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I don't know if this will help but remembered Amanda Lawson from
researching Thomas MARTIN>Thomas MARTIN>John MARTIN and John's wife
Letitia LEWIS.

Went onto Rootsweb and found this re: Amanda "Black Granny" LAWSON. Her
mother, Elizabeth MARTIN appears to be proven by her father's Will, he
being Thomas MARTIN, Sr. (Will appended below) and there are numerous
LAWSONS and MARTINS on this site.

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ID: I4121
Name: Elizabeth MARTIN
Surname: Martin
Given Name: Elizabeth
Sex: F
Birth: 1823 in Tennessee

Father: Thomas MARTIN Sr. b: ABT 1779 in Otter Creek, Bedford County,
Mother: Elizabeth SLINKER b: ABT 1780 in Bedford County, Virginia

Marriage 1 Wilkerson LAWSON b: 1824 in Tennessee
Married: ABT 1844 in Tennessee 1
Mahala LAWSON b: 1844 in Tennessee
Joseph LAWSON b: 1846 in Tennessee
Amanda "Black Granny" LAWSON b: 1848 in Tennessee
George B. LAWSON b: 1852
Newton LAWSON b: 1855
John LAWSON b: 1857
Harvey LAWSON b: 1859
Harriet LAWSON b: 1860
James LAWSON b: 1862

Title: Wills Of Hawkins County, Tennessee: 1786-1851
Author: Annie Bell, 1934
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Name: Thomas MARTIN Sr.
Surname: Martin
Given Name: Thomas
Suffix: Sr.
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1779 in Otter Creek, Bedford County, Virginia
Death: 17 May 1847 in Hawkins County,Tennessee

WILL OF THOMAS MARTIN (abt 1775-1847)
Page 367 Dated: May 17, 1847
Proven: May 5. 1847
I, Thomas Martin of the County of Hawkins and State of Tennessee, being
of sound, disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will
and Testament in manner and form following:
First. I will and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses to
be paid out of any money that I may die possessed of or may first come
into the hands of my Executor from the sale of any of my personal
Estate, or any debts that is due me.
Secondly. I will and desire that my wife Elizabeth Martin live on and be
in the quiet possession and enjoyment of my houses and land and to be
comfortably provided for out of my personal Estate, to be specially
attended to by my Executors during her lifetime, and I desire that my
smith tools be and remain unsold at any time but for the use of my
several sons, and if there appears to be more of my personal property
than will appear reasonable for my said wifes support, I will and desire
that my Executors sell all the surplus property at a 12 months credit
and the proceeds of said sale to be divided between my two daughters,
namely Mahaly Sulivan and Elizabeth Lawson so as to make them equal in
the property and Elizabeths lot of land.
Thirdly. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Lawson and her
heirs a certain lot or parcel of my land. Beginning on a black ___ed
near a field called the Brag field and run a straight line to the SW
corner of William Martins field on the west side of the road going to
town, then along the top of the ridge to my line westwardly with the
said line to my corner, then to the beginning.
Fourthly. I will and bequeath the balance of my land to be divided
between my sons as follows: namely, John Martin and William Martin to
have Lot No. 1. Beginning on a Spanish oak, the SW corner of my old
tract, thence up bend to the SW corner of a field called Brag field.
Thence northwardly along the fence of said field to the top of a small
ridge. Thence eastwardly along the top of said ridge to opposite a cross
fence now between me and John Martin. Thence northwardly along said
fence to another cross fence between me and John Martin. Thence with
said fence to Mitchells line and with that line to the mountain, to be
divided as they may best agree next to the mountain. Lot No. 2.
Beginning at the northwest corner of my home tract thence eastwardly to
the branch, thence with my line to a lot of land I bought of Ephraim
Winstead. Thence northwardly to a white oak, thence with said line to a
stake on the south side of Copper Ridge. Then eastwardly to opposite a
new cross fence. Then a straight line to said fence and with said fence
to Aps lot fence and with said lot fence to a small white oak in the
edge of a field, then eastwardly along the top of a ride to Paschal
Martin to be divided between Paschal & Aaron as they may best agree. Lot
No. 3, which includes my houses and improved land I will to my two sons
Absalom Martin and Abijah Martin I (will) that my six sons above named
pay the said James and Thomas Martin their portionable part of said land
so as to make them all equal, but to deduct and have a credit from James
Martins part for $100.00 which I loaned him when he left this country. I
also will and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Martin my sorrel mare and
colt. I also will to my son Abijah Martin one horsebeast, choice of my
stock, and my rifle and shot pouch. And hereby revoke and disannul all
former wills by me made.
And lastly, I hereby constitute this my last Will and Testament. In
witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, May 17, 1847.
Thomas x Martin (seal)(his mark)
Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us:
J. Mitchell, James Winstead, Wiley Cope

According to the 1880 U.S. Census for Benton County, Arkansas, the
father of Paschal Martin was born in Virginia; Paschal's mother was born
in Tennessee. In the 1850 U.S. Census for Hawkins County, Tennessee,
there is an Elisabeth MARTIN ( Age 65 ) living with Abijah MARTIN and
family. Elisabeth states her place of birth as Virginia.

The Moccasin Creek Church (also spelled Mockinson, Mockason, Moqueson
and Mocasin) was formed prior to 1800 in Russell County (now Scott
County), Virginia and appears to have been located near Rocky Point in
present day Scott County, Virginia. The Moccasin Creek Church was first
part of the Stoney Creek Primitive Baptist Church Association, with the
first records of this union between the churches appearing in 1804.
Around 1840 the Moccasin Creek Church appears to have joined the
Washington District Primitive Baptist Association until around 1856.
Some of the known members of the Moccasin Creek Church, who were
recorded as delegates in the minutes, were Silas Ratcliff, Elisha
Martin, David Jessee, Jr., Benjamin Smith, Greenbury Evins, William
Francisco and Harrison Rollens. No records of the names of any other
members of the Moccasin Creek Church have been found in any of the known
church records. Other churches in the Washington Baptist Church
Association were Castle Woods, St. Clairs Bottom, Rush Creek, Bethel,
Reeds Valley, Copper Creek Church (delegates Robert Kilgore and Charles
Kilgore), Red Hill (delegates Elder E. Martin, Bretheren T. Strong, Sr.,
J.H. Wilcox, G. Quillen and Lewis B. Dulaney), Denton's Valley, South
Fork, North Fork, Middle Fork, Stoney Creek (delegates also Robert
Kilgore in 1855), Rush Creek, New Garden, Liberty, 3 Forks Powells
River, Indian Creek, Rye Valley, Glade Hollow, Sand River, Toms Creek,
Blue Spring, Maiden Spring (delegate Thomas Colley) and Molls Creek. A
church pew in the Moccasin Creek Church is said to be dedicated to
Thomas Jabaz Strong and Myrtle Ollie Meade.

1 Change Date: 2 Nov 2010 at 11:53:52

Father: Thomas MARTIN b: ABT 1745 in Beaver Creek, Bedford County,
Mother: Rachel CAFFREY b: 1747 in Beaver Creek, Bedford County, Virginia

Marriage 1 Elizabeth SLINKER b: ABT 1780 in Bedford County, Virginia
Married: 18 Nov 1799 in Bedford County, Virginia
Note: November 18, 1799; Thomas MARTIN & Elizabeth SLINKER, John
SLINKER, Surety. 2 3 4
James MARTIN b: 17 May 1801 in Tennessee
John A. MARTIN b: 12 Jun 1803 in Tennessee
Mahala MARTIN b: 2 Jan 1806 in Tennessee
Thomas MARTIN Jr. b: 8 Feb 1808 in Tennessee
William MARTIN b: 18 Mar 1810 in Tennessee
Aaron MARTIN b: 28 Jun 1812 in Tennessee
Paschal MARTIN b: 6 Sep 1816 in Rogersville,Tennessee
Absalom MARTIN b: 1819 in Tennessee
Elizabeth MARTIN b: 1823 in Tennessee
Abijah MARTIN b: 8 Apr 1824 in Tennessee

Author: Heather PHOMSAVANG
Title: Ancestral File: Church Of Jesus Christ, Version 4.17, 1996
Author: Locut
Title: Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. VI, Virginia
Contains Quaker and non-Quaker marriages. This was found on

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David and all:

Here is where I have some difficulty with all the stories, proofs or
lack of them. So I have to explain this first-hand (and second because
as I pen these remarks, I asked Dorthey to reflect again for me on what
she recalls of Amanda Lawson.

I knew that William Tandy had filed for recognition as Cherokee. I had
thought it was approved. But that is not my point all along but it

Amanda Lawson, who is my great-grandmother on my maternal ancestry, was
known to my mother, her sisters and my grandmother who called her "Black
Granny". She was said to have been part Cherokee. This would indicate
that either Elizabeth Martin was Cherokee or that Wilkerson had a wife
and child aside from the Children of Elizabeth and this child was
Amanda. My mother remembers Amanda as a child.

She said indicated that the family story was that Amanda was part
Cherokee(not Mahala's daughter). This would posit that ELizabeth was
part Cherokee. OR, that the mother of Amanda was another wife or liaison
with WIlkerson. I also know that Vesta Rose Calvert believed she was 1/4
and called AManda her "Black Granny". Dorthey, my mother, believes that
Vesta, grand-daughter of Amanda believed she was Cherokee.

Mom's basic memory of Amanda was she visited(with Arthur and Vesta and
the rest of the family) Amanda Lawson. Her memory is that she was
sitting in front of a shack or cabin on a bench. I just reviewed this
with Mom because I remember Vesta calling Amanda Black Granny.

Vesta was daughter of Samuel Wilkerson Rose whose parents were Amanda
and Robert Marsh Rose. Vesta died 1969, Mom, 87, is the only living
descendant of this family group.
Arthur, had 3 marriages before marrying my grandmother in 1915. Arthur
Clay Calvert, b 1876 Wetzel Co WV, d 1967 Joplin MO(Jasper Co. Amanda
Silvesta Rose b 1898 d 1969 was my grandmother. Clara Rose who married
Bert Lawson was sister to Vesta as was Lillian who married??? Kurt Shaw.

Now I remember visiting Bert and Clara and cannot recall visiting Lil
and Kurt. This would be the early 50s. I can't think of any reason to
doubt that there was some story of the Cherokee descent in the Lawson
and Rose lines. Vesta believed she was 1/4 Cherokee, making Mom 1/8.
Which would mean that Amanda was 1/2.

I remain puzzled by this and all I can say is that this woman, Amanda,
was known as Black Granny and it was her mother whom the story is passed
down regarding the Trail of Tears and who wouldn't enroll her children
with the Cherokees or Dawes roll. This is my mory of these many
discussions since perhaps the late 60s(My parents were the original
researchers in the family and they were talking to both Arthur and Vesta
about Ancestry here in Joplin before their deaths and I was present).


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