of Georgia, that your oratrix is entitled to
eighty dollars of said estate, which was never paid (Henry was a son of
Jonas Lawson, Sr.) and each time she applied to the executors, they refused,
pretending that a large debt against the estate that would absorb the whole
of the estate. Filed 19 September 1809

Carl L. Lawson


> From: LeRoy Lawson <>
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> Subject: [Lawson List] Re:Lawsons in South Carolina
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> Resent-Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 18:30:56 -0700
> In researching my GGGrandfather, William A. Lawson, born 29 NOV 1819, in
> Abbeville District, SC; I just received some information which I think fits
> some Lawsons on this list.
>> From the book, "Abbeville District Wills and Bonds" by Pauline Young, page
> 175:
> LAWSON, WILLIAM---Box 53, Pack 1259:
> Will dated Dec. 3, 1807. Rec. Dec. 12 1807. Exrs: Wife, Mathew Lawson,
> David, Jas. Lawson. Wit: George Foreman, J. or W. Mackney, Douglass. (Name
> Douglass all that was written, on another paper, name Archibald Douglass
> written.) Dtr., Ann Lawson. Sale, Jan 11, 1808. Byrs: Nancy, Jno., David
> Lawson, etc.
> Page 177:
> LAWSON, JONAS---Box 54, 1272:
> Will dated April 11, 1806 in Abbevill Dist. Rec. April 28, 1806. Exrs: Jas.
> Jassey, Robt. Lawson. Wit: Andrew Bradley, Jas. Weems, Jno. Cochran. Chn.
> James, Robt., Jessee, Jonas, Arthur, Elizabeth Lawson, Margaret Nash. Inv.
> made June 6, 1806, by John Burton, William Bell, John Calvert.
> Anyone on the list belong to these families?
> Thanks,
> Marvin LeRoy Lawson
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