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From: "Paul Padilla" <>
Subject: Fw: Moorman Lawson/Ralph Shelton Relation
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 12:33:40 -0600 (Central Standard Time)

Carol Roy,
Ralph Shelton was married twice, possibly three times. By first wife, Mary
Daniel, whom he wed on June 10, 1731, he is thought to have had the
following 14 children:
· John Shelton, Ralph Shelton, Palatiah Shelton, Eliphaz Shelton, James
Shelton, Ezekiel Shelton, Jeremiah Shelton, Azariah Shelton, Roger Shelton,
Katherine Shelton Rutherford , Sarah Shelton Robertson, Elizabeth Shelton
Arnold, Rina Shelton McGhee, (Rosa?), and Susannah Shelton Jones.
The second wife of Ralph Shelton was Mary Pollard and issued 4 children:
Aesop Shelton, Abigail Shelton, Liberty Shelton, and Mary Shelton
Both wives do not appear on the will abstract of Ralph Shelton, therefore
assume they were deceased prior to 1787 and the widow whom Moorman Lawson is
referenced in your post of 23 Jan 2005 is not known, but a 'gut feel' is
that it was Ralph Shelton's first wife, Mary Daniel.
Becca Lawson-Padilla
Broken Arrow, OK

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From: Paul Padilla
Date: 02/02/05 11:02:54
Subject: Moorman Lawson/Ralph Shelton Relation

Carol Roy,
In response to your post 23 Jan 2005 12:19:32, the following is offered:
The will of Ralph Shelton, b. 1709 in Middlesex Co., VA, was written April
3, 1787. It was recorded in Will Book 1, page 171, March 3, 1789. He signed
himself as Ralph Shelton (Sr.), recorded in Henry County, Virginia: in the
name of God Amen the twenty-third day of April one Thousand Seven Hundred
Eighty-Seven I Ralph Shelton, Sr. of Henry County, Virginia, being of
perfect mind and memory and recalling that all men are ap­pointed once to
die do make and constitute and ordain that this my last will and testament
in manner and form following. (Viz) First and principally I recommend my
soul Into the hands of Almighty God who gave it to me, and as touching that
worldly estate it has pleased him to bestow on me I ' dispose of them as
follows: I give and devise to my son John Shelton five pounds sterling
current money of Virginia. The intent of ray willing my son John Shelton
five pounds sterling is to cut him off from his kinship. And also my will
and desire is that my last four children, namely Aesop Shelton, Abigail
Shelton, Mary Shelton and Liberty Shelton shall be raised off my estate and
the remainder part of my estate, land and movables, to be equally divided
between Ralph Shelton, Palatiah Shelton, Eliphaz Shelton, James Shelton,
Ezekiel Shelton, Jeremiah Shelton, Azariah Shelton, Roger Shelton, Aesop
Shelton, Abigail Shelton, Mary Shel­ton, Liberty Shelton, Katherine Shelton,
Sarah Robertson, Elizabeth Arnold, Rina McGehe, Susannah Jones, they are
their heirs. I also appoint my sons Ralph Shelton and Eliphaz Shelton
Executors of this my last will and testament set by hand and affixed my seal
the day and year above written. Signed, sealed, published, pronounc­ed and
declared to be my last will and testament.
Signed: Ralph Shelton, Sr.
Witnesses: John Fletcher, Henry Holt, John Branham
The will was proved on March 30, 1789 at the same place, and the following
was written: At a court held in Henry County on the 30th Day of March, 1789
the within last will and testament of Ralph Shelton, deceased was exhibited
in court by Eliphaz Shelton, one of the Executors therein named who took
oath as Executor. The same was proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto
to be the last will and testament of the said Ralph Shelton deceased and the
said Eliphaz Shelton with Stephen Lyon and John Parr, Jr., his sureties,
entered into bond and acknowledged the same and was ordered to be recorded
by the court, the said Eliphaz Shelton having obtained a probate thereof in
due form and agreeable to law. Testator: John Cox CHC
It is noted that Ralph Shelton, Sr. had previously deeded to his son James
400 acres of land both sides South Fork Mayo River on March 13, 1784. Then
on April 25, 1791 James sold land both sides of the Mayo River. Mary Daniel
Lawson, his wife, is not mentioned in the above will abstract.
John Shelton, born July l4, 1722 in Middlesex County, Virginia, who died in
1804 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Wed Elizabeth Lawson, born about 1740
on July 30, l760 in Goochland County, Vir­ginia, who died prior to l804.
Elizabeth was the 1st cousin of Moorman, whose father was Barclay
Bartholomew's brother John.

On taking a look at English history pertinent to early Shelton lore, it is
found that Queen Elizabeth I, who reigned 1558-1603, always favored the
Sheltons, they having sheltered her when her half-sister, Queen Mary (Bloody
Mary), was on the throne and threatened her life. Lady Jane Shelton was her
close friend.

Thanks for your dogged pursuit of our Mysterious Moorman Lawson, b. 1751..
things will unfold with time as people like yourself pursue the facts.

Becca Lawson-Padilla

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