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From: "Carla Dixon-Wolcoff" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 07:17:40 -0700


I Reuben Cook of Caldwell Co., in the State of Kentucky do hereby
make my last will and Testament in manner and form following, that is
to say 1st. I desire that all the perishable part of my estate be
immediately sold after my decease and out of the money arising
therefrom all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid. 2ndly.
After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses I give to Ann
Cook, my daughter-in-law, my two houses and lotts in the Town of
Smithland in Livingston County for and during the term of her natural
life or during her widowhood, and after her decease or marriage to be
equally divided among all her children and also I give to her twenty
dollars and the debt owed (?) me from John Davises estate dec'd to be
possessed and be disposed (?) as above mentioned. 3rdly. I give to
my son James Cook one male negro slave named James and one female
negro slave named Patsey and her child named William. 4thly I give
to the heirs of my daughter Sally Howard formerly Sally Cook three
male negro slaves named Isaac, Patrick and Warren, also one female
negro slave named Marcella. 5thly I give to my son Silas Cook one
female negro slaves named Rhoda and two male negro slaves named Harry
and Vincent which are all now in his possession. 6thly I give to my
son Allen one female slave named Rachael and her male child Will and
also one male negro slave named Perry which are in his possession.
7thly I give to the heirs of my daughter Patsey Griffith formerly
Patsey Cook one female negro slave named Sidney (?) and also one
female negro slave named Susanna and one male negro slave named
Bradley and one male negro slave named Esley. 8thly I give to my
great grandson Reuben Cook son of Cullen Cook one female negro slave
named Evaline. 9thly Which negro slaves are heretofore or above
named which I have given to my several children and grandson's son to
them severally the said negro slaves and their increase to possess
them and their increase forever. 10thly All the rest of my estate
both real and personal of what nature or kind soever it may be not
herein before particularly disposed of I desire may be sold and
the money arising therefrom may be equally divided among my several
children hereafter named to wit James Cook, Allen Cook, Patsey
Griffith's heirs, and Sally Howard's heirs to have their parts
equally divided among them, which I gave to my several children and
grandchildren to them, their heirs Executors, administrators and
assigns forever, and lastly I do hereby Constitute and appoint my
friends Alfred Woolf and Isaac Gruggs executors of this my last and
testament hereby revoking all other or former wills or testaments by
me theretofore made In which whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
affixed my seal this 25th day of March in the year eighteen hundred
and thirty one. his
Reuben X Cook
Signed sealed published and delivered
as and for the last will and testament
of the above named Reuben Cook in
presence of us.
James Dunning
George Dunning
Bailliss I. Grubbs John Davis

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