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From: "Angus P. Robinson" <>
Subject: [LAY] Re: JOHN LAY -
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 13:51:32 -0500

Good Afternoon,
I am descended from John Lay (see entry 3-003) and wife
Nancy (maiden name unknown) via their daughter, Nancy Lay who
married Joel Fain. The daughter of Joel and Nancy Lay Fain
was Martha A. Fain. She married GrGrandfather John W. Robinson
in 1848 and had 5 children, one of whom was my Grandpa William
F. Robinson. I have limited lineage of the LAY line. For that
reason I have a lot of holes. Can anyone help provide additional
Angus "Scotty" Robinson

1-001 THOMAS LAY SR.,, England?, d. ca.1790, VA?; mar
--?-- MIDDLETON. Family verbal tradition says Thomas was born in
England and his wife was born in Germany. Tradition says David Lay
was Thomas' father.

Issue: 2-001 +CHARLES MIDDLETON LAY, b. 10 Mar. 1759,
Pittsylvania Co., VA, d. Mar, 1829, Anderson
Co., SC; mar. ca.1770, SC, NANCY "Polly"
2-002 THOMAS LAY JR., ca.1760, Wilkes Co., NC, d. 15 July
1846, Knoxville, MO; mar. 25 Feb. 1783, MARY "Polly"
2-003 WILLIAM LAY, b. ca.1765, NC, d. ca.1840, near
Waynesville, TN.


2-001 CHARLES MIDDLETON LAY, b. 10 Mar. 1759, Pittsylvania Co., VA,
d. 10 Nov. 1829, Anderson Co., SC; mar. NANCY "Polly" FREEMAN, b. 1760,
VA., d. Oconee Co., NC. Descendants live in Easley, SC. Family verbal
tradition say his mother's maiden name was Middleton.
Land records show Thomas owned considerable land in Anderson
and Pickens Co., SC between 1787 and 1802. Charles and his wife were
buried in Wolf Pitt Cemetery, near Tammasso, Oconee Co., SC. Their
Tombstones are erect on their graves. The old cemetery is located
near the abandoned Wolf Pitt school. Year of birth and death taken
from tombstones. Charles signed his will on 2 Feb. 1829 in Pickens Co.,
SC. There may be additional children whose names are unknown.

Issue: 3-001 +JAMES LAY, b. 1779, SC., d. 18 June 1860; mar.
ELIZABETH McKINNEY, b. NC, dau. of James and
3-002 SARAH LAY, b. 1784, SC, d. 7 May 1848; mar. NATHANIEL
3-003 +JOHN LAY, b. 25 June 1786, SC, d. 22 Mar. 1862,
Gordon Co., GA; mar. MARY "polly" ---?---, b.
11 Apr. 1788, d. 5 Aug. 1863, Gordon Co., GA.
3-004 McKINLEY "Mack" LAY, b. ca.1787, d. of Yellow
Fever in New Orleans, LA during the War of 1812.
3-005 MARY LAY, b. 1789, SC, d. 22 May 1877; mar. ISAAC
3-006 DAVID LAY, b. 1790, SC, d. ca.1831; Mar. NANCY M,
"Elsie" LANDRAM.
3-006 +WILLIAM LAY, b. 1806, SC; mar. REBECCA MARTIN. There
is confusion as to which William was the son of
Charles M. Lay. One William moved to Oklahoma
Territory while the another married a woman named
Barbara and moved to Giles Co., TN. Both men had
offspring. Use this lineage with caution.


3-001 JAMES LAY, b. 1779, SC, d. 1860; mar. ELIZABETH McKINNEY,
b. 1793, NC, d. 1860, dau. of James and Mary (Boone) McKinney.
James signed his will on 8 Feb. 1860 and it was filed for probate
on 21 June 1860. He named wife Elizabeth and son Jesse. Samuel
Lovingood was appointed guardian of his granddaughter, Josephine
Lovingood and his son Charles M. Lay. Witnesses were Bennett Moody,
A.B.Grant and E.M. Perry. James named son Charles as his executor.
His maternal Grandmother was Mary Boone, dau. of Samuel and Sarah
(Day) Boone. Samuel and Squire Boone were brothers of Daniel Boone.

Issue: 4-001 JOHN LAY, b. 1818. No additional information known.
4-002 +CHARLES MIDDLETON LAY, b. 1820, SC, d. 6 Dec. 1863;
4-003 +JESSE LAY, b. 14 Apr. 1822, SC, d. 1908; mar. MYRA
4-004 MARY LAY, b. SC; mar. SAM NEAL. No issue.
4-005 +ARNOLD WILSON LAY, ca.l824, SC.; mar. MARY
BOND. They moved to Guadalupe Co., TX.
4-006 WILSON LAY, b. ca.l826, SC.
4-007 +JEPTHA LAY, b. 1817, Pickens District, 8C; mar. 3
Sept. 1840, MARY C. HOLLAND, b. 1827.
4-008 +ARCHEALEUS LAY, Sr., b: 1837, GA., d. June 24
1904; mar. MARTHA ELVIRA GRANT. He served in
Company "A", South Carolina Confederate States
Army. The unit was known as Orr's Rifles.
4-009 EVELYN LAY, b. ca.1848, GA; mar. SAMUEL LOVINGOOD.

3-002 JOHN LAY, b. 25 June 1786, Pickens Co., NC, d. 22 Mar. 1862,
Gordon Co., GA; mar. MARY "Polly" --?---, b. 11 Apr. 1787, d. 22
Mar. 1862, Gordon Ca., GA. They were bur. in Chandler Cemetery,
Calhoun, GA. Tombstones are erect on their graves.
The Lay's, like many southern families of that period, lost a
major portion of two male generations in the "War Between the States."
Some died on the battlefield, some from wounds and some from disease.
Many of those killed on the battlefield were buried where they fell
without being identified.
John moved to what was then Cherokee territory prior to the
removal of the Cherokee Indians in 1839. When the land was taken over
by Georgia it was divided into several counties. The area where John
lived became Gordon County. Charles Lay was surety for settling the
estate of John LAY in January 1863. He is believed to be John's brother.
A legal document in the local court house indicates Charles was a
resident of Gordon County, GA. Names of John's children may not be complete.
Census records list several children not found in later records.

Issue: 4-010 JOHN O. LAY, b. ca.1816, Hall Co., GA. He was serving
with Gist Walker's Division, Confederate Army, when
the south surrendered at Appomattox.
4-O11 JAMES LAY, b. ca.1817, Hall Co., GA, d. after Nov.
1868; mar. AGNES --?-- . James was executor of his
fathers estate. He served in Gordon's lst Squadron,
Georqia Confederate Cavalry, during the War Between
the States.
4-012 GEORGE WASHINGTON LAY, b. ca.1820, Hall Co., GA. He
served in Stovall's Brigade during the War Between
the States.
4-013 +NANCY LAY, b. 18 Jan. 1818, Hall Co., GA, d. 14
Sept. 1882, Anderson Co., TX; mar. 9 Dec. 1827,
Hall Co., GA., JOEL FAIN, b. 28 Freb. I807,
d. 7 Feb. 1864, Anderson Co., TX.
4-014 +MELINDA LAY, b. 1422, SC, d. 1894, Gordon Co. ,
GA; mar. WILLIAM JASPER FULLER, b. 1815, GA, d.
1891, Gordon Co., GA.
4-015 LITTLEBERRY "Berry" LAY. Died while serving with
the Confederate Army during the War Between the
4-016 +FRANCES LAY, b. 9 June 1831, Gordon Co., GA; mar. (1)
ca.1850, Gordon Co., GA, JOSEPH P. TERRELL, b.
ca.1816/1819, SC, d. ca.l862 and March 1864, possibly
while serving in the Confederate Army·; mar. (2) 29
Feb. 1869, WESLEY PRIOR, ceremony performed by John
W. Bowdoin.

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