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Subject: Re: [LAY] Three "Lay" lines from Whitley Co., KY and Campbell Co., TN
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:34:24 -0500


ID: I07875 Name: Byrd LAY Sex: M Birth: 1775 in VA Death: in Warren Co KY
Death: 1858 in Whitley Co KY Census: 1830 Campbell Co TN Census: 1840
Campbell Co TN Census: 1850 Campbell Co TN Note: Married: 1805
Marriage 1 Martha Elizabeth BROWN Martha Elizabeth BROWN Sex: F Birth: 1785
Death: Note: At the time of the 1860 census, Elizabeth, age 70, is living in
the household of William L Lay.

Can't find Bird in 1820 Census...
1830 Census Whitley Co. KY
Bird Lay
m 1 age 10-16, 1 50-60
f 1 age 5-10, 1 age 10-15, 2 age 15-20, and 1 40-50 Wm is aged
21...married...[think the 10-16 is Jesse b. ca. 1818, not an Isaac...}

This is from "Knox Co. KY Tax Lists 1800-1809 " Transcribed by J. D. Jackson
1992, 976.9125 R48
Moses Warner, William Lay, Isaac Lay, Jesse Lay, Jesse Beams, Lewis Beard,
another William Lay, and another Jesse Lay.

Jesse V LAY b: 1774 in VA
William L LAY b: 25 DEC 1809 in Campbell Co TN
Elizabeth LAY b: 1811 in Whitley Co KY

: I15431 Name: Jesse V LAY Sex: M ALIA: "Valley /Jesse"/ Birth: 1774 in VA
Death: ABT 1863 in Whitley Co, KY Census: 1810 Knox Co KY Census: 1850
Whitley Co KY, HH# 441 Census: 1860 Whitley Co KY, HH# 1040 Military
Service: BET 1811 AND 1812 Rifleman Father: Byrd LAY b: 1775 in VA Mother:
Martha Elizabeth BROWN b: 1785 Note: Married: NOV 1810 in Knox Co KY Hannah
LAY Sex: F Birth: 27 NOV 1774 in VA Death: AFT 1863 in Whitley Co, KY
Father: William M LAY b: 1755 in Wilkes Co NC
Mother: Mary DUNCAN b: ABT 1725

Lucinda LAY b: 1805
Jesse Duncan LAY b: 1811 in KY
Elijah LAY b: 1 JUN 1813 in Knox Co KY

Jesse Lay was a member of the Baptist Church founded in Barbourville KY in
1807. Hannah Lay became a member in 1809. This probably closely follows her
marriage to Jesse.

This is from "Knox Co. KY Tax Lists 1800-1809 " Transcribed by J. D. Jackson
1992, 976.9125 R48
Moses Warner, William Lay, Isaac Lay, Jesse Lay, Jesse Beams, Lewis Beard,
another William Lay, and another Jesse Lay.

1850 census for Whitley County shows Jesse, age 70 and Hannah, age 75.
Living in their home is Benjamin, age 18, believed to be the son of Elijah.
Elijah and his family are living next door.

1860 census for Whitley County KY lists Jesse Lay, age 83, as head of
household. Also present are his wife, Hanah Lay, age 85, and his son Elijah,
age 46, and his wife and children.

Prior to his death, Jesse deeded most of his land to his "beloved" son

Whitley County KY Will Book 3, page 17. Appraisal of his estate was held
March 11 1863 and submitted to the record on March 18. Bill of sales totals
about $31.00. "the balance of the prperty appraised is retained for the
benfit of the widow during her life."
-Signed Elijah Lay, administrator

ID: I36549 Name: Thomas LAY Sex: M Birth: ABT 1730 in Pittsylvania Co VA
Death: ABT 1790 in Wilkes Co NC Note: Land records show Thomas in Wilkes Co
NC from 1777 to 1782. His land is adjacent to Jesse Lay. Marriage 1 Spouse
William M LAY b: 1755 in Wilkes Co NC
Charles Middleton LAY b: 10 MAR 1759 in Pittsylvia Co VA
Thomas LAY b: 1763 in Wilkes Co NC
ID: I19570 Name: William M LAY Sex: M Birth: 1755 in Wilkes Co NC Death:
Marriage 1 Mary DUNCAN b: ABT 1725 Note Hannah parents:
Name: Elijah LAY Sex: M Birth: 1 JUN 1813 in Knox Co KY 1 Death: 28 NOV 1885
in Whitley Co KY 1 Census: 1850 Whitley Co KY Census: 1860 Whitley KY,
Household of Jesse Lay Census: 1870 Whitley KY, Boston Dictrict, HH# 29
Census: 1880 Whitley Co, KY Burial: Doolin Cemetery, Whitley Co KY Father:
Jesse V LAY b: 1774 in VA
Mother: Hannah LAY b: 27 NOV 1774 in VA Marriage 1 Jane KITCHEN Jane
KITCHEN Sex: F Birth: 25 OCT 1814 in KY 1 Death: 9 JAN 1901 in Whitley Co KY
1 Burial: Doolin Cemetery, Whitley Co KY
Benjamin LAY b: 1832 in Whitley Co KY
Jesse W LAY b: 12 APR 1838 in Whitley Co KY
Lewis M LAY b: 3 MAY 1846 in Whitley Co, KY
Mary Ann LAY b: 19 JAN 1852 in Whitley KY
Title: Whitley County Kentucky Gravebook II Vol II
Publication: Whitley County Historical and Genealogical Society
Call Number:
Media: Book
ID: I07815 Name: Jesse W LAY Sex: M Birth: 12 APR 1838 in Whitley Co KY 1
Death: 10 AUG 1889 in Whitley Co KY 1 Census: 1860 Whitley Co KY Census:
1870 Whitley KY, Boston Pct, HH# 28 Census: 1880 Whitley Co, KY Burial:
Doolin Cemetery, Whitley Co KY Married: 11 OCT 1855 in Whitley Co KY
Elizabeth PERKINS Sex: F Birth: 14 MAR 1838 in Campbell Co TN 1 Death: 24
MAR 1882 in Whitley Co KY 1 Burial: Doolin Cemetery, Whitley Co KY
Eliza J LAY b: 20 NOV 1857 in Whitley KY
Lewis Peter LAY b: 1861 in Whitley KY
Francis S LAY b: 1864 in Whitley KY
William L LAY b: 17 AUG 1875 in Whitley KY

The following recollections were written by 90 year old Jesse R. Lay, the
son of William, a grandson of Jesse Duncan and Susanna Lay. It is a letter
written to his son Howard Lay of Russell, Kansas. In 1987, the original
letter was in the possession of the daughter of Jesse R. Lay, Mrs. Jane
Harris of Highland, California.

Dear Son,

All I know about my great-great-grandfather was: my grandfather [Jesse
Duncan] told me he was a Frenchman from Canada and that he was in the
Revolutionary War under Washington. You know the French settled Canada and
Virginia and had no western border. The French did not like the English, and
my great-great grandfather came down to Virginia to help Washington whip the
English. This was paternal grandfather and was, of course, a Lay. There was
nothing to go by in any of this but tradition. Do not know when they came to
Canada, but of course were among the early settlers of Canada. I have a dim
memory of my grandfather telling me that he and his father were of the same
name [Jesse]. My father said he was of the same name as his grandfather, so
maybe he was Jesse William [probably William named for his Douglas
grandfather as there is no evidence of a second name for Jesse]
Then I must conclude that the Lay that came from Canada to help whip the
English was my great-great grandfather. My grandfather told me [that his
father] was an officer, but I was so small that I cannot remember what it

I had an opportunity to find out a lot from him [Jesse Duncan]. I was named
for him, Jesse and he often would sit for hours and help me with my little
studies. I remember very plain asking him how old my great grandfather was
when the Revolution ended and he told me fifteen. So that gives me the clue,
you see, and when you go to the history books you can figure out he was born
in 1774. He was born in Virginia because, you see, it was everything west of
Jamestown, so far as was known.

I am telling you the tradition about my great-grandpa. He was born in 1774.
He, of course, had the pioneer spirit and went West into Tennessee. I don't
know when, but you look up the history of when Daniel Boon came into
Tennessee through the Cumberland Gap and you will find when he [Jesse] got
there with his father. A. Lincoln's grandfather came through at the same
time. Lincoln's grandfather was killed by the Indians. A. Lincoln was born
about fifty miles of where I was up in Kentucky at Hodgensville, KY 1809.

Great-grandpa was one of the Tennessee and Kentucky Riflemen who went with
old General Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. They whipped the English in
great shape in New Orleans. You can find the account of the battle in any
history. How those deer hungers whipped the finest English soldiers and had
never fought, only Indian wars. BUT, they could shoot.

Great grandpa was going south with Jackson, and they got in to an earthquake
in NW Arkansas in 1811. The same year my grandpa was born. That is your
great-grandpa, now remember, I am on the paternal side, and he was born in
1811 [Jesse Duncan]. I do not know much about the maternal side until I get
down to grandpa. He told me his mother was Dutch and great-grandpa was her
second husband. The first husband's name was Baird and her maiden name was
Duncan [no other source agrees with this, but perhaps her mother's family
name was Duncan] which is why my grandpa was named Jesse Duncan.
Grandpa [Jesse Duncan] was half Irish, and Grandma was a little quarter
Cherokee Indian girl [Susanna Douglas]. The white blood was English. She
died about the time I was born in 1873. Grandpa and her had moved to
Arkansas where she died. She and Grandpa lie in two lonely graves near a
little water fall in the South part of Marion County, Arkansas. It was her
request to be buried there. It was the last place she visited before she
died. Grandpa died soon after you were born in 1897.

Your Grandma and Grandpa [William and Jane Parsons Lay] were married in
1866. Your grandmas was born in 1840 and your grandpa in 1839. Your grandma
had been married before, but I guess you know as much about that as I do.

My grandpa on my mother's side was named John Parsons. Was born, I think in
1817. My mother was the oldest child. He Scotch-Irish, a school teacher.
Grandmother [Parsons] was full blooded Holland Dutch. They lived in a Dutch
settlement and when Grandpa Lucas got killed, Grandma was eight years old.
When great-grandma married an Englishman, after great grandpa died, my great
grandma, you see, took my step great-grandpa and moved away from the Dutch
colony to Rock Bridge County, VA at the Natural Bridge. Here your Grandma
Lay [Jane Parsons] was born. My step great grandpa's name was Crosley. I do
not know much about the Parsons only they were Virginia planters. My grandpa
[John Parsons] was a school teacher and came to east Tennessee to teach
school. He taught school at Tazwell, Tennessee a year before he got his wife
and children moved out from Natural Bridge, Virginia. Here your Grandma
[Jane Parsons] and grandpa [William M. Lay] met just after the close of the
Civil War in which your Grandpa taken a part in favor of the Union. Was in
the Battle of Cumberland Gap and other minor engagements, including Mills
Spring. Your grandfather started to his father's [Jesse Duncan] in Arkansas
in the spring of 1872. I was just three months old when they started on that
long trip with covered wagons. They were three months on the trip. My father
[William] homesteaded [near Tomahawk] in the spring of 1873 where he lived
the rest of his life.

I never told you the name of my Grandma Lay. It was Douglas. And Grandma
Parsons told me that her parents came from Holland after the Revolutionary
War. The whole colony came over together. I suppose we have quite a bunch of
Dutch relations somewhere along the James River as well as French in Canada.
Although Grandma [Susanna] Lay was past sixty, she died with T.B. All her
brothers died with cancer but one. She had several sisters. I do not know

Now my Grandpa [Jesse Duncan] Lay had a great nephew, William H. Murray,
Alfalfa Bill, now governor of Oklahoma who was born in Texas. His
grandparents, Grandpa's sister [Lucinda] and Mr. Murray, went to Texas
before the Civil War. They went a foot. I saw the governor when I was in
Oklahoma after he was elected Governor.

This is all I know of the principal events which includes some historical
facts. You asked me for this once, I wrote some but did not send it. We had
an uncle who died in service in the Union Army and Grandpa got a Federal
pension on account of him. I remember Grandpa got a land Warrant for the
service of Great Grandpa's service in the War of 1812.

Your Grandpa Lay [William M.] never did get a discharge from the Union Army.
He was under Rosecrans, a rebel sympathizer and a Union general. He got all
his men [illegible]. Your grandpa had to slip out of his Army to evade
capture with a Rebel uniform on. When he got home he was blind with sore
eyes trouble for over a year. So you see they marked him as a deserter. But
he was very patriotic regardless of his mistreatment by his Union Officer.
He never did vote for a Democrat.

There is something else I want to speak about. Your Grandma [Jane Parsons]
Lay had a little piece of wood she wanted you to have. I guess you still
have it. Your ma said she gave it to you. My grandma chopped it off the end
of a shovel handle and gave it to you grandma when she started out on that
hike to Arkansas. She cut this off to stop up a hole in the top of a tea
kettle. That was the last act that her mother ever did for her. She never
saw her again. I think it was her request for you to have this little stick.
I think the reason she kept it so sacred, it showed the hacks, the marks of
the ax. I guess it's almost rotten now, if you still have it. It has been
over 60 years ago.

One can't imagine much about that long trip of over 1200 miles. I do not
know really how far it was. They had to go up in Missouri to avoid what was
known as the sunk land in N.E. Arkansas and S.E. Missouri that was caused by
the earthquake mentioned in 1811. When your grandpa [William M.] got to
Arkansas he was sick. They had got [within] a few miles of your
great-grandpa [Jesse Duncan] who lived in Marion County on Water Creek and a
men went and told him [Jesse] about your grandpa and he was speechless for a
time when he got to him.

There was plenty of game there then and they had plenty of turkey and
venison to eat. The creeks swarmed with fish of all kinds. The land was rich

You know all I do now. You can write your Uncle Glen Lay. He is at Marshall,
Arkansas. I get a letter very regular from him. I have tried to get them, he
and your Aunt, to come out her [California] and take a rest. He can tell you
perhaps a lot. He has been back to Tennessee and got a piece of the house
where he was born. He went around with hour half uncle and saw a lot. I was
there in 1889, but found everything as I expected and as they told me. I
looked over my fore parents and Boone on the stomping grounds and Boone
wrote on a b.oak "Boone kilt a bar on this tre".

Your father,
J.R. Lay

ID: I38077 Name: Jesse LAY Sex: M Birth: ABT 1720 in Wilkes Co NC Death:
1790 in TN Marriage 1 Hannah GIBSON b: 1726 in Caswell Co NC
Note: Father: John LAY b: 1699 in CT
Mother: Martha SLADE b: 1703

John David LAY b: 1765 in NC
Isaac LAY b: 1770 in Wilkes Co, NC
Jesse Duncan LAY b: 1774 in Wilkes Co NC
Bio written by Ann Grubb

Compiler (Ann Grubb) has received conflicting data from members of the LAY
concerning the grandfather of "Jack" LAY.
In 1990, compiler established correspondence with "Bill" HEINLE, a
descendent of Elijah LAY, son of "Jack" and Mary Pauline (O'DELL) LAY. Per
family group sheets, etc. provided by Mr. HEINLE, John David "Big Valley
LAY, the father of "Jack", was the son of David LAY, died 1815 in Caswell
NC. John David, "Big Valley Dave", was reported to have married "Mary LAY",
a daughter of John LAY and his wife, Martha (maiden name unknown), in Wilkes
County, NC on 26 March 1794.
In 1996, contact was made with Eva McCARTY, a descendent of Elisha LAY,
twin brother to HEINLE's ancestor, Elijah. Mrs. McCARTY, quoting a third
descendent of this family, Mary Alice ERNHART, grand daughter of William
Quillen LAY, older brother of the twins, relates the following:
"...The Lays -- Three original LAY brothers John, Jessee --
David came from ENGLAND arrived in the Land of Charles in Southern
Carolinas. There John David LAY, son of Jesse and father of ..."Jack"
...was born. John, Jessee and David moved into VA near Gate City
& farmed the John LAY Homestead. From Gate City Jesse & two sons
Jesse Jr. & John David moved down to Elizabethtown, TN. From there
they moved down to Claiborne, Co., TN (later where they lived
became Campbell Co., TN.)...I descend from Jesse, no mention of a wife
coming to TN. The farm was located on both sides of the Powell River
in what is now Campbell Co. If I remember correctly it was about 6
miles from LaFollette, TN...Jesse was old when he came to this area
& was the first person buried in the Old Lay Cemetery. John David
LAY known as "Big Valley Dave" and wife, Mary MOORE LAY were buried
in the Old Lay Cemetery and re-interred to Baker's Forge. John David
lived to be 108 years old and Mary 96...John David and Mary MOORE
LAY were married in VA 1801 --Mary was born 1777 VA...
Records show Jesse LAY Sr. in 1790 had 2 sons and (8?) daughters,
self and wife but no records on him 1820 on out.
Aug. 16, 1799 Jesse LAY Sr. and 1801 Mar. 20 Jesse LAY Sr. Deed
for 310 acres in Big Valley TN. Deed date Feb. 7, 1801.
1802 Claiborne Co. TN. Jesse LAY Sr, Jesse LAY Jr. & John David
were appointed overseers, to open & and keep open the Big Valley Rd.
1782 they were in VA - 1790 in Wilkes Co., NC 1796 in
Elizabethtown, TN. It is said old Jesse Sr was an old man when he came
to Claiborne Co. TN & died not too many years after coming to Big
Valley. Jesse Jr. & John David took over the farm...
Jesse Sr. had 10 children, but I have only the following:..."
(lists six of the children) "Some of these daughters went to KY..."

1. William "Bill" J. HEINLE; 219 E. Date Ave., Casa Grande, AZ 85222.
(Desc. of Elijah LAY)
2. Eva McCARTY; 616 Miller Road, Clinton, TN 37716. (Desc. of Elisha
3. Mary Alice ERNHART, grand daughter of William Quillen LAY, family history
as reported to Eva McCARTY.

ID: I37125 Name: Isaac LAY Sex: M Birth: 1770 in Wilkes Co, NC Death: BEF
1812 in Scott Co VA
Father: Jesse LAY b: ABT 1720 in Wilkes Co NC Mother: Hannah GIBSON b:
1726 in Caswell Co NC

Marriage 1 Catherine PATTON
Benjamin Franklin LAY b: 22 JAN 1797
Catherine LAY
Mary Rachel LAY
James Newton LAY b: 1804 in Burke Co, NC
Lawrence LAY b: 1806

Joanne Riddle

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